Can You Make Money With The Farmer’s Dog Affiliate Program?

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The partner in question is of course The Farmer’s Dog Affiliate Program. A dog food delivery service focused on fresh and healthy dog food delivered to your door just for your pup.

This is the type of affiliate program that you don’t often think about when setting up your dog niche website.

A dog food delivery service is going to have a smaller potential audience than a PetSmart or the like but the upside is enormous if you can get it converting at a decent rate.

So let’s take a look at the vitals for this affiliate partner and see if it can help your increase your the profitablilty of your online business and take it to new heights.

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What Is The The Farmer’s Dog Affiliate Program

The Farmer’s Dog Partner Program is a dog food affiliate program based around a dog food delivery service.

The affiliate program allows content creators in a variety of dog-related niches to monetize their content by including links to The Farmer’s Dog.

When an audience member clicks a link and makes a purchase the affiliate marketer is rewarded with a small commission for their promotional efforts.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and most profitable ways to start an online business with very low overhead or investment.

The $50 Flat Fee Commission

The commission for The Farmer’s Dog is a flat fee of $50. The Farmer’s Dog is essentially a subscription service for fresh dog food so it comes as no surprise to see the flat fee as their commission.

Subscription box services have been moving to flat fees for some time. What this means that you will only receive a one time commission instead of a recurring one.

However, the flat fee commission in this case is outstanding. $50 for a flat fee is one of the best you are going to find in any subscription box service in ay niche.

In fact I would argue that this upfront fee is probably sa better deal that a recurring commission on most other subscription boxes.

It really stands out.

Realistically a sale or two a day is going to translate into a nice little chunk of change for your niche site.

Expand that to 4 or 5 sales a day and you have yourself a full-time business going. That won’t be easy getting that amount of sales per day but with enough time and solid content it is definitely possible.

A 28-day Tracking Cookie Duration

The cookie sduration for this affiliate partner is pretty solid. It weighs in at 28-days giving you almost a month to make a referral and get credit for a commission.

The 28-day tracking cookie is a little bit odd to see. 30-days is the standard duration so cutting it off at 28-days is a little weird.

Still for all intents and purposes it is a solid month for the duration.

The tracking cookie is also a last click cookie. This means that the last click gets the credit for the commission.

So if someone clicks your link and then clicks another Farmer’s Dog affiliate link the latter click will get credit for that sale.

It is a standard thing in affiliate marketing and doesn’t have a huge impact on your overall conversion rate, but it is something to keep in mind.

Keeping your audience engaged in your content will all but ensure that you are getting the last click for the tracking

What To Expect From The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog is a pretty straight forward affiliate program. You really aren’t focusing on individual product, you are promitng the service as a whole.

It will be up to your audience to decide what meals they want for their pups. As an affiliate you will want to take a more macro look at the entire service and the quality of the meals in your cotnent.

Weaving this affiliate program into your dog content is really what is going to determine how successful it is for you and your business.

I think the nature of this partner lends it self well to both buyer intent content, ie. people looking for healthy dog food directly and information content.

The informational content is based around educating your audience on the need for high quality dog food and then giving them an outlet to purchase it if they choose, but not focusing on the selling of the product itself.

A mix of buyer intent and info content is going to serve you very well with this particular affiliate program.

There are plenty of aspects that you can focus on with this partner program. From healthy meals with no preservatives to the easy packaging and convenient delivery schedules.

There are plenty of opportunities to weave this affiliate directly into your content and make it work for your business.

Best Niches For The Farmer’s Dog

There is not going to be a whole lot of diversity when it comes to niches for this affiliate program. It is a dog food affiliate program through and through and will be best served on a pet or dog-specific niche site.

Having said that there are a lot of opportunities to deploy this affiliate program in smaller sub and micro-niches in the pet and dog niche.

Specifically for the dog niche.

Any blog or niche site that is based around a certain breed can use this affiliate program quite well.

Dog health niche sites, dog food niche sites, general dog site are other very good options to try this affiliate with.

Even some site that you might not associate with dog food could work well. Dog grooming sites can use The Farmer’s Dog if you want a healthy meal option to promote to your audience.

And you can apply that across the entire dog niche. Even if you are focusing on other dog related topics adding in a couple of article about dog food opens the door wide for The Farmer’s Dog affiliate program.

It’s up to you as the boss to figure out how to fit it into some of these dog-related niches.

The Wrap Up

That brings us to the end of our look at The Farmer’s Dog affiliate program. And I cannot recommend it enough.

They have a massive flat fee commission and a solid cookie with a very interesting subscription service model that focuses on healthy fresh food for your pup.

What is not to like?

Just about any dog niche website can incorprate this affiliate into their dog food based content. Or create content specifically for this affiliate partner in order to fit it into your niche site.

If you can get a decent conversion rate and a good enough traffic flow this affiliate can be the centerpiece of your entire affiliate strategy.

It is simply that good.

The overall value of this partner program is ultimately going to be determined by how well it resonates with your audience but all the ingredients are there for this to be a very successful affiliate relationship.

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