5 Top Pet Affiliate Programs

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The Pet niche is evergreen, ever-growing and ever profitable.

With carefully chosen affiliate partners and some keen promotion, this niche can become a primary income in a relatively short amount of time.

Well short for an organic traffic blog at any rate.

Many of the affiliate programs for the pet niche focus on dogs and cats, due to their overwhelming popularity.

But other pet bloggers in the fish or reptile niches and any other pet niche for that matter will find many of these affiliate partners useful and profitable when they are deployed on your blog.

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5 top pet affiliate programs for you to look at and explore.  Hope you enjoy the article and find it useful for your pet blog.

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PetCareRX is a supplier of medical products for your pets.  They cover just about anything health-related that your pets could possibly need.  Hair and dental products.  Healthy food options for most pets.  Heartworm, Flea, and Ticks medication for dogs and cats.

They also have a wide selection of vitamins and therapeutic products for arthritis and joint pain. 

In addition, PetcareRX has a small selection of beds, crates, and training to treat dog owners.  The site is centered around dogs and cats.

Pet blogs that focus on other types of pets might not find this affiliate program as valuable as a dog or cat blog. 

Their website claims they are the #1 Pet Affiliate Program, so they should be pretty easy to promote with that type of name recognition.

With that said, this is a great affiliate program to have for just about any blog in any dog or cat niche. 

While its main focus is on pet healthcare, your blog can be about anything dog related and still gets a great deal of use out of this affiliate partner.

If your blog is in the pet healthcare niche then a medical partner program is an absolute must and this is one of the better ones around.

The PetcareRX program is part of the Rakuten Linkshare Affiliate Network.

What is the Commission?

The 6% commission is less than stellar but still pretty decent.  Ideally, you want to see commissions closing in on double digits but realistically anything above 5% is a decent return for your promotion efforts.

The low commission is somewhat offset by the prices of the pet meds offered by PetcareRX. 

The only downside is that commissions on prescription meds are not applicable to affiliate partners.  Nothing you can do about this, it is a legislative issue.

The tracking cookie is 35-days.  Slightly better than average which is nice to see.

The Wrap-Up

A pretty good program for any dog or cat niche.  You’ll need to have at least one pet med affiliate program for any pet-related micro-niche.  Making sure that you have a partner to fill whatever needs your readers to have is a must for a successful blog.

You don’t want readers looking at your blog then having to go somewhere else to find the product if you don’t have a program available for them to use.

Petmeds Affiliate progrom
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Billed as America’s largest pet pharmacy, 1-800-Petmeds had been around for quite a while. 

They are a well-respected brand with an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating and are a fully licensed Pharmacy for all your pet’s medical needs.  The company is also traded on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.

This credibility is great for an affiliate marketer because they don’t need to convince the readers of the authenticity of the products. 

That trust is built into the brand leaving the blogger to create content and promote the products.  Instead of having to convince people on the brand name.

1-800-Petmeds features a huge selection of medical and pharmaceutical supplies for your pets. 

Though the site is primarily for dogs and cats.  Smaller pet niches might need to look elsewhere for their pet medical needs.

But for dogs and cats, they have everything you could possibly need.  All the most popular brand name products that your audience will be looking for.

Vitamins, dental, ear eye, skin, and coat.  1-800-Petmeds has got you covered.

1-800-Petmeds is part of the Rakuten Linkshare Affiliate Network.

What Is The Commission Percentage?

1-800-PetMeds offer a wonderful 10% commission for non-prescription products through their affiliate program. 

In addition, they offer a 15% commission on any 1-800-Petmeds private label products.  Making this two-tiered commission set up one of the best in the pet medication niche.

They also offer a 10$ bounty for new customer sales.  So any new customer you send their way will earn you a bonus of $10 dollars when they make a purchase.

However, their tracking cookie leaves a lot to be desired.  It is only 10-days.  Anything under 30-days is below average.

The Wrap-Up

A must-have for a dog or cat blog.  Their great commission and bounty along with their huge selection of medical products for your pets make this one of the best affiliate programs. 

The biggest downside is the short duration tracking cookie, but it is not terrible so you should be able to work around it.

If you only want to pick one pet medicine supplier this would probably be your best bet.

Chewy Screen Shot for Affiliate Review
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Chewy is an online pet store with just about every product under the sun.  At least as far as your pets are concerned. 

They have a pharmacy for your pet’s medical needs and most of the name brands that your readers will be looking for.

The great thing about chewy is that they have whole sections of products for pets other than dogs and cats.  So bloggers in other niches will be able to leverage this affiliate partner with a great deal of success.

