Micro-Niche Insights: 3 Niche Ideas For The Best Bicycle Blogs

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Do you love flying down a road on two wheels propelled by nothing but gravity and your own body?  You are not alone.  Millions of people love bicycles just as much as you do.  From basic transportation to full-on recreation.

Bicycles have been popular since they were invented.  And it shows no signs of slowing down.  In fact, it has remained consistent for years as a multi-billion dollar industry in the U.S. alone.  Who wouldn’t want to get a piece of that pie?

You already have the passion and love for cycling, but how do you turn that into a profitable business?  You could open a bike shop and deal with the inventory, the loans, and the returns and find a suitable building.

And the whole host of other issues you need to deal with when starting a retail business. But there is an easier way to jump into the bicycle industry while still leaving room to expand to a full-blown store later on down the line.

Starting a bicycle blog.  And making that new blog one of the best bicycle blogs on the internet.  There are plenty of partner programs to promote this niche.  Now it’s up to you to create the great content that will bring in traffic.

Bicycles and cycling make for a great blogging niche.  Finding a micro-niche to start in is the tricky part.  That is why I am here to help.  These are 10 micro-niche ideas that you can use to start your own bicycle blog. Each one will help you build a great foundation that you can build on by adding other micro-niches in the cycling arena.

Let’s get into it.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

Mountain Biking

Our first stop in the bicycle niche is mountain biking.  This is one of the most popular outdoor sports and recreation activities currently.  The jump in popularity over recent years for mountain biking has been incredible.

Finding your audience for mountain biking won’t be a problem.  And finding things to write about won’t be an issue either.  There are many ways to approach this great micro-niche.  Finding great trails to ride in your area might be a great way to start with.

Or simply writing about your mountain bike adventures. Once you get the Audience and content sorted, all you need is a way to monetize the blog. That means affiliate programs.

Some Affiliate Ideas

Speaking of cycling affiliate programs here is our list of 10 great ones to consider. There are dozens in the bicycle niche.  And many specific to the mountain biking micro-niche.  Reviewing the products offered by the partner programs is a great way to generate content that can be used with buyer intent keywords.

Review content is a great compliment to your informational content.  I always try for a 50-50 split between the review and info content.  The review content is where you want to deploy some great bike affiliates.

What Products To Promote

We’ll start with the obvious one.  The mountain bikes themselves are going to be your main promotional product.  You want your reviews of these to be thorough, comprehensive pieces of long-form content.  These will be where you make your commissions and your information pages will be linked to these pillar posts.

But don’t stop at just the bikes.  You have all the mountain bike accessories and gear to promote as well.  Each piece is a potential piece of content to drive traffic to your blog.  Lastly, think outside the box.  What other products do mountain bikers typically use? Boots?  How about backpacks for the riders?  Or bike bags?  Maybe bike racks that can fit a mountain bike? 

Anything you can think of that you would use on your mountain bike treks is a great product to promote.  Beef jerky and protein bars might be a great type of product to promote for your mountain biker readers.

Is There Growth Potential?

As I mentioned in the intro, mountain biking is experiencing a huge upswing in popularity in recent years.  This trend looks like it will continue for the foreseeable future.  The growth has been steady and you can feel confident that the blog you start today will still be relevant in the coming years.

As for the growth potential of your individual blog?  It is limitless.  You can branch out into so many areas after you have established your mountain biking blog.  You could pursue other areas in the cycling niche or maybe move more toward other outdoor activities instead. The great thing about micro-niches is that there is always room to grow and expand.

A Look At Keywords

Let’s take a quick look at some keywords for the mountain biking micro-niche.  This is always a great way to check out the popularity of a small niche and find some great longtail keywords that are going to bring in the bulk of your traffic. We’ll start off with the head keyword “mountain bike”.  You won’t want to try and rank for such a broad term but it will give us a look at the search interest for the niche.

jaaxy mountain bike keyword research

The search volume is outstanding for this keyword.  When we start looking for long-tail keywords we won’t need to worry about the traffic they will generate.  As long as the content is good the keywords will pull in that traffic. Your targeted keywords are only one of the hundreds that a good piece of content will rank for.  That is the beauty of long-tail keywords.  The keyword is only the beginning.

