Secret Millionaire Bot Review: Is There Anything Good About It?

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Welcome, Welcome.

To the latest installment of “Don’t Buy This Crap”.

Spoilers Secret Millionaire Bot is bad.

Real Bad.

Fortunately, because of people like you seeking out independent and honest reviews about these horrible online products you are helping to stop them.

Each time someone puts these less than stellar products together they bank on people just buying them off the hype of their sales pages.  But you already beat that little trick just by showing up here looking for information.

In this review, I will take a look at why you probably want to avoid Secret Millionaire Bot and drop a couple of suggestions for alternative products you might be interested in.

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Secret Millionaire Bot Review
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  • Product Name: Secret Millionaire Bot
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  • Price: $37 plus Upsells
  • Owners:  Charles Allen”

Quick Overview

Secret Millionaire Bot is yet another overhyped and underperforming make money online program. What you get with this program is just not worth the cost. There is very little value here for the price you are paying.

It is based in affiliate marketing, a legitimate way to make money online.  But the training and information you receive are basic, to say the least, and not very valuable for most people.  You can find most of it online for free.

Secret Bot Millionaire does offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you do have an option if you buy this product and find it as bad as I did.

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What is Secret Millionaire Bot?

Secret Millionaire Bot is an online training and money making program based on affiliate marketing.  It is designed to teach you how to make affiliate commissions by sending emails to your email list.

That is the gist of what you spend your $37 dollars on.  The real issue with this product is just how ridiculous the whole promotion of it is.  I have seen some crazy hype for crappy products but Secret Millionaire Bot doesn’t seem to have any hold of reality.

Who is it Targeted At?

Secret Millionaire Bot is really targeted at people who are very new to affiliate marketing and online money making in general.  A lot of the information provided here will look useful and can be very persuasive if you have no experience to compare it to.

These types of program are designed specifically to appeal to these types of people.  The best thing to do it always find reviews for any product you intend to buy.  Whether is socks or an online money making program.

Take a few minutes and look for some good reviews and then make your own decision.

How Does Secret Millionaire Bot Work?

The training uses emails to get your affiliate links out to people.  When people click on those links and buy the product you get a commission.  That is how it is supposed to work anyway.

It basically teaches you how to do email marketing with your affiliate links.  The problem is the way they go about teaching this to you is so watered down and misleading that the entire training becomes useless.

Where this product really fails is in the details.  Email marketing can be a great source of income online.  But it takes years to put together a good email list that you can use for marketing.  You can’t do it in hours, and you certainly can’t have an automated bot take care of everything for you.

So how does Secret Millionaire Bot Work?  It doesn’t.  Realistically the only person making any money off this product will be the owner, “Charles Allen”. Who is just using a fake name, to begin with?

Product Features

This is the part of the review where we take a look at all the great features for whatever it is that I am reviewing.  Unfortunately, Secret Millionaire Bot doesn’t have that many features that you could consider useful.

It really is devoid of any real value, to be honest.  But it does have one nice feature.

60-day Money Back Guarantee

This is it.  The only decent feature about this entire product is how to get your money back if you dislike the product.

Not a great sign.

But, the refund is great to have.  I would recommend always checking to see if there is a free trial, money back guarantees or a free starter membership for any online business program.  Even if the cost is relatively low, always take advantage of the guarantee if you are less than impressed with the product.


There is not a whole lot of support for this product, as you might expect.  There seems to be an email for their support but I have had no luck with it.  Poor support is usually a tell-tale sign of a poor, sloppy, and hastily build product.

The Product is hosted on Clickbank so your best bet is to use their support for any refunds.  it will probably go a lot smoother with them.


The base price of Secret Millionaire Bot is not that bad.  It is a one -time fee of $37 dollars.  Not cheap, but not crazy expensive either.  Some much better programs that actually work can cost upwards of $50 dollar per month.

So it is reasonable.  Or it would be if there was any value whatsoever in the product.  Price is important but value for your dollar just might surpass it.  If a product has no value then no price makes it worthwhile.

Plus, when you start adding in the upsells, the price can really start to rise on you.  All the upsells would cost hundreds of dollars and are definitely not worth it.  They add absolutely no value to the product and you will probably not like what they have to offer.

Red Flags And Issues

There are literally too many red flags to list for this product.  I am going to dive into the top four most annoying and disqualifying red flags, but just keep in mind that the entire product is a walking red flag.

Fake Owners

Charles Allen did not create Secret Millionaire Bot.  I don’t know who this Charles Allen is.  And that is the problem.  If you built something, you would want to put your name on it.  To let people know that you created it.

