Can You Make Money With The Stanley Affiliate Program?

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There’s something to be said for an affiliate program back by a company that’s been around for over a hundred years. And over that hundred years, they’ve made some outstanding products of the highest quality. so you have that side of things sewn up great products and a establish name now you have to figure out whether or not their affiliate program is worth it to promote.

Hello everyone and welcome back for another look at an affiliate program that spans a variety of niches and one that you could use to easily replace Amazon Associates in those specific niches.  Of course, I’m talking about the Stanley PMI affiliate program, and in this article, we are going to see if they are a good option to make money as an affiliate marketer and take a look at the finer details of their affiliate program.

Of course, I’m talking about the Stanley PMI affiliate program and in this article we are going to see if they are a good option to make money as an affiliate marketer and take a look at the finer details of their affiliate program.

So let’s dive in and see if you really can make money with the Stanley PMI affiliate program And see if the partner program lives up to the high standards of the company behind it.

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A Closer Look At The Stanley PMI Affiliate Program

Stanley PMI is a long standing and extremely popular brand of stainless steel drink-wear, outdoor cooking equipment and related products. They ha been around for over a hundred years and are known for producing high quality goods. From an affiliate marketers perspective this longevity and renown is wonderful for your promotion content. You only need to seel the products and not the company behind them because their history speaks for itself.

The 10% Commission

The commission seems to be the main thing that most affiliate marketers worry about but I would caution against making it the most important factor in deciding on an affiliate program. You need to balance the commission out with the quality of the products and the other factors involved in an affiliate program.

With all that said the 10% commission offered by Stanley is pretty good. Anytime you have a double-digit commission for a physical product selling affiliate you’re doing pretty well for yourself. So as long as everything else lines up with the affiliate program a 10% commission should do very very well.

The 30-days Tracking Cookie

The tracking cookie duration for the Stanley PMI affiliate program is 30 days. This is pretty much a standard tracking cookie duration across all of affiliate marketing at this point. What it means is that you have 30 days from the time someone clicks your link to make a sale and still receive credit for that sale ultimately resulting in a commission.

The longer they track and cookie duration the better because it gives the potential customer more time to think about the purchase. Typically for high ticket items, you want as long a tracking cookie duration as possible. However, with Stanley PMI there aren’t any really super high ticket items to worry about so a 30-day tracking cookie should be great for most affiliate marketers out there.

Stanley Products To Promote

Stanley PMI has a reasonably sized selection of quality products for you to promote. This isn’t a huge store meant to compete directly with Amazon or Wal-Mart but it is large enough to be used as the centerpiece of your affiliate marketing strategy for your niche site. Here are some of the product categories that you will be able to promote products from…

  • MUGS
  • CUPS
  • JUGS

You can see that a large portion of their product line is related to drinking cups and mugs as well as the storage of food and beverages. The products represent a nice variety that can fit well into many different niches and websites. Let’s move on to that now and take a look at the various different niches that would be great for this affiliate program.

Good Niches For The Stanley Affiliate Program

There are plenty of great niches that you can use for the Stanley partner program. Som are more obvious than others and if you can find a way to fit it into your niche then it would be a great addition for most affiliate marketers. I chose 5 to focus on where I think this partner would shine the brightest.

Coffee Mugs

The first next I want to take a look at it is the coffee mugs next. Now you might be asking yourself is this a real Niche. It absolutely is and it’s pretty competitive on top of that. There’s plenty of traffic to be had and if you do jump into this Niche you were going to want a wide variety of coffee cups and coffee mugs.  A lot of times people in the snitch tend to drift towards mugs with funny sayings or memes or other things like that but there is definitely a space for the usable, practical coffee mugs that Stanley PMI offers.

Food And Water Storage

Stanley PMI Has some pretty good looking food storage products that you can promote. Now this is less of an itch and more of a type of product that you would use within certain niches. There is definitely a food storage Niche out there that is very popular and these products could be used in that. They could also be used as part of a survivalist or prepper niche  given their need to store large amounts of food and water.

Water Bottles

Next up are water bottles.  Stanley offers some quality stainless steel reusable water bottles. Anything in the water storage Niche is going to be fairly competitive But ultimately very profitable as people look to move away from disposable plastic bottles and find replacements that are convenient and durable. Both of which are front and center in the Stanley PMI lineup of reusable water bottles.

Outdoor Equipment

Make no mistake about it Stanley PMI is not going to compete with something like REI when it comes to outdoor gear. But they do have a good selection of outdoor cooking gear as well as the food storage solutions that I mentioned earlier. All of this goes into making it a decent secondary affiliate program for an outdoor, camping, or hiking niche website.


This could also go into the food storage section I suppose, but coolers are very much its own niche with a somewhat competetive aura to it. I think Stanley Would fit in well with a cooler niche site but I would use it alongside some other cooler affiliate programs for best results since their cooler lineup is fairly small.

What I Like About This Affiliate Program

I always love to see companies with long histories of success when I am looking for new affiliate programs and Stanley certainly has that. It makes your job as an affiliate marketer much easier when you can draw on their years of quality for your promotional content.

I also like the commission. 10% is where things really start to get interesting and Stanley delivers with that nice double-digit commission. The cookie is fine as well, but the commission is the standout for their affiliate terms.

The look of their website is very nice as well. It is modern and colorful with plenty of product images showing the mugs and equipment being used. It may seem trivial but the look of a website can influence the conversion rates. It the website you send your audience to is cheap and looks shady then it can be a problem at times.

No need to worry about that with Stanley though, it’s all very well-made and professional. Always check out the websites of an affiliate you intend to promote to make sure you are comfortable sending your audience there and that it looks safe and secure.

Lastly, it is part of the AvantLink affiliate network. Independent affiliate programs are fine most of the time, but I always like to find affiliate on these big networks because it reduces a lot of the headaches that can arise. With AvantLink you are going to get paid what your owed and paid on time, which is crucial for any business to be a success.

What I Dislike?

Not really anything to dislike about the Stanley affiliate program. They have everything you want and need in a good partner program. The only negative would be if your audience just doesn’t respond to their products. If that happens no amount of promotion is going to get the conversion rate you need to make it worth your time. But as long as the products fit your niche, whether its coffee mugs or water bottles, then this is going to be a good affiliate for you.

Can You Make Money With The Stanley PMI Affiliate Program?

That concludes our look at the Stanley PMI affiliate program. This is the type of affiliate program that everyone should model their affiliate programs after. They have a good and generous commission as well as a  decent tracking cookie.

But most importantly they have a great product lineup that fits well into a variety of niches and a long company history of making these high-quality products.  It all adds up to an affiliate program that is going to be very easy to promote and ultimately one that could make you quite a bit of money if you place those affiliate links in the right type of content.

So to answer the question that I posed at the start of the article, Can you make money with the Stanley PMI affiliate program?  The answer is an unequivocal yes. 

Everything adds up to an affiliate that can really produce some great results for your niche website or online business. Good luck with your online business and I hope you can make the Stanley PMI partner program work for you.

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