Ruby Ribbon Review: Solid MLM Or A Fashion Pyramid Scam?

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I suspect you have a vast knowledge and a deep love for women’s fashion. Why else would you be scouring the internet for Ruby Ribbon reviews? To see if it is a legitimate business opportunity for yourself?

Searching and searching for that information that can shine a light on the MLM opportunity. Well, search no more my friend because you have found the Ruby Ribbon review that will give you the important information that you are looking for and answering this simple question…

Can You Make Money With Ruby Ribbon? The answer is yes. Ruby Ribbon can be a legitimate option for someone looking to build an online women’s fashion business. But it is not for everyone and the failure rate of MLM’s is incredibly high.

I am not a representative of Ruby Ribbon and have no affiliation with them, this is simply my opinion of their Multi-level marketing business opportunity.

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What Is Ruby Ribbon?

Ruby Ribbon is a California based woman’s fashion MLM or direct marketing company. It was founded by Anna Zornosa, check here LinkedIn profile here, in 2011. Since then, Ruby Ribbon has continued to grow as a fashion MLM, even being featured in mainstream media from time to time.

Here is Anna Zornosa discussing a little bit of her history.

Cost To Become A Ruby Ribbon “Stylist”

A Ruby Ribbon stylist is what they call their marketing partners. When you sign up there is an initial cost of membership. You must buy one of their kits in order to become a stylist with this company.

This is typical of most MLM companies. You need to buy an initial kit with their products and then buy more products to sell as you build your business.

There are 4 options for your starter kit.

Mini Start Kit

  • This Package Costs $149
  • Personal Website
  • 2 Camis
  • One Demiette
  • Business Supplies

Cami Start Kit

  • This Package Costs $249
  • Business Supplies
  • Personal Website
  • 6 Camis
  • 2 Demiettes

Ultimate Start Kit

  • This Package Costs $399
  • Everything from the Cami Kit
  • Plus a selection of leggings and more products to resell

Ultimate Plus Start Kit

  • This Package Costs $549
  • Everything in the Ultimate Starter Kit
  • Plus $300 in Credit To Purchase additional products to resell

You can get more information and a look at the products on their website here.

The bottom line here is that it is by no means cheap to get started with Ruby Ribbon. But it is much more reasonable than many other MLM’s.

However, you still have to by the products you intend to sell for a profit. And this brings us to the first real issue with multi-level marketing. The fact that you have to buy the products before you sell them, find a place to store them safely so they don’t get damaged and then resell them is really problematic in this day and age.

Multi-level marketing companies go back a long way when people would go door-to-door and have parties to help promote and sell the products.

But these days multi-level marketing is really starting to show its age. Plus the failure rate of most MLM’s is unbelievably high.

If you have a big network of friends and family that are willing to purchase these products from you then Ruby ribbon could be a great business opportunity for you.

But if having fashion parties or going door-to-door selling these products isn’t your idea of a good time there are some alternatives that can earn you more money without a lot of the hassle of MLM’s.

With affiliate marketing, you can promote the same types of women’s fashion clothing and receive some fantastic commissions for that promotion all without having to deal with the inventory or buy the products ahead of time.

The Ruby Ribbon Compensation Plan

The compensation is from your ability to resell the products you have purchased. You can earn commissions when you resell these products.

You can also earn a Two-Tier commission if you sign up new “stylists” to work under you.

As you move up the stylist ranks you increase your earnings potential but must also maintain a certain level of sales.

Here is a look at the actual numbers for their Stylists earnings. Almost 82% of their stylists earn an average of $1500 a year.

That is a lot of time and energy for very little payout and nowhere near what is needed for a solid business in women’s fashion.

Only 0.3 percent of their stylists reach the top bracket(called the Executive Director), but if you can make it there then the rewards are quite nice as they average just over $209,000.

The Ruby Ribbon Product Line

Ruby Ribbon has a wide variety of women’s clothing products. They mainly deal with undergarments and some pretty impressive and functional shapewear. Some of the Ruby Ribbon product line includes swimwear, leggings, tops, and intimates like camis and other shapewear.

I don’t know much about women’s fashion, but for someone looking to build their own business in this niche, it should be no trouble for you to determine the quality of their products.

Is Ruby Ribbon A Scam?

So this is a question that I have to address. Is Ruby ribbon a scam?  And the answer is absolutely not.

Truth be told it doesn’t even vaguely resemble a scam. It looks solid and completely above board as far as I can tell.

It is a well-run business with some great products and the potential to be a good business opportunity for a select few people who have a little bit of infrastructure in place.

The reason this question is constantly asking is one that you have to address in any review about an MLM is because multi-level marketing companies have a history of being pyramid schemes and really only working for the people who got in early.

Many of those issues still exist today with a lot of the multi-level marketing companies out there. There are certain inherent flaws with multi-level marketing but most of them are not out-and-out scams. 

Many that were have fallen by the wayside or have been shut down by various governments. But that doesn’t mean that I would recommend multi-level marketing companies for most people.

As I said, for a select few with a good friend and family infrastructure that have enough people to sell the products to it might be a good option. But for most people, a passive income content block or using affiliate marketing is going to be a much better option and one that it’s not going to have the ongoing cost of having to buy the products to resell.

The bottom line here is that as far as multi-level marketing companies go, Ruby ribbon is a pretty good one. I just don’t think it’s really a viable business opportunity for most people. That brings us to the end of our Ruby Ribbon review. 

If This Were an affiliate program that was offering you 20% for selling the exact same product it would be one of the best affiliate programs in the women’s fashion Niche. The fact that you have to buy the products ahead of time really makes it so much less appealing for the majority of people out there. Whether you choose to go with Ruby Ribbon or try your hand at fill it marketing I wish you the best of luck.

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