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So it looks like you stumbled across   and now you looking for some reviews to find out what exactly this thing really is.

It promises you 5-10 $15 just by putting a link out there and having people click on it. Well, that sounds pretty awesome actually, but when something sounds that great chances are they’re not exactly that great. Nothing is ever that easy.

So we’re going to dig into this. We’re going to find out exactly what is. Because it’s not easy to figure out that simple question.

I’ve done a lot of these reviews, for a lot of terrible products. But you can always kind of tell what they’re going after when the put these products together.

They’re trying to teach you affiliate marketing or dropshipping, paid advertising or solo ads, whatever the case may be there’s a logic behind it and a reason for them to be going after that segment of the online business Market.

It’s not really the case with It just is a complete mess and it’s certainly not worth the effort. Even though it’s free to start.

So I’m going to try and figure out what this thing is and relay that to you then I’ll give it a nice little review and a star rating and all that good stuff.

And then I’ll throw out some alternatives to you if you really are serious about making money online you’re going to want to take a look at those.

There also seems to be quite a few clones of this particular product floating around. Another site that is an exact copy of this program is They are the exact same thing and there are probably many more that use this template, so be careful.

 So let’s get into it

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Quick Overview Is a mess of a program. Even after going in-depth with this review I’m not exactly sure how they intend to make money off this thing. It’s kind of a pay-per-click advertising may be affiliate marketing. But there’s no Rhyme or Reason to it and it should be avoided at all costs because it’s just pointless.

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Refund and Trial Policy5
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Price And Overall Value1.5

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As Easy As 1,2,3,4. Not Really. It’s Garbage.

What is

This is the million-dollar question for this product. Start weekly is first and foremost a website at least it is when it’s up and it’s kind of wishy-washy on that front at times. The idea, in a nutshell, is this.

You set up your account at You then get approved by their system which is instant and everybody’s approved you don’t have to really worry about that. So it’s pretty straightforward so far right.

This is where it gets a little bit weird because on their page the next step is “work little”.   So that right there is a pretty big red flag when you can’t even get your grammar properly sorted out. and then the final step is “get paid”.

And then you go that starts weekly in a nutshell at least that’s what they tell you it is that’s what they used to hook you to get you to sign up and good lord, it’s about the laziest pitch

I’ve ever seen for any type of product especially a product that you have no idea what it’s supposed to be.

The big problem is, when I looked at this website there was only one job available And it seems to be a copy and paste job from another type of program called

Who is it Targeted At? or, or whatever you want to call it is designed to lure in people desperate to earn a quick buck online. That is not going to happen. Making money is pretty tough and making money online is even tougher.

Beginners, the desperate, and people who may not speak the websites native language are the targets of these unscrupulous people. screenshot #1
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It all Seems So Simple

How Does Work?

As far as I can tell, works like this. You sign up to their page you get approved for their service then you select a job from some ones that are offered on their site.

Once you select the job you do whatever tells you, in this case, the only one that was available was getting a link and posting in places.   and then magically they get paid a certain amount of money for each click that you get from your link and then they give you a commission.

The problem is that the real world doesn’t work like that like there is no basis for their profit. I simply can’t figure out how they expect to get paid for just simply clicking on the links.

Sure you can do pay for clicks advertising but they would have to have some kind of product or some kind of deal with another company. Some way to take money for someone clicks on your link and then they pay you a percentage of that click.

There’s no information that supports this basic business model. I simply don’t know how this product works. I understand how it’s supposed to work but it does not work that way.

There is no rhyme or reason to it really.


This is going to be a real short section of the review.   really the only feature that this massive pile of garbage has is that it’s free.

And even that’s not really a features just because if they try to charge anybody for it, then I think people would just laugh at them.

But since we don’t have anything else to put in the section I’m going to count being free as the loan feature of this abomination.

Free to Join

So yeah this is the single feature of this product. It doesn’t cost you anything to join. All you need is your name your email address, username,  and they want you to put in your actual home address which I do not recommend you do.

The reason they want your home address is that technically they’re going to send you checks with a lot of money that you’ve earned by doing whatever it is they’re asking you to do with this mess.

But they’re not going to send you a check, that’s pretty clear. This is not going to go well for anybody involved. So I would not recommend putting in your address when you sign up for this thing.

In fact, I would recommend not signing up for it at all. I did for the sake of this review. I used an email address that I use for all my spam-mail and I certainly didn’t give him my actual home address.


There’s not a whole lot of support for this website. They do have a facebook group for the website.  You can see it here. Other than that there is not a whole lot of support available once you sign up for this program.

There is a support email but good luck getting anything out of that. I certainly couldn’t get any kind of answer to anything through that email address. was one of the ones that are on the website. The other variations of this type of website have similar support emails that go nowhere as well.


The price for joining is free. They don’t charge you anything for it and it is still not worth it.


