Does Cratejoy Have An Affiliate Program? Is It Any Good?

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Hello Everyone, Michael Here and today I am taking a look at one of the largest subscription box companies on the internet.

Cratejoy has subscription boxes for a huge range of niches, from pets to beauty to pop culture. As an affiliate marketer, you would definitely want to get in on their expansive subscription box services if possible.

The question is…

Does Cratejoy have an affiliate program? Cratejoy does have an affiliate program that gives you the opportunity to promote its wide range of subscription boxes on your blog or Youtube channel or anywhere else where you create content.

So let us take a look at the Cratejoy affiliate program and see if it is worth your time to promote this popular subscription box service. And be sure to check out the best web hosting to get the most out of the CrateJoy affiliate program.

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The Cratejoy Affiliate Program At A Glance

The Cratejoy Affiliate Program Commission

The Cratejoy Affiliate program offers up to a 10% commission on all qualifying sales through your affiliate.

I was like to talk about the commission as my first Factor because it is the one that most people are interested in when they are choosing affiliate programs for their affiliate marketing business.

However, I don’t think the commission is the most important aspect of an affiliate program. I think ultimately the products that you choose to promote and the conversion rate are factors that are going to be more important over the long-term in building a sustainable passive income.

That being said you want to make sure that you have at least a bare minimum commission for every affiliate program that you choose to promote.

I consider 5% to be about as low as I want to go for an affiliate program with a couple of exceptions. Amazon gives you around 4% for most of their products and it’s always a great idea to have the Amazon associate program as part of your affiliate strategy.

But for everybody else, it’s around 5% so it’s very nice to see the Cratejoy has a tiered commission structure that can go all the way up to 10%.

Anytime you approach double-digits with commissions on physical products you are doing very well for yourself and you should definitely consider using that affiliate program if it works for you and it converts with your particular audience.

The Tracking Cookie Duration

I consider the tracking cookie to be an important part of the affiliate program as long as it meets certain minimum criteria.

There are very few places that can get away with having a very low tracking cookie. Amazon has about a 20-hour cookie which is not great but it’s Amazon and they can get away with it.

For most affiliate programs I like to see at least a 30-day cookie and that’s what we have from the Cratejoy affiliate program.

This means you’ll have 30 days from the time they click your link for your customer to make a purchase and you still get a commission for that purchase.

Ideally, you want as much time as you can get from a tracking cookie but 30 days should be sufficient for someone who is thinking about making a purchase from Cratejoy to actually make that purchase and give you the commission.

So as long as it’s a reasonable length it shouldn’t affect your commissions too much. The one caveat is that for high-ticket items you want a very long tracking cookie because that will definitely affect your conversion rates for very expensive products.

For Cratejoy price ranges, the 30-day tracking cookie is going to be just fine for your affiliate marketing business.

Are the Cratejoy Products Any Good?

It’s always interesting what people consider the most important aspect of an affiliate program. Typically the commission comes out first if you’re an affiliate marketer. An affiliate marketer will always look at the commission first and sometimes it will be the only thing that they consider.

That is certainly not the way to build a trustworthy affiliate marketing business. The most important thing to your customers is the products that you are recommending they buy.

The tracking Cookie doesn’t matter the conversion rate doesn’t matter the commission doesn’t matter to your audience. They are purchasing a product and they want to know that they are getting a good quality product that you promoted to them.

So when it comes to affiliate programs always take some time to look at the products that you are going to promote.

If possible get your hands on those products especially if you’re going to review them so that you can have a great idea of what to expect when you promote them.

It’s always possible to get everything in your hands to review so you just need to do a little bit of online research to make sure that the product is good and that the company is credible.

All the things that you would normally do as a consumer you want to do as an affiliate marketer to make sure that the consumer does have a good experience with the products that you are promoting to them.

The Cratejoy products look very good from my perspective, which is the perspective of someone who is looking to purchase those products but has not to use them before. 

Since I’m not promoting the products that are perfectly fine, but if you want to really promote the product in a way this is going to convert exceptionally well you’re going to want to dig a little bit deeper to see just how good those subscription boxes they offer are.