Now let’s take a look at our first long-tail keyword.  “The best mountain bikes for women?”.  This is a keyword with a good amount of buyer intent but it also targets mountain bike enthusiasts who are women. This might narrow the field as to who is searching for it, but these specific keywords are typically the best ones.

The best mountain bikes for women jaaxy research query

And the results are exactly what you want to see.  Not only do we get a great look at the keyword we searched for.  Everything about it looks good.  But we get a bunch of other suggestions related to it.  I cut the list off at 4 but the research had another 10 or so really great keyword ideas.

This is why keyword research is so critical to a successful blog.  You are targeting search phrases that will generate good traffic but have far less competition than the main keywords.  And there are potentially millions of them.  Each one is a potential piece of content for your mountain biking blog.

One last example.  This one is a long-tail keyword with a huge amount of buyer intent.  When someone does a search for “What is the best mountain bike to buy?”  They are probably looking to buy a mountain bike. Your job is to make sure you give them some good choices and some good reasons why the bikes you suggest are the best ones to buy.

best mountain bike jaaxy

What we get back from our research here is quite remarkable.  But you always need to check the actual search results of your keywords to make sure the first page is not flooded with e-commerce and authority sites.  In this case, it is a good mix of bike blogs and a couple of e-commerce sites.

Now it is just down to crafting the best content you can for each of your keywords.  Then it is just a matter of time and patience while your mountain biking blog gains the trust and authority of Google.  Before you know it your articles will be on the front page of the search engine results.

Wrapping Up Mountain Biking

One of the best micro-niches in the cycling niche.  That is exactly what mountain biking is.  The popularity is at an all-time high.  The people who participate are diverse so you can craft your message for men or women or both.

The growth potential of your mountain biking blog is also exceptional.  You can take it in so many different directions.  The choices are up to you and where your readers want your blog to go.  A great micro-niche. But there are 7 others that are just as good.  Let’s keep going.

Cycling Apparel

Up next is cycling apparel.  This is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you decide to start a bicycle blog.  It may not even occur to some people that this would be a viable micro-niche.

cycling apparel

The best cycling clothing is not cheap.  Jerseys and speed suits run well into the hundreds of dollars.  So the commission potential is there in this micro-niche.  As is the product density.  There are thousands of clothing options for you to promote.

But it certainly is.  In fact, it has its own affiliate program tailored specifically to cycling clothing.  There are entire web stores devoted to this micro-niche.  Here are just a couple of examples and they both have a partner program for you to join. We will take a look at those partner programs right now.

Partner Program Ideas

Many of the more general bicycle dealers have at least a small section devoted to cycling clothing.  But ideally, you want to use partners that are specific to this micro-niche.  Two of the best example are Eliel Cycling and Pactimo.  Either one is going to serve you well in the cycling apparel micro-niche.

Product Promotion Ideas?

There are hundreds of products to promote in this niche but they are all limited to clothing apparel.  This micro-niche is much narrower than our previous entry, mountain bikes.  A quick look through the stores linked above will give you a great idea of the diversity in clothing choices for cycling. Anyone of them can be an entire review piece and will be able to generate some great traffic and commissions for your blog.

Keyword Research for the Niche.

We’ll take a look at a longtail keyword for this niche just to see what type of volume and competition is in the niche.

First up is “cold weather cycling gear”.  Let’s have a look.

cycling gear cold jaaxy

Once again you can see some great potential keywords.  Plus the search gives us a whole new line of longtail keywords.  We can break each search down into an individual piece of clothing and create content around just that.  Cold weather pants, cold weather gloves, shoes, jackets. That’s 4 or 5 more articles for your blog right there.

Crossing The Finish Line In Style.

This micro-niche is a bit narrower than mountain biking.  But it is still an incredibly viable and lucrative micro-niche for cycling blogs.  The clothes themselves can be considered mid to high-ticket items as many run over $200 dollars.

