Micro-Niche Insights: Baseball Blog Ideas

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Baseball has made a roaring comeback since the low point after the scandals that plagued the pro game in the late ’90s and early 2000s.  It dragged down the entire sport at almost every level.  But while interest may have wanted it never went out completely.

Youth baseball has always been extremely popular and that continues to this day.  With the advent of the internet and the rise of blogs, everyone can share their love of the game.  You can carve out a nice little niche in this great sport.

And you can enjoy a nice bit of side-income for a little bit of word on a blog.  Or you can turn your love into a full-time career by finding baseball blog ideas and building a great website around them.

Whether your blog is a fan site for an MLB team or a baseball blog focusing on teaching the game to a new generation, you can use your passion for the sport to start your own online business based around affiliate marketing and advertising.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.


Why Start A Baseball Blog?

If you love the sport and love teaching people about the great sport of baseball then a baseball blog might just be right of your alley.  You can bring your own special perspective to America’s Pastime.

There are hundreds of micro-niches you can start in and then expand into other areas of the sport.  With the increasing popularity of baseball over recent years now is a great time to start a new baseball blog.

It will take some time for you to start making a decent amount of money from it, but starting now will get you ready for the pro playoffs and then you can build to next season regardless of your chosen micro-niche.

How Do You Monetize This Niche?

Three basic ways to monetize a baseball blog are advertising, affiliate marketing, and informational products.  Baseball really lends itself well to training and instruction videos.  If you can create one that is as good as what’s currently out there then you could make some nice income with an info product.

Advertising should probably be added a few months after you begin and start to get a decent amount of traffic.  But it will most likely always be a secondary income source for this niche.  Affiliate marketing is going to be the primary breadwinner for a baseball blog, however.

Affiliate Marketing Programs for Baseball

Affiliate marketing is probably the best way to monetize a baseball blog.  The traffic requirements for a successful blog are much less when you use affiliate programs as your main income source.

There are dozens of partner programs for all types of baseball blogs.  From baseball equipment and baseball gear for fans to training and instructional videos for every aspect of baseball, there is an affiliate program for everything in this niche.

You can check out 10 of the best baseball affiliate programs right here.  Find the ones that fit your micro-niche and the ones that convert best.  But rest assured there is no shortage of programs you can use to monetize this great niche.

Potential Of A Baseball Blog

Baseball, in general, is on the upswing.  MLB just enjoyed its the best yearly revenue ever in 2018.  At the youth level, the game is still very popular and seen as a safer alternative to American football.  And online the game has really seen an increase in popularity among sports blogs.

Part of this is due to fantasy baseball, but it also lends itself very well to video training and tutorials.  Hitting videos, pitching, and fielding.  Each one is a great piece of content that you can use to generate traffic and interest in your blog.

As videos continue to become more and more prevalent baseball tutorials will continue to grow in popularity and in turn push the overall popularity of the sport higher.  Especially at the youth and high school levels where these tutorials can really make a difference.

The breadth and diversity of the affiliate programs available for the baseball niche make it a bit easier to monetize your blog than some other sports niches.  Baseball bats are easier to sell than shoulder pads for example.

Interest Trends For Baseball

Like many seasonal sports, baseball jumps in interest around the start of a season and the Playoffs and championship series.  But the Google Trends only shows us the interest in comparison to its maximum level of interest.

So while the volume of searches certainly spikes it is still very viable even in the offseason.  Adding offseason training, draft, and trade content to your blog will keep it relevant year round.

And keeping up with the sport during the dog days of summer will help pass the time when interest wanes a little bit.  You can see a huge spike in MLB (The Red Line)  interest around the World Series.

Baseball Keyword Research

Competition for the main keyword “baseball” is going to be too broad and competitive for a blog to really try and compete for.  The search phrase will return results to the likes of MLB and huge sports channels and institutions.

baseball jaaxy

Like most popular niches, baseball will need to be approached through a micro-niche.  For the same of this example, we are going to use the “baseball bats” micro-niche.  You can blog about the different materials that make up bats and review the hundreds of different bats available.