  • Free To Join


  • No Owners
  • Vague Methodology
  • Not Entirely Sure What They Are Using To Make Money
  • Poor Support
  • Payment Methods Are A Joke

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I Wouldn’t Give These Guys Any Personal Info

Red Flags For

The red flags for are numerous but not quite as egregious as some of the other get rich quick schemes I have run into online.

The pitch is actually quite subtle and avoids a lot of the overbearing hype that you see with so many make money online products.

No Owners

As you might expect there are no visible owners or creators or anybody to take responsibility for this particular product. This is kind of your base level red flag for any “make money online” product.

The ones that are terrible will have no owners, fake owners, people using pen names,  or it will have owners who show up every now and again and show off their Lamborghini or Bugatti and then disappear for months on end(these are actually the worst kind).

So this red flag can have quite a few different incarnations. In this case, it’s the basic one there are no owners listed I couldn’t find any more information about anyone involved in this product.

It’s one of the first things you should look for and one of the quickest ways to know that you don’t need to be anywhere near this type of product.

Vague Business Model

The next red flag is one that we actually don’t run into very often. Most of these make money online products are based in a legitimate sector of online business.

Many of them will be teaching you affiliate marketing or dropshipping or something along those lines and the basic information will be appropriate to whatever they’re trying to teach you. It’s usually just terrible information or outdated information.

But it’s rarely vague about what they’re trying to accomplish in the actual training. In this case, I don’t know what business model they’re using and even after looking at it for quite a while I still I don’t understand how they expect to make money out of this for themselves.

Forget about paying out anybody else or anybody who signs up for this product of program oh, I don’t know how they make money for themselves.

I’m sure they do something maybe they’re just collecting emails to sell to somebody whatever the case maybe it’s a vague business model and it’s a huge red flag.

Is A Scam?

Well, this is the big question then, isn’t it?  is a scam. I’m going to have to answer no on that. and there’s a simple reason for that is I don’t know what start weekly is.

It’s not a scam because they don’t take any of your money, right. If they were charging you $40 to join these jobs or whatever it is they do, then yeah, that would be terrible. It would be a scam. But that’s not what this is, it’s he’s free to join.

Does that mean you should go out and join it? Absolutely not. Even with the limited amount of information that they want from you in order to sign up for an account, I would not give the people behind this thing any of your personal information.

You’re not going to get paid. They’re not going to send you a check. There’s no reason why they should have any bit of your personal information and then includes an email even if it is a junk email.

It’s not a scam. I’m just not exactly sure what the hell this thing is.

Stay Way From

Stay away from that’s the best advice that I can give you regarding this product, for lack of a better term.

I’ve been at this a long time and it’s rare that I see stuff like this that just baffles me as to what the point is. At least when you see an out now to scam you know well they’re just trying to get people’s money.

They’re trying to hone in on people’s desperation and they’re prepared to sell them the scrap product and take their money for it.

But not this thing. I don’t know what the point of it is. For anybody involved. So my final recommendation is just don’t sign up for it.

Just don’t give them any personal information. Just avoid this whole situation completely.

Some Alternatives That Work

Fortunately, there are some legitimate ways to make money online. I’m going to give you a couple of great training programs that will help start you on your way to making money online and eventually turned it into a full-time income.

Now both of these programs cost money and they are not cheap. So here’s one thing to remember about investing in any type of affiliate marketing program or training.

Only spend what you can afford to. Don’t leverage anything in your regular life that you need in order to sign up for these programs.

What these programs are designed to do is make it easier to get started to make sure that you use your time wisely and that you miss a lot of the pitfalls that are going to take their toll on your business.

The setbacks the struggles anything else is going to really hamper the expansion of your online business.

That is what these training programs seek to alleviate and both of these that I’m going to give you here do that exact same thing. But they won’t make you rich overnight they still require a ton of work and a ton of patience and a ton of time to get the results that you’re going to need.

 So the two programs are Savage affiliates and project 24. They are both excellent programs for you to learn affiliate marketing and how to build Niche websites.

They are a little bit different from how they go about it but either one will really make a difference in the success rate of your online business.

 For Savage Affiliates you can read my full-length review right here.

My full-length project 24 review is upcoming and should be released in the near future. I will put a link to it right here when I get it finished.

But for now, you can check out the head-to-head review of these two great affiliate marketing training programs.

1.4 Run The Affiliates
0 0 votes
Refund and Trial Policy
Support and Community
Price And Overall Value
8.7 Run The Affiliates
0 0 votes
Refund and Trial Policy
Support and Community
Price And Overall Value
8.7 Run The Affiliates
0 0 votes
Refund and Trial Policy
Support and Community
Price And Overall Value

Have a look at them next to each other on the same page in the same review and maybe that will help make a decision on which one is best for you or possibly neither of them is a good option for you.

So have a look and I hope you enjoy the review and I hope you stay as far away from as you possibly can and maybe one of these alternatives can help you on your way to building a successful online business.

Thanks for stopping by and as always have a wonderful day

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