Is The LifeProof Affiliate Program Any Good For Bloggers?

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Smartphone accessories can be one of the most lucrative niches out there. Many people want to focus on the phones themselves, which is overly competitive and touch to sell since they are very much high ticket items. Enter the accessories, like protective cases. They are a great way to work your way into the smartphone niche without having to bank on someone buying a $1000 smartphone on the recommendation of a 6 month old niche site.

Hello everyone. Welcome back. Today we are going to run with the smartphone accessories theme and break down the LifeProof affiliate prgroam to see what it has to offer aspiring affiliate marketers or old hats looking for a new way to monetize their niche site.

In this article we wil ltake a look at the commission and the cookie, the foundations of a good affiliate prgoram. We will also check out the products, the most important part of an affiliate prgoram and see if LifeProof is something that will benefit you and your online business, lets get to it.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

screenshot of the lifeproof website featuring a grey protective smartphone case

A Closer Look At The LifeProof Affiliate Program

Lifeproof makes an important addition to any smartphone or smartphone accessories niche website. They make protective shells for a variety of smartphones.

It is a necessity to have an affiliate like this for your niche site just to cover all the aspects of this niche. Check out what Lifeproof has to say about themselves and their products.

LifeProof is a young vibrant company based in San Diego that designs, manufacturers and markets LifeProof cases for all-environmental protection, functionality and interactivity to SmartPhones and Tablet PCs.

LifeProof Affiliate Program Website

The 10% Affiliate Commission

The commission fits in nicely with this affiliate program. A double-digit commission is always going to grab an affiliate marketers’ attention. The 10% commission is going to be a great addition to your affiliate strategy but not one that will operate on its own very well, despite its solid commission. 

It is important not to focus solely on the commission when looking for affiliate programs. You need to balance it out with the other aspects of the affiliate program. A great commission is pointless if the products are not good or the conversion rates are woefully low.

A 30-day Tracking Cookie Duration

The tracking cookie duration is a standard 30 days for the LifeProof affiliate program. This should work out very well for your business because you’re not really dealing with high ticket items and don’t really need the super long tracking cookie to ensure a high conversion rate. The best tracking cookies are the ones that you don’t really need to worry about.

They just do their job and give you plenty of time to get a conversation without having to sweat out the time running down. That’s exactly what this tracking cookie does for this affiliate program.

A Brief Look At The LifeProof Products

The product line Up buys the LifeProof affiliate program is pretty standard. They have smartphone cases for a huge number of different smartphones. Their products specifically focus on iPhones and Galaxy phones but they do have a few other accessories for the Lesser phone brands. It also has some accessories like screen cleaners and other things that you would expect from a smartphone accessory.  cases to protect your phone from drops and other life hazards.

They have iPhone cases going all the way back to the iPhone 5 and Galaxy cases going all the way back to the S7 so even if you have an older smartphone this would be a good place to find a protective case for it and the breadth of these protective cases is great because it includes more people who maybe haven’t upgraded their phone in a little while.

Here is a look at some of the models that Lifeproof provides protective cases for. It pretty much covers all the most popular smartphones currently available making it a great option to promote to just about anyone in your audience.

  • IPHONE 11

The prices are varied as well. They range from around $30 dollars up to near $100. Price ranges are great for affiliate marketers since it allows you to promote these products to a wide range of income levels. The more people you can potentially get a sale from the better.

What I Like About LifeProof Affiliate Program

This is the prime example of a solid affiliate program. It has everything you want.  Solid commission along with a good track and cookie products that are useful and very popular. There’s nothing wrong with this affiliate program at all.

 What I like most about it is probably the 10% Commission because you always want to get that double-digit commission for any affiliate program and it is becoming a little bit rare to see these 10% commissions on some of the smaller affiliate programs. 

Nothing that I like about this affiliate program is the website itself. It’s fast and responsive and well laid out. Don’t underestimate how many conversions you can lose by having a website that is tough to navigate and difficult to find the products that you’re looking for. So you want something this fast modern and smooth in order to maximize those affiliate commissions.

Some other good aspects include Free shipping on orders over $50 within the USA and a solid warranty on their products that you can use in your promotional content giving your audience the confidence to purchase one of the LifeProof products.

What Could Be Better

I don’t have any problems with this affiliate program. Everything is solid across the board. The only thing that will hold this affiliate back from reaching ts full potential is if it does not resonate with your specific audience. A general affiliate like this will usually be pretty universal and acceptance among your readers so it probably won’t be much of problem.

The Bottom Line

That Just About Does it for our look at the LifeProof affiliate program. This is a solid affiliate program that is going to be a benefit for anyone in this Smartphone niche. I would urge everyone in that very competitiveness to have a few smartphone accessory affiliate programs to go along with the big high ticket items,  such as smartphones themselves.

The chances of you selling a lot of smartphones with affiliate marketing are pretty low because they are such high ticket items but you can make a bundle of money with the low-cost accessories that just about every one of your audience members can afford. At least in the beginning, once you gain some credibility it does become easier, not easy but easier.

So it’s a balancing act between the high ticket items and the low-cost Alternatives. You certainly want to make money off both ends of the spectrum but my focus with my Niche site is typically on the smaller lower-cost items with a sprinkling of the high ticket items in for good measure.

And that is where the LifeProof partner program really comes into its own. If you can sell a couple of dozen smartphone protectors every day then you are going to have a full-time income. Because of the good commission right.  When you add in a smartphone sale every day or two then you have a real good business model to work off up.

So give the LifeProof in the program a try and see if it can help you increase your monetization or if you are new to the smartphone niche, it’s a good place to start building your Authority within the smartphone Niche without having to try and promote and sell $1,000 smartphones every single day.

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