Can You Make Money With The Nvidia Affiliate Program?

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Hello everybody, Michael here. Today we are going to be taking a look at the Nvidia affiliate program. If you are thinking about jumping into the Computing Niche or are already starting your Computing this Blog then you are probably very familiar with Nvidia the company and their line of video cards.

They are one of the biggest graphics card manufacturers along with AMD and should be considered as part of your affiliate strategy if you are even remotely involved in Computing or graphics card niches.

Can You Make Money With The Nvidia Affiliate Program? With the right affiliate marketing strategy and good, relevant content it is possible to make money with the Nvidia Affiliate Program despite its relatively low commission rate.

Let’s dive into the Nvidia Affiliate Program…

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A Quick Look At The Nvidia Affiliate Program

  • Affiliate Commission: 2%
  • Tracking Cookie: 45-days
  • Niche: Graphic Cards
  • Application: Sign Up Here
  • Affiliate Network: Rakuten Advertising

The computing niche is a pretty difficult one to jump into. Having a recognizable affiliate program like Nvidia is something you will want to consider. Another thing you will want to consider to make your passive income business as profitable as possible is to invest in some affiliate training.

The Nvidia Affiliate Program Commission

This is really the only part of the Nvidia affiliate program that is a little bit below average. They only offer a 2% commission on sales through your affiliate links. I usually want to get an A commission of at least four to five percent as a minimum.

Obviously Nvidia’s commission is a  little bit below that. The popularity and reputation of Nvidia does help alleviate some of that low commission but ultimately the 2% commission means that you were going to want to use it as an axillary affiliate program and not as your Prime affiliate program.

Because the commission is low I wouldn’t develop content directly around the Nvidia affiliate links unless it’s a straight review or a top 10 list of the best video cards where you would include Nvidia and AMD in the entire piece of content.

Overall the commission is a bit of a let-down and really put a damper on what could be one of the best affiliate programs for a computer niche website.

The Tracking Cookie Duration

The tracking cookie for the Nvidia affiliate program is an above-average 45 days. This is especially important for this partner program because and videos graphic cards, in particular, can run well into hundreds of dollars.

Some of their enthusiastic cards can run over thousand especially if you look at some of the SLI setups that they offer.

So it’s important to have a long duration cookie to give your readers or viewers enough time to decide on making that purchase and still giving you enough time to get the commission you earned.

Are The Nvidia Products Good To Promote?

Nvidia is one of the most renowned graphic card manufacturers around. You will have no issues promoting their products or with their brand recognition.

Almost everyone in the computing or gaming space will have at least cursory knowledge of Nvidia which means you can focus on monetizing your Nvidia affiliate links instead of creating content explaining who Nvidia is and what they are all about.

You can, therefore, focus more on reviews of their products and integrating their affiliate links into your existing content.

Write an article about the best video cards for 4k gaming and you can easily fir some of their products into that top 10 list without having to spend time explaining who they are for the most part.

Conversion Potential Of The Nvidia Affiliate Program

The conversion potential of an affiliate program is probably the most important aspect of it. It doesn’t matter how high your commission is if your conversion rate is low then you are not going to be getting the number of profits you really should be.

The problem with figuring out what your conversion potential is going to be with any given affiliate program is that it is going to be very specific to your particular audience.

So the only way to get a real view of how well an affiliate program is going to do is to sign up for it run some tests with it on your website in a variety of different content situations and make a decision on whether or not it lives up to what you expect from it.

With all that said, all the pieces are there for this to be an exceptionally Profitable and useful affiliate program for anyone in the Computing Niche.

How well it does is going to depend on your specific audience as I mentioned. But it’s worth signing up for it and giving it a run out in a large chunk of your content to see how well it does and if you can make a good amount of profit with it.

The low commission is going to be a bit of an issue but if you can get a high enough conversion rate then it won’t be that much of a problem.

screenshot of the nvidia affiliate webpage featuring a titan rtx video card.

Related Questions

Here are a couple of related questions about the Nvidia affiliate program that will help clarify some of the issues with joining this affiliate program.

How Do You Become An Nvidia Affiliate?

In order to join the Nvidia affiliate program, you will need to sign up for the Rakuten advertising affiliate Network. Once you are part of this affiliate network you can join hundreds if not thousands of different affiliate programs through there dashboard.

Being a member of the Rakuten advertising affiliate network does not mean that you will automatically be accepted into the Nvidia affiliate program or any affiliate program as they are done on an individual basis.

Typically there are requirements to join any affiliate program and many require that you have a certain level of followers on social media or traffic to your website in order to be accepted into the affiliate program.

Does It Cost Money To Join The Nvidia Affiliate Program?

It does not cost any money to join the Nvidia affiliate program. In fact, you should never pay to join an affiliate program.  You should also never pay to join the affiliate networks that host these individual affiliate programs for the most part.

The Bottom Line On The Nvidia Partner Program

That brings us to the end of our look at the Nvidia affiliate program. If the commission percentage was just a little bit higher, 2% or 3%, than this would be one of the best affiliate programs in the entire Computing and Niche.

As it stands it’s still a very good one based mainly on the brand name of Nvidia. They are a great company with a good line of video cards and other products that you can promote on a Computing website or a Gaming website or a general electronics website as well.

The key is maximizing your potential with this affiliate program by carefully crafting good content and bringing in the right type of traffic to do so. That means you’ll have to learn affiliate marketing pretty well in order to get the most out of this affiliate program.

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