Looking For A Beard Oil Affiliate Program? Here Are A Few Of The Best

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Welcome Back, Everyone. I hope you are is doing well. Without further delay lets jump right into the topic for today. We will be taking a look at some of the best beard oil affiliate programs out there right now.

This is a very specific set of affiliate programs that are part of the larger and more competitive Men’s grooming niche. While there is some crossover into the larger niche I tried to find affiliates that really focused on the beard oil aspect so that you can fine-tune your affiliate strategy with some very specific and direct partners for your niche site.

So let us take a look at these affiliate partners for your beard oil blog or website and see if you can’t find one that will create some additional avenues for your monetization strategies.

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Check Out These Beard Oil Affiliate Programs

Bold Grooming Inc. Affiliate Program

Join The Bold Grooming Inc. Affiliate Program Here

Bold Grooming Inc. is the corporate name for this affiliate program and the on it is listed under on the ShareASale affiliate network. The website itself is called Sons Of Hollis.

This brand originated in 2015 out of Hollis, Queens New York, and is dedicated to the best organic men’s grooming products.

The tracking cookie duration is a solid if standard 30-days. It should be plenty long enough to maintain a solid conversion rate with this affiliate since the products are not what I would call high-ticket items although they are not inexpensive.

The commission is outstanding. Bold Grooming Inc. offers its affiliate partners who sign up through ShareASale a 13% commission on qualifying sales made by their referrals. It is a huge commission, especially when compared to what beard oil and men’s grooming products will earn on Amazon. 1 to 3% from Amazon or 13% from this affiliate makes the choice pretty obvious.

Bossman Affiliate Program

screenshot of the bossman brands website

Join The Bossman Affiliate Program Here

Bossman offers a good sized line of Beard Oils and other men’s grooming products that you can promote with confidence on your niche blog, plus they have a great set of affiliate terms to make that promotion worth your time and effort.

The tracking cookie duration goes above and beyond the normal 30-days and weighs in at a robust 60-day duration. This is great for an affiliate marketer because it gives you plenty of time to make that first sale and still get a commission. 2 full months is going to really boost your conversion rates because it is such a long duration cookie.

The commission is among the best in the beard oil niche. They offer a 15% commission for sales made through your affiliate links. Commissions this high don’t come around every day and can only be found in a few niches, particularly for physical products like the ones you will be promoting for Bossman.

It is nice to see affiliate partners really rewarding a marketer for the hard work they put in promoting their brands with a solid commission like this one.

Scruffy Jack’s Affiliate Program

screenshot of the scruffy jacks website

Join The Scruffy Jack’s Affiliate Program Here

The Scruffy Jack’s product line is pretty modest so you will probably want to pair it with a beard oil affiliate that has a little more in the way of products. That said the Scruffy Jack’s look solid and could be a good earner especially given the great affiliate terms they offer through the ShareASale affiliate network.

The tracking cookie is a standard 30-day duretion giving you plenty of time to promote the Scruffy Jack’s products and get credit for ht ecommission. What really sets this affiliate aprt is the 30% commission on offer for their partners.

The massive commission is almost unheard of outside of digital products and it makes the Scruffy Jack’s affiliate program one to really consider if you can fit it into your niche blog and your overall affiliate strategy.

Beard Gains Affiliate Program

screenshot of the beard gains website

Join The Beard Gains Affiliate Program Here

Beard Gains is a more general men’s grooming affiliate that does have a good selection of beard oils for you to promote. Their beard combs are probably their most popular item so that can fit well into a beard oil of general beard niche website as well.

The biggest reason you will want to consider Beard Gains for your affiliate portfolio is the incredible commission they offer. 25% for sales made through your affiliate links is something that can really generate a lot of income with the right content and promotion.

The tracking cookie duration was not listed on their website so be sure to ask about it when you sign up. Other than that this looks like a great option for your beard niche website.

Burton’s Beard Oil Affiliate Program

screenshot of the burton beard oil affiliate webpage

Join The Burton’s Beard Oil Affiliate Program Here

Burton’s has a nice selection of beard oil and men’s grooming accessories for you to promote. Here are just a few of the product categories that you can expect to promote on your niche site

  • Beard and Mustache Combs
  • Beard Balm & Oil
  • Premium Beard Balm & Oil 
  • Beard and Body Wash
  • MOAB (Mother Of All Balms)

The affiliate terms were not readily available on their affiliate web page. You will need to inquire about them when you apply for their partner program. You will need to email their program in order to join their affiliate program as I could not find a signup application anywhere on their site.