Fish, Bird, reptile, horse and small pets are all accounted for here.  Terrariums and aquariums, Chewy has it all covered.

Vitamins and grooming supplies for your horse?  Got it.  Need a cage for your bird and some treats to keep him happy, they have that as well.

This makes it one of the most versatile partner programs in the entire pet niche. 

While dogs and cats have quite a few options for their products, other pets are somewhat limited at times.  But Chewy does a good job of including them in their product line-up.

What is Chewy’s Commission?

It all sounds great, but here is the problem.  There is literally no information about their commission structure or the cookie duration.  I am including them on this list because they are a huge potential affiliate program.


It looks like their affiliate sign-up is active and ready to go.  Give it a look.  Still no public information on the affiliate terms.

If anyone can find them drop a comment and I will add it to the list.  Thanks

The Wrap-Up

Right now you can sign-up for their affiliate program but they are fairly picky about who they let in and your site needs to be at least tangentially related to pets in some way.

You can fill out an application for their affiliate program right here.  I will add the full review when I get more information on the affiliate program.

I will update this article when more information is available for the Chewy Affiliate Program.

Petco ScreenShot
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Petco is a huge pet superstore and pharmacy.  They have one of the largest selections of pet products online.  An affiliate like Petco is a must, just to fill in any gaps left by your more focused affiliate partners.

Petco has most pet types covered from your common cats and dogs all the way to your more exotic reptiles, fish and birds.  If you need it for a pet, chances are they have something that will fit the bill.

The reason I would not use Petco as my only affiliate is that you can find better terms at some of the smaller affiliate programs.

It is always good to mix things up and keep both large and small affiliates at the ready.

So if the same or similar product can be found for the same price at a smaller affiliate and that affiliate offers 12 or 15% commission.  Pass that link onto your readers instead.

Don’t price gouge, however.  If the price is lower at the lower commission affiliate promotes the lowest price.

It will help you out in the long run.

One really great aspect to add to the whole Petco Experience is that your readers can get local care for their pets if they have a Petco near them.

They can book services like grooming and training online.

However, be sure to check with your Petco affiliate manager after signing up to make sure you will get credit for any purchases of this sort.

PetCo is part of the Commission Junction Affiliate Network

The commission?

Petco offers an 8% commission on most of the products offered on their store. 

However, they only have a 5% commission for some categories of items.  If your blog focuses on one of the lower commission items it might be worth to look for a better affiliate partner.

The 5% Categories include.

It is not a huge list of items that only pay out the 5% commission but it is substantial enough to take be aware of.

The cookie offered by Petco is a less than stellar 7-day tracking cookie.

The Wrap-Up

You really need at least one of these huge warehouse-type stores for any blog in the pet niche. 

Petco is a great choice especially if your readers have a physical store nearby.  It gives them the opportunity to use some of Petcos’ local services.

fitbark icon
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Fitbark is a dog activity monitor.  It is basically a Fitbit for your dog.  This is really the only product that this affiliate program has to offer. 

But it is so unique that it may be a good program for anyone in the dog niche to look into.

It might seem like a tough sell given the price, it runs about 70 bucks but people buy this kind of stuff for their pets all the time.

It is one of the reasons why this niche is so popular.  An interesting affiliate to say the least.  But it won’t be for everyone.

Give it a try if you think your audience will go for it.

Fitbark is part of the ShareASale Affiliate Network

What is the Commission?

Fitbark offers a very generous commission of 12% for all qualifying sales.  Good Start.  They also offer a 60-day tracking cookie for all their affiliate partners.  Even better.  2 great numbers for an affiliate program.

Let’s look at the underlying statistics in their ShareASale profile.

  • A $57.37 Average Sale looks pretty good, the products are not outrageously high priced.
  • The $6.89 Average Commission is pretty good for this type of product.
  • Very nice earnings per click of $49.93 EPC

The Wrap-Up

Overall a very unique affiliate partner to have for a dog blog.  There is really nothing else like it out here for now.

With the good commission and nice cookie, it will probably be worth it to check out this affiliate for any dog blog.

Just to see if it can covert with your readers.  Definitely, one to look at.

The End

5 Great pet affiliate programs for you to promote.  They are a pretty diverse bunch so you may only be able to deploy 2 or 3 of them effectively on your pet blog.

But it is always a good idea to have some programs from all over the larger niche even if your blog has a narrow focus.

Just because your niche is dog clothes doesn’t mean you don’t want a partner that provides dog food or pet health products.

You still focus on your niche but having them available for your readers is a great way to keep them coming back to you for information and expertise. Check out my top recommended resource for building and maintaining a successful online business.

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