The higher prices make for some great commission but it also makes the promotion a little bit tougher.  That is why your content needs to be outstanding.  Send them away from your blog armed with all the information they need to buy the best cycling clothing. In the end, they will thank you for your diligence and hard work and make their confidence in their purchase that much more assured.

Cycling Accessories

This micro-niche dovetails well with the previous one.  Cycling accessories and cycling clothing could easily be combined into a blog.  But then you would have to deal with competition from both micro-niches.  Better to wait until you have established your blog before expanding.

bike helmet on a log

That being said, cycling accessories offer you a huge playground in which to build a blog.  There are thousands of products you can write about and promote.  And there are some great affiliate programs out there that you can use to monetize your blog.

Some Affiliate Ideas

This micro-niche is pretty straightforward.  Any of the larger partner programs will have tons of accessories and customization parts for just about any bike they sell.  You will want to use these affiliates as your main promotion as well as Amazon for the more general accessories.

The best thing about this is that when and if you decide to expand into promoting the bikes themselves you can simply use the same partner programs that you are already comfortable with.

Which Products To Promote?

The potential number of items you can promote in this micro-niche is huge.  Thousands easily.  Whether they are functional, like a headlight for your bike, or something that is there just for looks.  Bike accessories come in all shapes and sizes and for just about anything you can think of.

It might be best to break everything down into sub-sections on your blog just to keep track of everything.  The products in this niche are not quite as expensive as the mountain bike or clothing niches, but you will have little trouble promoting some great accessories to your audience.

That will be enough to generate a good little side income for your blog.  I don’t think this micro-niche can really sustain a full-time income.  I could be wrong.  But I would recommend expanding into other areas of the cycling niche after about a year of focusing on just the accessories.


Let’s have a look at some keywords for the cycling accessories micro-niche.  This research will be a bit different since the variety of accessories is so varied.  I chose the most recognizable bike accessory for the first bit of research.  “The best bike helmet” is the keyword.

bike helmets jaaxy

Once again we are greeted by numerous other keywords that you can build some great content around.  Each option brings a new set of ideas that you can turn into outstanding content.

One more example.  Let’s see how deep we can dig with this one. For this example, I chose the keyword “waterproof bicycle panniers”.  This is a very niche search.  But the results are fantastic.  Good volume and great competition.

jaaxy panniers

The truth is you could go on all day like this.  Research great keywords in a keyword tool and build a list that will last you for years worth of content.  But I will wrap it up right there.  You can finish the research and start to build one of the best bicycle blogs anywhere on the internet.

The Wrap Up

This is a very broad micro-niche.  Technically you could break it down even further and just focus on one type of accessory.  A bike helmet blog, for example, would be a great way to get your feet wet in the cycling niche.

And keep this in mind, when you talk about niches you are talking about the content, not necessarily what you are selling or promoting.  If you are in the cycling accessory niche and you want to write an article on a mountain bike, by all means, go right ahead.

There are no real hard and fast rules when it comes to blogging micro-niches.

The idea is to maintain a decent amount of traffic while avoiding a ton of competition.  So feel free to experiment and go where your readers want you to.  Remember you are your own boss and you can shift gears and change direction whenever you want to.

The Big Finish

Four very different ideas for a blog, but all of them are squarely in the cycling niche.  Whether you decide to promote cycling clothes or teach everyone that bicycle safety is incredibly important you will be able to write about what you love and make some good income as well.

Put enough time and energy into it and you can build yourself a full-time business through your cycling blog. It just takes hard work, time, and a lot of content.  But once you get the ball rolling you will be able to write some of the most comprehensive articles the biking niche has ever seen.

I wish you the best of luck with your new bicycle blog.  Whichever micro-niche you choose to start in, whether it is from this list or one of the other dozens of potential micro-niches in cycling, I know you will make it your own and put your own unique spin on your new website.

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Thank You For Visiting.  And As Always Have A Wonderful Day.