So why would the person who made this product use a fake name?

pen name disclaimer
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Pen Name Disclaimer

Because he knows the product is not good.  And when he squeezes out his next terrible money making product he can just find another name to use and keep the real creator’s identity in the dark.

This might be the most damning red flag for any product.

Fake Scarcity

If you believe the promotional material for this product then you only have a few minutes to buy Secret Millionaire Bot or you will miss your chance forever.  Hurry!  Actually, don’t rush.  There is no scarcity for the product.  If you go back to the promotional page tomorrow you’ll find the same thing.

This is a fake scarcity.  You make the claim that the offer is limited.  You see it all the time for many products.  You see it in TV ads, online ads, everywhere.  It is a red flag for most online products because they are unlimited.

The only time it can be justified is if you are buying a slot in a training seminar or class or something along those lines.

For Secret Millionaire Bot it is simply there to try and increase impulse buys of the product.  And it is a blatant, and frankly, an unnecessary red flag to be on the lookout for.

Fake Testimonials

This one might be a little controversial.  When you watch the promotional video for this product you get some people vouching for the quality of the products.  They are paid, actors.  But I doubt there have been to many products that did not have a paid spokesperson.

Do you really think that some big name actor needs a reverse mortgage?

Fake testimonials are a part of just about any business, online or off.  So I could stoke some fake outrage and find some images of these actors and find their corresponding Fiverr page and slap them next to each other and yell

LOOK! actors saying stuff on a script about a product.

But that is not why I am putting this in the red flag system.  Anyone who thinks paid actors are not a huge part of any marketing strategy doesn’t know much about business and are just looking for some easy content to squeeze out.

It is the content of the testimonials that are the red flags.  The ease of use, the profit claims, the automated systems.  The fact that they have never used to the crappy product is largely irrelevant.

Always listen to what is being said not necessarily who is saying it.  Many of the terrible programs use actors without Fiverr pages or an online profile.  Just because you can not dredge any dirt on them doesn’t mean they are any more believable.

Fake Profit Claims

This red flag can be a little bit difficult to spot if the seller is careful about it.  Sure you see some claiming outrageous numbers for their products but often times there are examples of people making a good amount of money through affiliate marketing.

secret mill bot profit claims screenshot
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Profits Are Way Overblown For The Product They Are Selling

In this case, they are claiming 2k+ per day with their system.  It is simply not happening.  Do people make $2000 a day with affiliate marketing?  Sure.  But it is rare and it takes a lot of time and work and not a simple $37 dollar product with questionable information.

The profit claims are just completely unreasonable.

Is Secret Millionaire Bot Worth The Cost?

No big surprises here.  I do not recommend Secret Millionaire Bot.  There are too many obvious and disqualifying red flags.  Making money anywhere takes time and effort for most people, these get rich quick type products have absolutely no value, even for their relatively low price.

This product is similar to some others that I have reviewed recently.  None of them are worth your time or money, in my opinion.

Secret Millionaire Bot is simply put a poor product and one I cannot recommend for anyone.

Secret Millionaire Bot
1.5 / 5 Run the Affiliates Score
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Not RecommendedAvoid This Product
The Good
  • 60-day Money Back Guarantee
The Bad
  • Fake Owners
  • Fake Scarcity
  • Over-hyped Profit Claims
  • Poor Training and Information
  • Too Many Upsells
Secret Millionaire Bot is yet another overhyped and underperforming make money online program. What you get with this program is just not worth the cost. There is very little value here for the price you are paying.
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The Big Finish

Another day another terrible online money making product.  At some point you have to start asking yourself are there any legitimate products for earning a living online.  Because Secret Millionaire Bot and all the similar programs are simply not worth the money and are usually ineffective.

But all is not lost.

There are indeed some great places to learn about affiliate marketing and how to build your own blog and online business.  There are thousands of success stories each and every day.

There are a lot of stories of failure as well.  Most of us in this business have failed at least once, we have fallen for terrible products like the one I reviewed here today.

The key is not to give up.  You simply cannot quit after one setback.  You pick yourself up and start again.  This time you just need to find a better place to start.

And I might just have something you will like.

I am not going to throw numbers at you here.  How much you ultimately earn with a blog and affiliate marketing is full of thousands of variables.  But there are some things you absolutely need.

Hard Work.  Patience.  Time.  And Training.

You supply the first 3 and let Savage Affiliates teach you the rest.

Thanks for visiting and have a great day.

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