Is Instant Cash Solution a Scam?

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Make $100 to $500 dollars a day online!

As far as claims go it is not completely outrageous.  You can certainly make that much money working online if you are willing to put the work in.

Make $100 to $500 dollars a day online!  By copying and pasting pre-made advertisements.

Now we are getting somewhere.

Easy Money.

Always a tell-tale sign that the program is going to be a dud.  Making money online takes time and hard work and patience.

But here we are again with another online program promising quick riches and no effort.  Those two factors never go together in business online or brick and mortar.


Sure someone can get lucky, but most of the time people made their own luck and profited from it.

With all that in mind lets answer one question off the top.

Is Instant Cash Solutions a scam?

No. It is not a scam.

Is it a good program to spend money on?

Absolutely not.

But they give you everything they promised when you purchase the program.

The results can never be guaranteed and therefore are never part of the program you pay for.   They are always left up to the end-user.

Results are not typical.  Always keep that in mind when the big numbers start to fly around.

With all that said let’s get into the review.

Looking for a real way to earn an income online.  It will take a lot of hard work, time, and patience. 

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

Instant Cash Solutions Review
Cash solutions review

Instant cash solutions review screen shot 2

What is Instant Cash Solution?

Instant Cash Solution is an online program designed around pre-made advertisement campaigns on social media.

The idea is that you buy the pre-written advertisements from this program and then launch your own Pay-Per-Click Ads on Facebook or Twitter.

The underlying business model for this type of campaign is extremely solid.  People make their entire livings of PPC ad campaigns promoting a wide range of products.

It is affiliate marketing 101.

  • Find a Product or Niche
  • Build a Landing Page or Website
  • Generate Traffic — either organically or through PPC ad campaigns
  • Receive commissions or income for the products you advertised.

The problems start to arise when you try to take shortcuts.  Which is ultimately what Instant Cash Solution is.

A shortcut.

And one that doesn’t work very well.

Running a successful PPC ad campaign takes a lot of research, hours of it.  You’ll need to find the right product or service to promote.

You’ll need to research the best place to display the ads.  Search engines or Social Media?  Facebook or Twitter?

You cannot just wake up take someone’s cut and paste advertisements, pay some money and expect to earn an income with it.

But that is exactly what Instant Cash Solution is trying to sell you.

One nice thing about Instant Cash Solutions is that they didn’t go directly for the “make 10k a week” type of pitch that a lot of these MLM type programs go for.

It’s refreshing to see some restraint in the get the rich quick game.

Moving On.

Who is Instant Cash Solution Actually For?

Instant Cash Solution is for no one.

It is designed to get people with little experience in developing an online ad campaign and luring them in with promises of quick cash and little work.

Could you make their pre-made advertisements work and actually make money with them?  Sure anything is possible.

But if you are already at a level where you can take a pretty poor product and make money off of it then you definitely don’t need this program at all.

It is a catch 22.

ICS Screen Shot 4

The only people who could make this program remotely successful are not going to bother with it.

And the beginners that it targets have little to no chance of ever seeing a profit out of it.

But these programs keep turning up and keep making money for their creators.


It is quite simple really.  The people behind programs like Instant Cash Solution are experts at making these programs seem plausible.

They take a well-known and profitable and legitimate business method and rip out all the hard work, time and patience and sell the skeleton of what was once a legitimate business.

The Tools to Get Rich Quick?

That is what the program is supposed to offer.  But it fails to deliver on every level.

You get the premade advertisements.  But there is little else to the program.  Some basic help and explanations about the various types of ad campaigns but that is about it.

And offers very little that you can’t find elsewhere for free on the web.  Like here.

Other than that all this program does it make regular people hate the terms online business and affiliate marketing even more.

These programs are the reason many people think of all affiliate marketing as a dishonest way to make money.

It really taints the whole industry.

Is Instant Cash Solutions A Scam?

The Good and the Bad of Instant Cash Solutions.


