Is Profit Genesis 2.0 A $5000 A Week Gamechanger? Check Our Review.

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$5k a week. Over a quarter-million dollars a year. That is what Profit Genesis 2.0 is hyping. Is there any real evidence that this is true for the majority of people?

I am going to dive deep into why this program will probably fall well short of those lofty goals. This review will examine the red flags to look out for in this Profit Genesis 2.0 review as well as what it does, costs and who it is for.

I always recommend finding reviews of these products before you plunk down the money to buy them. Even if the initial payment is relatively low, it is always better to do a little research first.

And since you are here It looks like you are doing just that.

By the end of this review, you should have a good idea of whether or not Profit Genesis 2.0 is for you or not.

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Quick Look

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Quick Overview

Profit Genesis 2.0 is a drop-shipping and Shopify training course the Falls well short of the mark needed to be successful in this competitive business.

The training provided is simply an inadequate  Foundation for anyone to really succeed or make money online with drop shipping.

Product is simply hype and hope and not much else. And I do not recommend it for anyone. This is a product that you definitely want to avoid.

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What is Profit Genesis 2.0?

Profit Genesis 2.0 is a drop-shipping training program and system designed to get your own Shopify store up and running in very little time using templates and cut and paste methods offered by the product.

At least that’s what it’s designed to be. But you’d never know it from the promotional video. The promotional video which is really the only advertising this program has before it asks you to pay money for it is a complete disaster.

It gives so little information that it’s almost worthless. I had to kind of break it down to figure out exactly what they were trying to sell you. I’ve got some pretty good experience dealing with these types of things so I was able to discern the Shopify /dropshipping training product.  

The really unfortunate problem here is but it doesn’t live up to any of the hype that it tries to generate. So what is Profit Genesis 2.0 really? It’s a complete and utter disappointment.

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Who Is The Targeted Audience?

It should come as no surprise that the main target for this product is people who are new to drop shipping and Shopify. If you’re new to this business model a lot of this information is going to look very very legitimate very promising.

When you start to research dropshipping a little bit you see that there are a lot of people making a lot of money with this business model.

It’s a legitimate business model and a very profitable one if you know what you’re doing. This product relies on people not knowing what they’re doing.

That way they can get your money and then when it doesn’t work out they can just say well you didn’t do it right. Look at all these other people making money. Why didn’t you? It’s your fault.

And that’s typical for a lot of these make money online programs. When you inevitably fail at them it’s more a reflection on what you didn’t do than what they didn’t teach you.

It’s something you learn after you join a lot of them and fail at a lot of them. And I’m speaking from experience there.

There’s no shame in falling for some of these products. Because the people behind them are experts at getting you to sign up for them. Just as long as you learn from your mistakes.

Sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you want them to, I would say often times it doesn’t work.

But there are some great training programs out there don’t get me wrong you just have to find them make sure you get a free trial membership and see if it’ll work for you.

How Does Profit Genesis 2.0 Work?

So how does Profit Genesis 2.0 work?   Or more precisely how is it supposed to work. Because those are two very different things. what it’s supposed to do is teach you how to start a drop-shipping website using a Shopify store.

The great thing about this is dropshipping is a very viable and very profitable way to make money online. If it’s done right.

And that’s the key. If it is done right. Because if you don’t know what you’re doing with dropshipping you were going to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on advertising and see no Revenue at all.

It’s not something you can just walk into with no training and expect to be a success overnight.

And that’s what Profit Genesis 2.0 is telling you. trying to teach you that strap shipping is easy and quick. And it’s just not. It takes a lot of training, a lot of time and hard work to build up a Shopify store that’s actually going to make you some money.

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There’s nothing in this training that is going to get you a good start a drop-shipping store. There’s just not.

Even with all the upsells the hundreds of extra dollars that you’re going to have to put on top of the cert $37 that the initial package cost. The training just simply isn’t worth it.

The next question is is there anything of value in the training that Prophet Genesis offers. A little bit. But it’s usually just basic dropshipping information that you can find anywhere.

What dropshipping is, is not the tough thing about Drop Shipping it’s making it all work together and getting traffic to your site.

And ultimately that’s all Profit Genesis 2.0 does it tells you what drop shipping is, what Shopify is and the potential to earn money from if you do the right things. It doesn’t even begin to tell you what the right things are and that makes its value proposition extremely low.


They’re on a whole lot of features that you get with the base package here. you get some training in dropshipping and how to set up a Shopify store.   

But it’s incomplete and frankly not very good still with a program like this it constitutes a feature, unfortunately. So let’s have a look at a couple of the “features”.

Drop Shipping Training

The only real discernible feature out of this entire product, at least the initial bass product, it does offer some basic dropshipping training. The training itself isn’t very good it’s more of an explanation of what dropshipping is been really how to make it work as a business opportunity.

But given the lack of any other features for this entire product, it’s probably the biggest draw for the Profit Genesis 2.0 system.

The training itself is lackluster as I’ve mentioned.  While it does give you some ideas on how to generate traffic to a Shopify store it is vague and incomplete.  

And ultimately not very helpful.

Refund Guarantee

Normally this wouldn’t be included in the feature section of this review. A money-back guarantee is a great feature to have but it should not be a top feature for your product.

It should simply be there for any disatified customer to take advatage of. However, given the lack of any really great features to put i this list it has to be included. Sad but true.


