Wine Blogs For Beginners: Wine Niche Research

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Wine is big business.

Huge business.  If you can get a piece of the ever-growing wine niche then you could really start to reap the benefits of some great blogging income.

According to this report from Zion Research, the wine industry will hit a global revenue of 423.59 Billion dollars by the year 2023.

That’s billion.  The growth of the wine industry is frankly staggering.

By positioning your wine blog now you could really set yourself up to have some authority in the blogging world for this particular niche.

It is not an easy niche to break into, however.  You’ll need to know what your audience likes and dislikes in wine to really make the most of your blog.

And you’ll need to know what you like in a wine.  You can’t fake your way through a wine blog.

Your audience will see right through it.  Expertise is what they are going to come to you for.

And that takes a huge amount of research and trial and error of the wines you enjoy and the wines you absolutely can’t stand.

I will try to provide information on starting wine blogs for beginners.  With some basic research and ideas to help you out.

Getting in on some of those billions in the wine industry is going to take time and a whole lot of hard work.

You can do it. And when you do the benefits will be remarkable.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

Why A Wine Blog?

Why write a wine blog?  First, because it is a huge industry as mentioned in the intro.

But it is also a fascinating industry with a ton of potential content for you to write about.  Every winery has its own story to tell.

Every vintage is unique.  You could write about a single wine for each vintage that wine has ever had if you can get your hands on a sample.

The possibilities are limitless.  Each region has its own unique flavors and aromas.

Each shade of wine is unique.

And within each wine color is a whole host of different kinds of wine.

Red and White to Rose and Champagne.  They are all potential content.  Each one is there to generate discussion, both positive and negative, for your readers.

Even the wine bought from the store has a story to tell.

Walk into Publix and pick up your next bottle to review.

Some of it is even quite good.

The sheer amount of content that a wine blog could draw upon is staggering.

Add to that, the profit potential of a wine blog and you have something truly special.

glass of wine

How Do You Make Money In The Wine Niche?

Affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize a wine blog.  And there isn’t really a close second.

You could try ads but some of these ad companies have restrictions on certain content so check with them to see if wine and spirits in on their banned list.

Additionally, some ad services have been known to ban people for the slightest infraction even it had nothing to do with the person displaying the ads.

So give ads a look then run back to affiliate marketing as fast as you can.

Here’s why.

Wine Clubs.

These are subscriptions.

For wine.

Delivered every month or so and you get a piece of the pie with each subscription payment.  It is recurring income and it is the best type of affiliate income there is.

Maximizing these subscription boxes will be the cornerstone of your money-making strategy in the wine niche.  All your content will be pointing your readers to some of the affiliate programs that include a Wine Club.

There are tons to choose from with a wide array of commissions and wines.

Something for everybody really.

The Potential Of Wine?

As mentioned in the intro the estimates are for wine to surpass 420 billion dollars by 2023.

That is only 4 years away.

It is incredible growth.  It was valued at $302 billion in 2017.

The potential of a good wine blog to cash in on this growing popularity is immense.

In addition to the overall growth of the industry, the wine clubs are growing as well.

This is great news for an affiliate marketer.  Getting some of these recurring commissions is a great way to earn some passive income.

And wine is one of the best niches for that.

There is also a huge section of the populace that buys wines strictly as gifts.

This is another potentially untapped resource you could use during holidays and special occasions.  Another potential revenue stream for your blog.

How Popular Is Wine Anyway?

Just looking at the revenue numbers should give you an idea of just how popular wine is worldwide.

But it is also very popular online as well.  There are a huge number of searches for anything wine-related.

Take a look at the research below, this is a single keyword.

Wine Research Jaaxxy

Given the number of variations, the number is in the millions for a monthly search volume of all wine-related topics.

When you look at the possibilities of long-tail keywords related to the wine niche you really start to see a lot of opportunities emerge.

You can tailor 1000’s of potential posts to keywords with very low competition and never run into any of the big authority sites in the Wine industry.

It really is a great way to break into a niche especially right at the start.

*All Keyword Research Was Done With Jaaxy.*

Micro-Niche Ideas

You can start your wine blog in quite a few microniches.

Starting small gives you a chance to grow before trying to rank in searches against the big websites that have been around for years.

By focusing on a smaller micro-niche you can generate very focused content.

The audience is smaller but the trade-off is much less competition.

Here are some micro-niche ideas for you to think about.

  • Red Wines
  • White Wines
  • Champaign
  • Rose Wines
  • Any Individual Wine Type (Malbec, Merlot, etc.)
  • Wine Production
  • Specific Wines From Various Regions (eg. California Wines)
  • Wine Reviews

There are many other ways into the wine niche.  Choose the one that you are most comfortable with and you’ll be off in no time.

Jaaxy Wine Research 2

Finding The Right Affiliate Programs

There are a ton of great wine affiliate programs to choose from.  Selecting the right one for your audience is crucial.

You must tailor your affiliate partners to the taste of the majority of your audience.

You won’t please everyone all the time but you can cover most of your readers with a  few different partners.

Be sure to have at least some selection of affiliates because wine is such a subjective niche.

You need to try and cover as many tastes as possible without getting bogged down is dozens of different affiliate programs.

Your best bet is to trial and error a few affiliates and if they don’t convert well, get rid of them and move onto the next ones.

You can check out our 4 criteria for finding a great affiliate partner right here.

What About A Domain Name?
Wine Domains

Choosing a domain name is something you will do early on and you really need to be sure of it before you commit to the name.

You cannot change it without buying up a whole new domain.  So be absolutely sure it is what you want.

The name can really be anything that focuses on the wine niche.

Your name plus wine reviews dot come would work, although a bit boring that one.

You want something memorable and relatable and interesting all rolled into one.

This is going to be the first of many steps in creating your brand and it is incredibly important to get it right.

Putting A Cork In The Wine Niche

Wine is big business.

Huge business.

The numbers for wine revenue are staggering.  And they are only going to get better.

Positioning your blog now and growing it in the next few years will put you on a path to reap incredible benefits from your writing.

Now is the time.  Wine is the product.

It will take a lot of time and even more hard work.  But if you are here researching this niche you already know what it is going to take.

And I would bet you are willing to take on the responsibility and work required to make a great wine blog.

You can do it.  But you don’t have to go it alone.

Check the link below and see if that type of training would be something that might help you on your journey.

Don’t go it alone. Get the best learning tools and community to help you build your online dream. Check it out here.

As always, thank you for visiting, and have a great day.