  • Based on a real legitimate business — Affiliate Marketing


  • Full of Red Flags.
  • Quick Easy Money Claims.
  • Little to No Work Involved Claims.
  • A lot of pre-made stuff provided — always dubious reusing other people’s content.
  • The whole program doesn’t make much sense.
  • No Refunds Offered

How Does This Program Work?

This is how it works.  You pay for the right to use their pre-written ads in your own ad campaigns.  You are given some email marketing swipes.

Which are useless if you don’t have a good email list.  And a good email list takes months and years to build properly.

You get a pre-built landing page, a basic webpage to place you offer when someone clicks on your ad.

You also get some basic Web Hosting services for your ICS Landing Page.

There are some added features for the higher tired payment plans but they offer stuff that should be part of the basic Instant Cash Solutions package.

And that is the real problem here.  A lot of the information is fine, good even.  But it is basic and not worth shelling out at least $100 dollars for, and that is just the basic bronze package.

With proper training, hard work and patience you could make a decent amount of money using PPC and classified advertising for legitimate products.

But the training offered here is too shallow and fruitless that it holds no value for the price.

If you do manage to make some money from this program the commissions are deposited directly into your PayPal account.

So at least they have that part figured out.

What Kind of Support Is Offered?

There is very little support offered after you purchase this program.  Another red flag.  But the biggest problem is that there is no way to get your money back.

No free trial and no refund guarantee.

That makes any program an automatic pass.

Always Read the Fine Print.

Instant Cash Solutions discalimer

Never pay for a program without at least the lip-service of a money-back guarantee or a trial period or something that lets you see what you are paying.

This is completely unacceptable.

The rest of the support is sub-par.  There are some support emails but they look to be manned by autoresponders.  There is a member’s area but it doesn’t look like it has anything interesting in it.

And there don’t seem to be very many ways of getting in touch with the operators of this program.

How Much Does It Cost?

ICS Payment Structure

A Lot.

Instant Cash Solutions costs quite a bit of money.

The lowest basic package will set you back $100 dollars.

The silver?  $200 Dollars.

And the premium gold edition of ICS?  $300 dollars.

And remember not a dime of it is refundable.




It is too much money with no way to recoup your purchase price.

As with any business venture, there is no guarantee of success.

But you should not be looking for a guarantee because each person will interpret and deploy the information they purchased in very different ways.

Remember.  Results are not Typical.

Closing Arguments

So what are we left with?  A terrible program designed around a legitimate business that sullies the name of people who work hard making a living online.

And scares away potential entrepreneurs tired of being let down by these types of programs.

Thing is there are some very good training programs out there.  They cost money and many of them are not cheap.

But they are out there.

Here are 3 basic things to look for.

  • Ongoing Support — If there is a support system in place then it usually means the creators care about their program long-term.
  • Fair, upfront pricing —  Doesn’t necessarily mean cheap, but at least they are honest about the cost and what you get for your money.
  • Free trial or money-back guarantee —  Cannot stress this one enough.  If they are not confident in their product enough to back it with a refund, pass on the program.  Period.

There are a ton of other factors to look into when deciding to purchase an online program, but that is not what this review is about.

Suffice to say that Instant Cash Solutions fails to meet even the most basic standards of a decent online program.

It is just bad and not worth your time or money to even give a second thought about.

Here is the bottom line really.

You are not going to get rich and earn a real income cutting and pasting someone else’s content.  Whether is advertisements or blog content or anything else.

Some work will be required.

Some patients will be required.

Some Time will be required.

All of these things are integrated into building a successful online business.

And Instant Cash Solution tries to circumvent each one of these important pillars of online success.  It simply doesn’t work that way.

Find real training, work really hard and you’ll be successful in online business.

Just don’t expect it to happen overnight.

A most definitely don’t pay someone who tells you it is going to happen overnight.

All is not lost.  There are some rays of hope in the sometimes desolate online business arena. 

For one of the best online business training programs check out my top recommended resource for building, growing and maintaining a blog or website.

Thank you for visiting and have a great day.