What Is The Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Beginners?

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So you want to build an affiliate marketing niche site.

You’ve heard all the success stories, you have probably heard a bunch of horror stories.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle.  You are not going to make thousands of dollars right out of the gate.

But you also don’t need to throw cash at every affiliate training program you come across.

The question I am going to try to answer for you today is.  What Is The Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Beginners?

The best way to learn affiliate marketing if you are a beginner is with a structured training program.  Trying to piece together disparate information from a ton of different sources is going to be frustrating for a beginner.  A program with a step by step training method is going to be of the most benefit to a beginner trying to break into blogging and affiliate marketing.  There really is no substitute for a great training program.

Picking a program is the tricky part.  I am going to give you a few pointers for what to look for in affiliate marketing training.

Additionally, I will point out some of the common red flags to identify in some less than great training programs.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It is a fairly simple concept.  Affiliate marketing is being a middleman.

You are gathering potential customers and sending them to an outlet where they can purchase a good or service.  In return, you get a finders fee.

Usually a percentage of the sale that you helped facilitate.

That is really the long and short of it.  There is more nuance to it, of course, but that is the general idea behind it.

The hard part is getting the potential customer to trust you enough to use your affiliate link to purchase the item they were looking for.

With a great deal of hard work, time and patience you can make a very nice living with affiliate marketing.

What To Look For In Affiliate Marketing Training

Deciding on what training you want to use to learn affiliate marketing can make or break your experience with it.

Choose a bad program and you will have a miserable time.

Choose a great one and you will actually have fun while you learn the ropes of this business.

Here are a few things to look for when deciding on what affiliate training program to choose.

There are other factors to consider of course but these are good ones to start with.

A Supportive Community

Affiliate marketing is a tough business.  Even in the best of times.

There are a lot of moving parts and you will need to draw on other people’s experience in order to get the best out of your business.

Having others in the same boat as you is a great advantage.

Most of the better training programs have places where the other members can get together and discuss their strategies, what works and what doesn’t.

Some even allow other members of the program to create their own training videos for others to use.

If you can find a training program that suits your needs and has a great community to boot.  That is definitely a keeper.

A Reasonable Cost With Few Upsells

I hate upsells.  Just include the extra information in the regular product.

There are exceptions of course but upsells should be kept to a minimum and if they are available they should add real value to your original product.

Not just offer stuff that was left out of the basic package.  Too many upsells makes the base product feel incomplete.

Most of these programs are based around funnels that constantly try and upsell you.  It is the nature of the business.

But there are quite a few programs that have little to no upsells and they are really worth taking a look at when you find one.

A Free Trial or Money Back Guarantee

Always find out if there is a free trial, free starter membership, or a money-back guarantee.

It is imperative that you protect yourself from programs that are poorly designed.  Money-back guarantees are becoming more and more commonplace among online training programs.

ClickBank, a large affiliate network, requires programs it hosts to offer a money-back guarantee.  Other programs offer a free trial.

A Reliable Training Program

The training program you choose needs to be reliable.  Look at how long they have been around.  If a training program has been around for a decade they are probably doing something right.  It is only one criterion but it is a telling one.

Many training programs offer some sort of web hosting with their programs.  Make sure it is reliable and has great support.  Nothing can bring an affiliate marketing business crashing to its knees faster than a slow and unresponsive website.

Red Flags To Avoid
Red Flags
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These are 4 of the biggest red flags to spot when you are evaluating an affiliate marketing training program.  Anyone of these should be a deal-breaker for you.

If they can’t be honest and straightforward in their marketing then they are covering for the deficiencies of the program.

Best to just avoid the program altogether.

The Owners of the Program Don’t Use Their Real Names

This is one of the most annoying red flags to look for when evaluating an affiliate training program.

If the owner or creator of the program can’t even put their real name on the product then you should think long and hard about giving that person your money.

How bad does your product have to be to not want to have your name attached to it?

It typically means the program is garbage and they know it.

They are just trying to get a quick buck then fade into the background again to develop their next crappy program.

This happens constantly in this business.

So, make sure any program you decide to pay for has visible and preferably active owners or creators.

It doesn’t guarantee the program is any good, but it goes a long way in building confidence in the customers.

Overhyped or Unrealistic Profit Claims

This is another huge red flag to be aware of.

If someone is claiming you can make 15k a month with no experience, it should give you pause.  You can make money with affiliate marketing and a good amount of it as well.

But it takes a lot of time.

So when you see these programs throwing around astronomical numbers in a short period of time, you’ll know its probably nonsense.

Nothing is ever this easy when it comes to affiliate marketing.  Patience is required and you will not make much money starting out.

That is just the nature of the business.  The best training programs make few if any profit claims.

They may ask you to give your goals for what you would like to earn after putting in work for a certain amount of time.

But those are personal goals.

Something that you should always set for yourself in this business and it gives you something to focus on.

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Get Rich Quick

This red flag builds off the previous one.  When these subpar programs make these huge profit claims they usually tell you it can be done in very little time.

Hours or days in many cases.  Any program promising that it not a legitimate program.

Full stop.  If making money was as easy as some of the programs claim then everyone would be doing them.

It simply does not work like that for any business and that includes affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing takes time.

A lot of it.

You need time to craft content.  You need time to research that content.

You need time to simply rank your website.  Google will often ignore your site for months if the domain is new.

It takes time and patience to build a successful affiliate marketing business.  There is no way around it.

It Will Be Easy

The last red flag to be wary of is just how easy making all that money is going to be.

Because it always is as simple as copy and pasting someone else stuff and sitting back collecting a paycheck.  At least that is what they would like you to believe.

The truth is it is a lot of hard work building an affiliate marketing business.

You’ll put in more hours than a regular job and you’ll get paid far less than minimum wage for the first few months most likely.

It doesn’t sound as appealing as someone screaming that you can make 5000 dollars a week with only 60 minutes of work a month.

But that is the reality.

You will make very little money at first and you will need to put in a ton of work to get everything set up.

Think of all that hard work at the beginning as an investment in your future earning.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Training

Now it comes to it.  What Is The Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Beginners?

In my opinion, the best way to learn affiliate marketing is through Wealthy Affiliate.  It has none of the red flags.

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But it has most everything you want in a training program, especially for beginners.

There are downsides of course.

It is expensive at $49 dollars a month, which also includes web hosting and weekly webinars.

But it is still pricey.

Yearly ($29.92 a month) and six-month ($39 monthly) subscriptions bring the monthly fee down considerably but you’ll need a larger up-front investment.

But the savings over time, $229 dollars saved by using the yearly subscription, is much greater for the longer subscriptions.

But it is not only about price.  It is about value.  And no other training program that I have tried has given me as much value as Wealthy Affiliate.

It is the training that I currently use and I refer to it almost every day.

You can read my full review of Savage Affiliates right here.

Wrapping It All Up.

This is only my opinion.  There are many very good affiliate marketing training programs out there.  Choose the one that is best for you.

Check for free trails and starter memberships and try them all out before laying down a penny of your own money.

There is no one size fits all program.  Some of you might prefer Savage Affiliates.  Some of you might do better with Project 24 (Read Our Review).

Others may want to use ClickBank University.  And there are a host of others you can try.

The point is, use the criteria in this article to find one that best fits your style.

Look for the red flags.

Check out the community.  Is it supportive?

Look at their web hosting options.  Are they up to standard?

Whatever you choose, it will be up to you to deliver the hard work, patience, and persistence needed to really make an affiliate marketing business work.

You can do it.

You just have to take that first step.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

If you need some help check out my review of my top resource for building an online business.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us and read our articles.

And as always thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

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