There is a ton of potential content available in this micro-niche.  And it can easily be expanded or combined into other baseball micro niches.  Hitting instruction and the best bats is a great idea for a blog.

Let’s have a look at the Jaaxy keyword research for baseball bats.

baseball bats jaaxy

We see the traffic and competition come down to some acceptable levels when we start working in this micro-niche.  But it still might be a little bit too broad for an individual article on bats.  so let us take it a step further and find a good topical long-tail keyword for this micro-niche.

How about “aluminum baseball bats”.

metal bats jaaxy

Here we go.  Not only is this long tail keyword a very good one with nice volume and low competition we also get suggestions for other articles.  Metal Baseball bats and composite baseball bats look promising.

In addition, we get a lead on youth aluminum baseball bats, which is a great long tail keyword.  This would be a great keyword topic for a blog based on your baseball training and instructional content.

You can follow this process for any niche or micro-niche.  Just expand your keyword research to find good volume and low competition.  And one last thing to note.  All of the longtail keywords include the head keyword “baseball”.

Which means you will potetially rank for that as your site grows in authority and popularity.  That is the beauty of long-tail keywords and what makes them so effective for bloggers.

Baseball Micro-Niche Ideas

Baseball is a pretty complex sport.  There are many different disciplines that you need in order to be a successful baseball player and each one of these can be a potential sub-niche.  In addition to the training aspects of baseball, there are dozens of other places to go with your blog.

This is just a small list of 5 micro-niches that you can use to get your baseball blog started.  Once you grow your audience you can expand into other baseball microniches or simply expand the micro-niche you started in.

Any of these smaller sub-niches can still generate a good amount of income for your blog.

Hitting Instruction

Probably one of the most popular micro-niches in the baseball niche.  There are quite a few affiliate programs dedicated specifically to a proper hitting technique.  If you can generate good instructional content for this micro-niche you will have yourself a real hit.

If your training and content are good enough you can even monetize it further by turning some of the best content into an informational product.  But even without it, this micro-niche has the potential to really bring in some excellent income

batting image

Baseball Bats

This might seem like a micro-niche that is just too small to be successful, but there is money to be made here.  You can review baseball bats.  Show the bats in use through videos and this micro-niche works very well when combined with the previous hitting instruction micro-niche.

Catching Training

Catching is the most difficult position to play in baseball and one of the toughest in all of sport.  Your blog would be focused on teaching the position thoroughly and developing content on each and every aspect of the position.

You can also add in catching equipment reviews and even informational products about catching if you can produce some very high-quality training videos and content.  A catching blog can easily be expanding into a full-blown baseball training blog once your blog gets some age and search authority.

Favorite MLB Team

Fan blogs are very profitable and very popular these days.  Adding a Youtube channel to your blog is a great idea as well.  There are a ton of fan channels and blogs but with great content, you can carve out a great little niche for yourself.


One of the glamour positions in all of baseball.  If you can position your blog as a great resource for all thing pitching you can really make a nice side income.  This micro-niche is also great for an informational product if you have some interesting insights into pitching.

But there are a lot of training videos by professional pitchers so it might be tough to break into that aspect of the niche.  But there are other aspects that you can try.  Focus on your favorite teams pitching or take a look at historically great pitchers and what made them great.  So many options for this micro-niche.

baseball pitching

The Big Finish

Baseball is a great blogging niche.  It is a great sport.  If you have the love and passion for baseball there is no reason why you cannot turn it into a nice side-business online.  Your opinion and expertise are as valid and valuable as anyone else’s.

That is the thing that a lot of people get hung up on when starting a blog.  They don’t feel like they have the expertise to write about any given subject.  It is simply not true.

Look at baseball.  Most professional baseball writers never played professionally, most never played past high school.  Some probably never played at all.  Your view of baseball is as valid as anyone.

In closing, I wish you the best of luck with your new baseball blog.  Whether you are teaching a new generation to love the game or devoting your site to that MLB team that you have grown up loving, I am sure it will be a huge hit.

Grow and nurture your blog, treat it as a business but do it with love and care.  You will draw an audience and be on your way to making a nice income if you are savvy about your affiliate partners.

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As always, thank you for visiting and have a great day.