eCom Cash Crusher Review: 40k A Month or Massive Scam?

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The question most people have about eCom Cash Crusher is:  “Is it worth the $37 dollar base package”.  Can you really earn 2k a month with little work or effort?  The answers are simple.

No, you cannot.  This program is not an out and out scam but it is not a very good program.  That’s the short answer.  Avoid this program and look for something that will actually teach you how to properly set-up and maintain a successful Shopify website.

Read on for an in-depth look at eCom Cash Crusher.

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eCom Cash Crusher Review

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What is eCom Cash Crusher?

eCom Cash Crushers is supposed to teach you how to make thousands of dollars using Shopify.  While it is absolutely possible to make a great income with Shopify, this product will do very little to help you reach those lofty goals.

It is simply not thorough or good enough in its training and its guidance to teach you enough about building a Shopify store.  The only people making any money are going to be the creators of this product when they get the $47 dollars it costs for this product.

It is unlikely that you will be able to even earn your money back from the basic package with the training and information 0offered up by this product.  If you are really interested in making money online find some reputable training programs and start there.

Who is it Targeted At?

This product is clearly targeted at beginner to intermediate level people in the Shopify business.  There is some basic information they provide that does have some value.  It is good information for someone new to the Shopify business model.

However, any decent information gets drowned out by the overhyped claims and the constant stream of red flags that get thrown at you when you start looking deeper into this product.

How Does eCom Cash Crusher Work?

eCom Cash Crusher is designed around training for building a Shopify website.  You can also get a premade website as one of the upsells for this program.  While Shopify is a very legitimate way to make money online it is also not an easy one.

What this program doesn’t help you with is generating traffic to your Shopify website.  The most important part of the whole business is traffic.  Setting up your website is probably the easiest thing to do as they are pretty quick to set up these days.


eCom Cash Crushers has no real features in its base package.  Most of the interesting stuff is hidden behind the paywall upsells.  But that is terribly overpriced and not that great, to begin with.  There is no need to pay hundreds for a prebuilt website.

You get 20 plus training videos that teach you the basics of Shopify and drop shipping.  Most of the information can be found for free online.  There is nothing exceptional or revolutionary about this program or its training.

You can find web hosting for a few bucks a month from legitimate companies like Bluehost or Site Rubix.  There is no reason to pay the huge upsell fees for a prebuilt website that can be achieved with a simple free WordPress theme.

The whole program seems to be paying a lot of money for something you can already do for pretty cheap.  It is just not necessary to spend money on this type of product.

crazy profit claims


There is very little support post purchase for this product.  They have a contact page and an email.  They will also try and upsell you a ton of extra products.  However, trying to get any answers out of them is like pulling teeth.

They do offer a 60-day money back guarantee.  This is required by ClickBank.  If you need the refund I would advise you to take it up with ClickBank directly.  You will get it a lot quicker than trying to deal with the creators of eCom Cash Crusher.


$47 dollars for a good Shopify training course is not a bad price really.  Its actually a very good price for decent training.  This training is not decent.  It is not good at all and therefore not worth anywhere near the $47 dollars they are charging.

And that is before they inundate you with upsells.  100’s of dollars of extras and additional material that is supposed to help you in your Shopify business.  It is just not worth it.  No matter how much cash you throw at their program it will never be worth the money spent.


  • Based on a legitimate business model
  • Some decent if basic instructional material
  • 60-day Money Back Guarantee


  • Too many Upsells
  • Overhyped Profit Claims
  • Understates the amount of work
  • Overstates the ease of Shopify
  • Owner Uses a Fake Name

Red Flag Round-UpRed Flags

The red flags are overflowing with this particular program.  We have a good deal of classic warning signs that should concern anyone thinking about purchasing this product.

No Skill Required

This red flag is always an interesting one.  Do you need prior experience to create a successful Shopify store?  No.  You don’t.  But by the time you build a successful store, you will not be inexperienced.

