Garden Tower Project Affiliate Program Review

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Garden Tower Project is one of the best affiliate programs that you are going to find in the gardening niche.

Pretty much every aspect of this partner program is fantastic and if you are in a niche that you can convert with the affiliate then it would be a great idea to consider it for your blog or content in general.

So let’s dive into this review of the Garden Tower Project affiliate program and see what makes it such a good potential partner program for you and your gardening blog.

Garden Tower Project Affiliate Program


Product Quality




Tracking Cookie




Product Pricing



  • Great Primary Product
  • Great Commission
  • Good Tracking Cookie
  • High-Ticket Items


  • None

The Affiliate Commission

The commission for the Garden Tower Affiliate Program is one of the best in the gardening niche for a couple of reasons.

The commission percentage is 16% which is great by itself but it is doubly good because it is the commission of a large physical product. Typically these types of products have a much lower commission.

The garden tower product is also a high-ticket item costing upwards of $500. This price combined with the great commission makes this one of the best affiliate terms available in the gardening niche.

Just keep in mind that the commission is only one part of a successful affiliate program. You must be able to convert the products you are promoting or the commission is pointless.

On the flip side, if the commission is so low that even great conversions will not make you decent money.

It is a balancing act between the commission, the cookie, the products, and the conversions.

The Tracking Cookie

The tracking cookie is often overlooked when deciding on an affiliate program to promote on your blog or youtube channel.

However, it is an important part of the partner program. A higher tracking cooking duration will lead to more conversions. 30-days is the standard and the Garden Tower Project Affiliate Program offers double.

A full 60-day tracking cookie is what is on offer from this partner program.

It is incredibly important to find partners with longer duration cookies especially if the products themselves are high-ticket items. Garden tower’s products can definitely be considered high ticket so this 60-day cookie is most welcome.

Just remember the longer the cookie the better in all cases. High-ticket items need an even longer duration because your potential customers need more time to decide on the purchase and you want enough time to still get your hard-earned commission.

The Garden Tower Product Line

The Garden Tower Project has a variety of different planters and bundles available on their website. As an affiliate, you can promote them along with some other gardening related items.

However, the big draw for this affiliate program is their vertical planter, The Garden Tower Version 2. It is the reason that you want to pick this partner program.

The towers themselves are high-ticket items. They range from $350 to $500+ dollars depending on the bundles and if any sales are active.

The Garden Tower store also offers high ticket lighting for indoor plants in your tower. Sales could easily go over $1000 dollars in some cases.

Finally, the quality of the product is top-notch. The on-site reviews look pretty good and the innovative construction should make it a pretty easy product to promote for a motivated buyer.

Popularity Of Garden Tower Project

I would not call the Garden Tower Project a household name. It is certainly on the rise in terms of recognition and is fairly well-known among some gardeners, but it has not achieved mainstream recognition just yet.

What this means for an affiliate marketer is that you will need to spend some time educating your readers on the benefits and overall quality of the product.

You will want to create a bit more informational content around the Garden Tower product and the company behind it in order to get your readers comfortable with doing business with this company.

Best Niches For The Garden Tower Project

Any gardening niche could work wonderfully with this particular partner program. You don’t necessarily need a vertical garden blog to really get the most out of this partner program but that would be the ideal place to promote this affiliate product.

Plant or flower specific blogs could also work for this partner program especially if you are using the garden tower as your pot of choice.

You can include this partner in a wide range of content types for gardening. Whether its a top 10 of the best planters or a guide to vertical gardening you can really promote this in a variety of ways.

Alternatives To The Garden Tower Project Affiliate Program

There are very few direct competitors in the vertical gardening space for the Garden Tower Project Affiliate Program. They have a specific product that is very unique in its construction.

You could use other gardening affiliate programs on your gardening niche blog, but a direct replacement might be difficult to come by.

The garden tower project is sold at other vendors such as amazon but the affiliate terms are far worse than using their main partner program offered by the manufacturer.

You can always use general gardening partner programs if you don’t need or want to promote a vertical gardening option.

Here is our list of 10 of the best gardening affiliate programs. You can use any of these if you need more options for your gardening blog.

Just to reiterate though, a direct replacement for the garden tower project is really not available, at least as far as my research was concerned.

The Bottom Line

The Garden Tower Project affiliate program is one of the absolute best in the entire gardening niche. They offer a fantastic commission and an equally robust tracking cookie.

The affiliate tools available for their partners is very comprehensive. These include dozens of banners and ads that you can use to aid in the promotion of their signature product.

Overall this is what an affiliate program should look like. Solid products with affiliate terms that acknowledge the work and effort that an affiliate marketer puts into promoting the product.

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