Can You Make Money With The Newegg Affiliate Program?

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Welcome, all. Michael here and today I want to take a look at one of the biggest names in the Computing niche  And find out whether their affiliate program is worth your time.

Of course, I’m talking about the Newegg affiliate program. This Computing website has been around for almost two decades now. It was formed in 2001 and it has become one of the go-to spots for computer enthusiasts to pick up their computer components, software, and Hardware online.

Can You Make Money With The Newegg Affiliate Program? It is absolutely possible to make money with the Newegg affiliate program. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online and Newegg is an incredibly popular website for computer enthusiasts.

So let’s dive into their affiliate program and see if it lives up to the lofty expectations set by the wonderful website that is

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The Newegg Affiliate Program At A Glance

  • Affiliate Commission: 1%
  • Tracking Cookie: 7-days
  • Niche: Computer Hardware and Software
  • Application: Join Here
  • Affiliate Network: Rakuten Advertising

Now that you have your shiny new Newegg affiliate links you just have to get traffic to those links and start turning a profit by making commissions off of the products that you promote.

Its affiliate marketing in a nutshell. It’s simple but it is not easy. In order to maximize the earning potential of any affiliate program, you are going to need to understand affiliate marketing pretty well.

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The Newegg Affiliate Program Commission

This is really the part of the Newegg affiliate program that is the biggest letdown.  And there’s a very good reason for it.

Let’s start with the commission percentage.  It is only 1% on some of the products that you’re going to promote from the Newegg website.  This is very low for an affiliate program, typically I don’t like to go below 4% when choosing an affiliate program for any given Niche.

However, one of the biggest exceptions to that 4% rule is the computer hardware niche. It seems to not have any overhead to speak of and that’s why you see commissions of 1% and oftentimes 0% for computing Hardware. Even Amazon only offers about 2.5% for many of its computer hardware products.

So the real dilemma is, do you use Amazon Associates or do you take a little bit less of a commission and go with Newegg. The big benefit of using Newegg is that it is a very well-respected and well-liked Computing website whereas Amazon is viewed with a little bit less enthusiasm when it comes to buying individual computer parts.

Currently, it’s going to come down to the makeup of your specific audience to decide whether or not to use the Newegg affiliate program or go with something else. 

I would recommend, using Newegg as an auxiliary affiliate program and not as a primary one mainly due to the low commission offered. It’s going to be a great place to send people when they need specific parts that going to be reasonably priced at Newegg but you’re going to want to supplement that with an affiliate program that has a higher Commission.

The Tracking Cookie Duration

 the Newegg affiliate program offers its affiliate Partners a 7-Day tracking cookie duration. This is a little bit lower than what you normally want to see for this type of affiliate program. 

 ideally, you want something at least 30 days interaction to give your readers enough time to decide on whether or not they want to make the purchase from Newegg.

The issue here is that some of the products on NewEgg especially the high-end graphics cards and CPUs are going to be classified as high ticket items which means they need a longer duration cookie to help boost your conversion rate with those particular products.

The good news is there are a lot of less expensive products that will work just fine with a 7-Day tracking Gap.  So when you add it all together it’s not a terrible tracking cookie but it’s not an exceptional one either.

Ideally, you would want to see something between 30 and 60 days to make this a really spectacular tracking cookie for the affiliate program.

Products Offered By Newegg

Newegg has one of the largest selection of computing products this side of  They have everything you need to build your own computer or repair your computer or replace parts or upgrades to your computer. 

This means that when you promote their products you have a wide array of angles that you can approach to help monetize your Computing website.

You can build hole campaigns of content around individual Computing parts that you can promote from Newegg. A series of articles on graphics cards or a series of articles on the newest Intel CPUs is a great place to integrate this affiliate program into your computer glitch website.

This is another great advantage to the Newegg affiliate program because you will never run out of products and potential content built around those products.

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Popularity Of Newegg

Newegg Is one of the most popular websites when it comes to computers. Particularly computer hardware. Whether you are Niche website is based around graphic cards, motherboards, or DIY building your own computer chances are your audience is going to know Newegg very well.

This alone makes him a very desirable affiliate program to be a part of because of that name recognition you will not have to explain who Newegg is or what they’re really about.

This will save you some time and allow you to focus more on monetizing your affiliate links rather than explaining who the affiliate program is.

Conversion Potential Of The Newegg Affiliate Program

The conversion potential of any affiliate program is going to depend largely on the makeup of your individual audience. However, some affiliate programs, like Newegg, are so well-known and ubiquitous that they will convert so long as your content is decent and your audience is receptive to it.

That doesn’t mean you can just toss your affiliate links around anywhere but it makes it easier to get a good conversion rate when the affiliate program is already known and trusted by a large part of your potential audience. 

Other factors like tracking cookie duration and the types of products that are sold are going to factor into your overall conversion rate. 

But the products are not a problem with Newegg and the track and cookie duration is a little bit short but should not be that much of a problem if you can catch your consumer at the right time shortly before they decide on making a purchase.

But overall I think the conversion potential of the Newegg affiliate program is quite high and should be pretty good for just about any computer glitch website.

The Bottom Line

That brings us to the end of our look at the Newegg affiliate program. Newegg is a brilliant computer website. They have everything you need to build a computer to repair a computer to do just about everything you need with a computer and all the software to boot.

So what’s the problem with their affiliate program. It’s that the commission is just a little bit too low to really make it something you can build an entire website around.

You can certainly use it as an alternative to another affiliate program that offers better terms but trying to get the volume of sales you need to make it 1% commission work well for you is going to be very tough.

That being said if you are in the computer space you are going to want to have a Newegg on your website. Whether that’s embedded in your content or as just an advertisement on your sidebar, Newegg is a brand that every computer-oriented blog website should really be an affiliate partner with.

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That’s all I have for you today thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.