You will need to learn on the fly and develop the skills that will make success possible.

The idea perpetrated from the promotional material for this program gives the impression that you can just slap something together and never have to worry about it again.  It is simply not the case.

Outrageous Profit Claims

40,000 Dollars a month after a few weeks of “work”?  2000 dollar a day after a few days?

It is completely unrealistic.  It is insulting to anyone who actually puts in the months and years it takes to create a successful Shopify business to claim how easy and quick it is.

I really hate these types of claims.  At least make it something believable.  They are taking the results of someone else’s hard work and simply claiming anyone can do it and do it in a hurry.

Fake Names for The Owners

If the creators of a product can’t be bothered to put their real face and their real name on the product they created then you don’t need to give them your real money.  This is one of the first things I look for when examining these programs.

Is there a face of the company?  If not you should pass straight away.

Quick Cash and Little Effort

Another blatant red flag.  You can make a ton of money with Shopify.  People make 6 figures plus with it constantly.  But it is not easy and it is not quick.  Successful Shopify stores need years to get to the income levels that this program claims anyone can reach in just a few weeks.

It really does stain the E-commerce sector when these programs make these types of claims.

100’s in Upsells

While the $47 dollar base fee is not a completely ridiculous price, it is just the tip of the iceberg.  There 100’s of dollars in upsells for this program.  Upsells can be understandable in some situations but not here.  There are too many and even the basic information is not all that great, to begin with.

There is simply not enough value in the initial price to warrant even exploring the upsells.

ecom testimonial part 1
The Woman In This Fake Testimonial Made Over 2 Grand in a Few Days, Apparently

Fake Testimonials

This is always a classic red flag.  You’ll find most of these “testimonials” are from actors hired on Fiverr or some similar service.  However, this group of testimonials needs to get a special mention.  The acting is so atrocious it is actually pretty comical.

One of the testimonials claims that he earned 100k after just 2 months using this program.  He also looks like he is in his pajamas.

Just a suggestion to anyone looking to get into the fake testimonial racket, stop constantly looking at the cue cards.

Is eCom Cash Crusher a Scam?

eCom Cash Crusher is not a scam.  They give you all the information you pay for.  They don’t guarantee results.  In fact, they state in their disclaimers that these results are not typical.  It is the great get out of jail free card.  They can make whatever profit claims they want and then stick a few lines in the disclaimer that wipe all the hype away.

Always read the disclaimers for these programs before you buy them.  That being said they are part of the ClickBank Affiliate Network.  This means they are required to offer a 60-day money back guarantee.  It is one of the few saving graces of this entire program.

ecom disclaimer

Final Thoughts On eCom Cash Crusher

Another day another terrible online program.  ClickBank seems to host quite a few of these awful products but that is the price you pay for being so open.  people will take advantage of your service.  Thankfully Clickbank requires you to offer a 60-day money back guarantee for products like this one.

There are also quite a few very good and legitimate products to purchase and promote on Clickbank.  It is just sad to see it being hammered by these less than stellar digital products.

Enough of that though.  Clickbank can fend for itself.  Let’s talk about eCom Cash Crusher.  It is awful and I most assuredly do not endorse or recommend it.  It is just not worth the money.  Most of the information you can find online for free.  And the services offered I the upsells are way overpriced.

There is Another Way

If you were interested in eCom Cash Crusher then you were probably looking for a way to make money online.

eCom Cash Crusher was not it.  But I may have an alternative for you.  It won’t be easy.  You can’t just show up one day and in a week start pulling in thousands.

It is called Wealthy Affiliate.  It teaches you how to build your own affiliate website in any niche you choose.

You write about what you love and you make money doing so.  It can be a life-changing experience.

It will take time.  It will take hard work and it will take patience.  But if you are willing to put in all these ingredients you can truly change your life by creating your own online business.  I know I have.

I wish you good luck with whatever you choose.

Thanks for reading my review of eCom Cash Crusher.

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