Looking at it from a consumer perspective the lineup of products from Cratejoy looks great. If I were in the market for some of these subscription boxes these would definitely be on the top of my list because they are well put together from a very reputable Source.

So that’s the starting point for looking at products from these affiliate programs. They have to pass the smell test as it were. If you’re a consumer and you’re simply coming in cold and looking at their product are they anything that you would be looking for.

If not then you might want to look for another affiliate program but if they are then you can start to build your knowledge of the products and work them into your content.

Popularity Of The Cratejoy Brand

The popularity of the company whose affiliate program you were going to promote is an important thing to consider when you are looking at affiliate programs to fit into your content.

The more well-known a particular brand is the easier it is going to be to promote it because you won’t have to do any explaining on what that company is or what they’re about.

Cratejoy is a very popular brand among subscription box services but I don’t think it’s quite a household name just yet. Very few of these subscription services are.

Typically the grocery delivery subscription boxes tend to be the most well-known along with something along the lines of Loot Crate. Which has been around for a while and has kind of seeped into the mainstream a little bit.

 So you might have to spend a little time riding a couple of Articles explaining what Cratejoy is and what they have to offer in addition to promoting their specific products.

It’s not a really big deal if the affiliate program is not from a well-known company but you want to try to start building a level of trust with your audience and with the affiliate program that you are going to promote.

Conversion Potential Of The Cratejoy Affiliate Program

There’s really no way to give a definitive number for the conversion rate of any affiliate program without running tests with that affiliate program on your website with your own specific audience.

There are simply too many variables to really get an accurate idea of what to expect when you promote a specific affiliate program.

What you can do is take a look at all the other factors that make up a good affiliate program and see if you can pick off some boxes to make sure that even running tests on that affiliate program is worth your time.

So, for the Cratejoy affiliate program, we want to look at some factors like are the products worth your time to promote.

In my opinion, I think they are. 

Just from a purely Outsider view looking to purchase one of the products they look high quality and for the type of product that they are they should be very good for your specific audience.

 the reason you want the product to be great is that it reduces the refunds on that product and a lot of times these products will simply sell themselves once the audience gets a look at them.

Another thing to fix the conversion rate is the tracking cookie. If you have a really low tracking cookie like a day or a week then that can negatively affect your conversion rate.

Fortunately for the Cratejoy affiliate program, we have a full 30-day tracking cookie that will give you plenty of time to promote their products and still get credit for that sale and ultimately get your commission.

Some other factors that are going to weigh in on the conversion potential of this affiliate program are how you choose to deploy it in your content. Where you place your affiliate links can make a huge difference in the howl well they convert.

The only way you’re going to know where the best positioning and the best type of content to place the Cratejoy affiliate links in is to try them out and run some tests on your own.

So while the conversion rate is going to be unknown until you really digging to see if they program a start running some of your own test we can look at the other factors and figure out whether the conversion potential is worth the time to even try this affiliate program.

I think Cratejoy has a wonderful conversion potential and is a great opportunity for an affiliate marketer as long as they have a product that fits into your Niche relatively well.

The Bottom Line

That brings us to the end of our look at the Cratejoy affiliate program. There’s a whole lot to like about this particular partner program.

They have a solid cookie and a very good Commission once you get into the upper tiers and approach that 10% mark.

It’s also a subscription box service which means that you definitely want to consider it for your affiliate Arsenal because it could possibly get you some recurring commissions.

I think the most important thing to keep in mind about this particular for the program is the company in the product behind it. It is one of the biggest subscription box Services out there and they have a huge selection of subscription boxes for you to choose from.

Typically subscription boxes are focused on a very specific. So you might have a pet subscription box or a beauty subscription box but Cratejoy has boxes in all of these little niches that can really add to the value of the affiliate program.

I recommend taking a look at what they have to offer and if it fits into your specific Niche give it a try and run some tests with your audience and see how well it does.

There’s no guarantee that it will convert it all and you are specific audience may just not like what they have to offer. But this affiliate program is good enough for you to take some time and work out how it would do with your audience.

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