The support level for profit Genesis 2.0 is about where you would expect it to be. Which is almost nonexistent. You get an email address that you can send to your issues too but getting any help from it is going to be pretty tough.

The only really good piece of support that you get is the 60-day money-back guarantee. This is great to see and it’s a must for any type of program like this. Make sure there’s a money back guarantee or a free trial or a free starter membership that you can use to see what the products all about before you really make any big commitments to it.

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The price of profit Genesis 2.0 is around $37 for the base package. However, you will find sales of the initial package from time to time sometimes as low as a dollar.

How can I sell a product for that low and still make money?   That’s how these things work they get you with a low price entry product and then they hit you with the upsells.   

The advertised price may only be 37 bucks the actual cost of getting everything this product has to offer is going to be hundreds and in some cases thousands.

Red Flags And Issues

A good way to really test to see if a product is going to be any good or not is to look for some pretty common red flags that show up time and time again in these digital products.

There are dozens to look out for but typically there’s a handful of really bad ones that are really easy to spot and should give you pause before spending any money on that product.

So I picked out four of them for this review. There are certainly more in a product as bad as this one, but these should give you a good idea why this is not a good idea to purchase this product.

Overhyped Profit Claims

$5k a week. $10k a week. $14k a week.

These are the types of numbers being thrown around in the promotional material for this product. However, when you get the training you quickly realize that it’s just not possible to see those kinds of returns.

Not a quickly or consistently as the Profit Genesis system would have you believe anyway. People do make $10k a week with drop shipping but they are the exception and not the rule.

You would need far better training than what is offered here, not even all the upsells are good enough to get these kinds of results.

Fake Owner

This little red flag drives me absolutely crazy. It really does. This is one of the easiest red flags to avoid if you’re building your own info product and yet people continue to do it and it just makes your product look awful. And that is the fake owner.

Using a fake name just reeks of a lack of confidence in the product that you just released. In this case, they’re using a pen name of David Miller.

But for these types of programs, it’s usually just a fake name and it’s the only name on the product.  Right off the bat, right when you see the product you are starting off on the wrong foot.

There’s no level of trust between you and whoever made this product because they can’t be honest enough just to give their real name.

It is one of the worst red flags out there and it should be one of the first ones that you check.

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Easy Quick Money

Making money in any business is never easy. Making money online isn’t easy either. So when you see claims of just how quick and easy it is to make a ton of money with someone’s program or system. Your red flag radar should shoot up.

Any type of business takes time, even online. Whether you are building a dropshipping store like the one they sorta teach you how to build with this product or an affiliate marketing business or a Youtube channel or anything else online it takes time.

Time and effort. There is no way around it.

Premade System

There is a big difference between following step by step training and simply cutting and pasting someone else’s work onto a new website and expecting it to earn boatloads of cash with little to no work.

Profit Genesis 2.0 portrays itself as a done for you system that you don’t need to spend much time on each day. 15 minutes, they say. It is just unreasonable. Common sense tells us that it is not going to be as easy as pasting someone else’s work onto our domain.

Premade system claims like this are almost always a red flag. I have yet to see one that actually works in this manner and still provides proven results.

Is Profit Genesis 2.0 Worth The Money?

Is Profit Genesis worth the money?

Is Prophet Genesis a scam?

Those are two very different questions that I will answer quickly here.

Because the answer to both of them is no.

This product offers you some basic dropshipping training for $37. That is exactly what you get so that is not a scam at all.

The bigger question is, is it worth the money? Absolutely not.   This is simply an overhyped mess of a training product that has no real value to it.

And that’s the important thing to remember when you are looking at a product and deciding whether it’s worth the money. The real issue here is, is there any value in that product.

You can spend $500 on a training program that’s great that has tons of value and it will be completely worth the money.

Or you can pay $37 for something like Profit Genesis 2.0 and realize that it’s a complete waste of money and that there is actually no value even for that price point.

Final Thoughts On Profit Genesis 2.0

All Hype..

Nothing but hype.

Unfortunately, that’s all this product is. It’s a promotional video with a bunch of people telling you how much money they made and not one of them is actually made that money.

It’s just hype.

Making money online is not easy. Dropshipping is not easy. You can’t simply take someone else’s Dropship store plop it on your website and expected to make money.

It’s does not work like that.

The training in this product would make you believe that it is that simple and it’s very convincing and it’s very very easy to get caught up in it.

Because dropshipping is a legitimate business. That’s how they sell products like this. They use a legitimate business and then just hype it. They take the top 1% of successes and try and make that into the success that everybody’s going to have.

And it’s simply not the case.

It’s unfortunate to see a product like this still being churned out. And there’s only one reason why they still exist. It is because they are successful.

Not successful at teaching people what they signed up to be taught but successful at getting people to pay their money with a false sense of hope that they can make a good income using the training provided.

As long as these products make money they will continue to pop up and I will continue to review and rate them so that you can have as much information as you possibly can before you make a purchase.

And hopefully somewhere along the way we find some pretty good ones that actually work.

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The Good
  • 60-day Money Back Guarantee
The Bad
  • Autopilot Program
  • Fake Owners
  • Easy Money Claims
  • No Time investment
Profit Genesis 2.0 is a drop-shipping and Shopify training course the Falls well short of the mark needed to be successful in this competitive business. The training provided is simply an inadequate Foundation for anyone to really succeed or make money online with dropshipping.
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