Is The Affiliate Program A Good Option For Your Niche Site?

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Magazines are a great addition to any niche site. Chances are there is a weekly, monthly, or quarterly magazine for just about any niche out there. Finding these magazines can be difficult at times, especially for smaller niches and finding ones with their own affiliate program is even more difficult. That’s where magazine affiliate programs like come into play.

Hello there everyone. Welcome back to the site for our look at the Discount Mags affiliate program as we seek to find answers about this specific affiliate partner and how it will fit into your affiliate strategy moving forward. An affiliate program like Discount Mags is going to be one of the most versatile partners out there and can fit into a number of niches. As long as there is a magazine for your niche then this affiliate might make sense for your business.

Please join me as we take a look at the Discount Mags affiliate program. We will check out the commission and the cookie, a look at some of the best niches for this partner, and some of the other highs and lows for this affiliate program.

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A Closer Look At The Discount Mags Affiliate Program is a one-stop-shop for hundreds of subscriptions to the most popular magazines in the world. They make it simple to find and subscribe to these magazines, both online and print. And provide the consumer with sound peace of mind in the form of optional auto-renewals, money-back guarantees, and free shipping for the magazine on their site. It is a great opportunity for almost any affiliate marketer to add a new monetization option to their niche site since just about every niche out there is covered in one form or another.

The 18% Affiliate Commission

Magazine affiliate programs often have pretty favorable commissions and Discount Mags is no exception. They offer an 18% commission on qualifying purchases through your affiliate links. I consider double digit commissions to be pretty great for most program so when you see an 18% commission you really have something special to work with.

At 18% there is the potential to be the foundation of your affiliate strategy if you can get the conversion rate high enough. But the reality is that most people only promote a few magazines specific to their niches. This lessens the impact of the 18% commission since you are niche down your potential audience.

As a result, I don’t think this will overtake your main affiliate partners for most niches. Unless of coarse your niche is magazines in general which could work with some clever topics and insights. With all that said, it is still a great option to have and the 18% commission makes it all the more better.

A 60-Day Tracking Cookie

The tracking cookie duration for this affiliate program is 60-days. This gives you 2 months from the time someone clicks your affiliate to make a purchase and still give you a commission. It works out very well for this affiliate since you are not dealing with high-ticket items. Most of the subscriptions seem to be under $50 so a super long tracking cookie is not needed to get high conversions.

A Quick Word On The Discount Mags Products

The products for this type of affiliate program are more than likely going to be established magazines so it’s not as important that you explain what they are to your audience. These types of third-party affiliates don’t really have products of their own.

Basically you are going to need to pick and choose those products that fit best into your niche and promote them without really promoting as a whole. The individual magazines are the focus of your content the affiliate is just where they go to buy them and you get a nice commission out of it.

Best Niches For The Discount Mags Affiliate Program

Almost any niche will benefit greatly for the Discount Mags partner program. That is because they have such a wide range of magazines that would benefit a huge number of niches. Here are some of the largest niches that would benefit from the magazines sold by Discount Mags.

  • Pets
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Fashion
  • Electronics
  • Gaming
  • Computers
  • Science And Nature
  • Health And Fitness

Notice a bit of a pattern here? These are the most popular and profitable affiliate marketing niches. Most of them are evergreen and the magazines from Discount Mags fit beautifully into these niches. What’s more, you can niche down to incredibly specific micro-niches and still get the benefit of these wonderful magazines. From woodworking to gold to men’s health there are scores of magazines that work very well for the smallest of niches.

What I Like About This Affiliate Program

Here is a recap of some of my favorite parts of this affiliate program. These are just my opinion and they may not pan out for you but I think they are valid enough to atleast make you considier this affiliate for your niche site.

The Commission And Cookie Are Great

The tracking cookie and the commission are very generous. This is great for an affiliate marketer since it will determine how much you can make off this partner. But keep in mind that the commission and cookie mean nothing to your audience. All that matters to them is that you are recommending a quality product and doing so in an honest fashion. The point is, don’t base your affiliate selection solely on the commission and the cookie.

Popular Magazines To Choose From

Speaking of the products, they have some incredibly popular magazines and that should draw in quite a few sales on their own. Add in some great content and you could make quite a few sales through this partner program.

Part of A Major Affiliate Network

I always like to see potential affiliate programs as part of large affiliate networks. It takes a lot of the headache out of the affiliate marketing process when you have these large networks dealing with everything. You get paid on time and the amount you are supposed to get.

What I Don’t Care For

I am not a huge fan of their website. It is simple and clean but something about it feels off. Like it was built from a template and has very little personality of its own. Whether this is just my issue or whether it will cut into your conversion rates remains to be seen and is probably a case by case issue. But this is my review and I just feel the website could be a bit more lively.

Other than that there is nothing really to complain about with this affiliate prgoram. It looks fine from top to bottom.

The Bottom Line

That brings us to the end of our look at the Discount Mags Affiliate Program. A good affiliate program for just about everyone to consider. Not everyone will find value or be able to apply it successfully to their niche site but my guess is that many of you will find a place for this partner somewhere in your affiliate strategy.

I would focus on the individual magazines that fit into your individual niches and promote those whereever it makes sense. In article is probably your best bet when you need a place to put an affiliate link. Quoting from the magazine and placing your affiliate link in that type of conetent is also antoher great way to incorporate these magazines into your own content.

At any rate could be a great addition to your affiliate lineup and one that will help increase your profitability and propel your business to new heights.

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