Texas Beard Company Affiliate Program

screenshot of the texas beard company website featuring some of their products

Join The Texas Beard Company Affiliate Program Here

Texas Beard Co. has a wide slelction of beard oils and balms in some very interest scents. For example…

  • Pumpkin Spice Beard Balm
  • Pecan Coffee Beard Oil
  • Smoke House Beard Oil
  • Black Pepper Beard Oil
  • Beard Brushes
  • And Much More

They also have quite a few accessories, kits shaving gear, and even apparel if you want to promote that on your niche site. This affiliate would work great for a beard oil or general bear niche site as well as a men’s grooming site.

There was no information on the tracking cookie duration at the time of publication. The commission is 10% which is pretty good, but slightly lower than many others on our list.

That doesn’t mean you should completely discount this affiliate. It will come down to your audience and how well it converts. A 10% commission that converts great is better than an average conversion on a 20% commission. Just something to keep in mind.

Beard Octane Affiliate Program

beard octane screenshot

Join The Beard Octane Affiliate Program Here

Beard Octane has a huge selection of beard oils and other beard accessories for you to promote on your niche site. From beard oil to bear butter and beard scissors, they have just about everything you could possibly want. This affiliate is perfect for any beard niche site and you could use it for a male grooming website as well but it works best for beards.

Beard Octane didn’t have their tracking cookie info available when I wrote this article so be sure to ask about it. The commission is 10%. Which is pretty good but a little lower than some of our other entries on this list. Still, it is high enough to give you a good return on the time invested.

Real Bearded Men Affiliate Program

real bearded men screenshot

Join The Real Bearded Men Affiliate Program Here

Real Bearded Men or RBM has a very nice selection of products for you to promote on your beard niche site. They also have some apparel options and general facial hair products in addition to their excellent line of beard care products.

Here are some of the beard products that you can promote through this affiliate program.

  • Beard Oil
  • Beard Balm
  • Beard Wash
  • Beard Combs
  • Beard Accessories
  • Beard Gift Sets

The affiliate terms are among the best on our list. RBM offers a 30-day tracking cookie which should help conversions along and a very generous 15% commission on sales made through your affiliate links.

Zeus Beard Affiliate Program

zeus beard website screenshot

Join The Zeus Beard Affiliate Program Here

Zeus has an extensive product line of beard care and beard oils for you to promte on you niche site. Here are some of the categories you can look forward to promoting products from…

  • Beard Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Beard Oil & Balm
  • Beard Brushes
  • Beard Combs
  • Grooming Tools
  • Beard Care Sets

The commission is a solid 10% but the cookie duration was not available at the time of writing so be sure to ask about it when you join the Zeus affiliate program.

Ferocious Beard Company Affiliate Program

screenshot of the ferocious beard company website

Join The Ferocious Beard Company Affiliate Program Here

The Ferocious Beard Company has a good selection of beard oil and other grooming products as well as some great information on how to use them. This is a very nice affiliate option for general beard websites as well as beard oil specific niche sites.

The tracking cookie information was not available at the time of publication so be sure to ask about it when you sign up for their affiliate program. the commission for the Ferocious Partner Program is 10% making it a great option for just about any beard or men’s grooming niche website.

Wrapping Up Beard Oil Affiliate Programs

That just about wraps up our look at these outstanding beard oil affiliate programs. There are dozens more that could easily fit into this list but you have to cut it of somewhere. The big takeaway from my research into the beard oil niche is that it seems to be growing exponetially.

And it looks to be pretty competetive so getting in while it is still relatively new is a great idea. Keep in mid that these thing go in cycles as well.

While the beard oil and beard niche is growing right now it could decline pretty quickly as well but there should always be enough traffic and interest to support a niche site of this type.

The last thing to consider is that these affiliates are specific to beard oil but there are many other aspects of men’s grooming that you could tackle if you wanted to. Men’s Clothing, men’s hairstyles, men’s cologne are just a few options you could use to expand past just beards and beard oils.

That’s all I have for you today, thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day.

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