The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

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The question that is probably on your mind right about now is, What the heck is Jaaxy? It is, simply put, one of the most indispensable tools available for affiliate marketers.

Jaaxy is a keyword search tool that can literally be the difference between making money online and just spinning your tires endlessly.

SEO Keywords

Searching for a keyword on Jaaxy will give you a deep dive into the analytics of that particular search phrase.

Jaaxy shows your average monthly searches for specific keywords and how much competition there is for that particular phrase. 

Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool at finding high-quality low competition SEO keywords.

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Research is a Major Key to Success

SEO, or search engine optimization, keywords are one of the most potent ways to bring organic traffic to your website, blog, storefront, whatever you may be working on at that time. 

By carefully selection SEO Keywords that are logical, have a lot to do with the subject or product you are trying to pass on to the consumer and if possible have low competition, then the search engine will point that person to your website.

This is where Jaaxy comes in, by narrowing down the search keywords to high traffic, low competition keywords an affiliate marketer can push a great deal of traffic to their site just by getting out of the way of overused, high competition keywords.


Jaaxy has an abundance of different metrics that you can use, many for free, to help pick out that money-making keyword.

You can save custom keyword lists and use them to improve your traffic by combining them with other keywords in your articles or blogs. 

Jaaxy’s site rank feature allows you to type in your website’s name and see where it ranks on Google when your search for specific keywords that you have added to your website.

This tool is incredibly powerful because you get a real-time view of how impactful your keyword selections are and you can adjust them on the fly.

Either find new ones that may work better for you or increase the use of the keywords that are really producing for you. It is really an amazing feature.

The search analysis tool on Jaaxy, allows you to see which websites are at the top of the list for any given keyword for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Instantly giving you a peek at the competition for those keywords and with that knowledge a way to formulate a plan to move your site up in the rankings.

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Jaaxy Search Page


And then there is the brainstorming feature on Jaaxy, this cool little feature gives you a look at the most popular topics on various platforms or devices.  Google Trends, Alexa Topics, twitter trends, and even Amazon best sellers. 

This information is invaluable in finding that next niche product that you can get in on at the ground floor, find keywords for and work your affiliate magic before anyone gets wise to the situation. Its a brilliant way of finding that next hot thing before it goes mainstream.

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Alphabet Soup

Finally, we have the alphabet soup feature on Jaaxy. Alphabet soup allows you to type in a general keyword and Jaaxy will provide you with a host of phrases related to the initial keyword.

So while the main keyword might have heavy competition the might be able to find a few low competition keywords by using an alphabet soup search based on the first one.

It is a great way to move the keyword search along if you ever get stuck since it will give you a huge amount of suggestions that you can then go research to see if any of them fit into your marketing strategy.

Premium Jaaxy

The free version of Jaaxy is a spectacular deal, it really does give you everything you need to get started with keyword searches and the tools to find the best keyword strategies for your marketing business. 

It is something that I would definitely recommend you look into when the free version begins to show its limitations.

In Conclusion

Jaaxy is one of the finest tools I have ever seen for affiliate marketing. The free version alone is brilliant and the paid premium version is a must-have once you start to expand your business.

The ability to quickly identify and incorporate highly effective keywords from any niche into your content is invaluable in the constant race to push traffic to your business.

I thoroughly recommend using Jaaxy whenever and wherever you need to find keywords and phrases for your online business.

You can even try out the Jaaxy keyword search on the sidebar.

Jaaxy is included with my #1 recommended resource for building a successful blog.

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10 thoughts on “The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review”

  1. Thanks for this great review! Jaaxy is definitely a really useful tool for both marketers and SEOs. I think one of the aspects of Jaaxy that is often overlooked but great value is the ‘domain’ feature it has. Instead of going to a domain search tool, you can simply put the keyword you want into Jaaxy and all the results that come up with have a little note at the end saying which domains are available for that keyword. So you can bulk check a whole range of possible domains in one, rather than doing it one by one! Have you ever tried this feature?

    • Yes its a great feature, that i unfortunately left out due to an editing mistake, i’ll will be sure to add back.  Thanks for pointing that out

  2. Thank you for sharing with us this great review on Jaaxy.To start affiliate marketing is very important to understand the terms used in this business and Jaaxy included.When I first saw Jaaxy for my first time I didn’t understand its importance but after few days I got how important Jaaxy is.

    To be ranked by google,Jaaxy plays a great role as it helps us to search keywords to use in our content we post on websites. If the keyword is well ranked,so is the website .

  3. Love Jaaxy,

    I am a strong advocate for Jaaxy, there just simply isn’t anything better out there for keyword research. Being a blogger myself I had spent years coming up with research ideas. This become a full time job in itself…seriously.

    You have a great spin on a review of a great product. The promotion of Jaaxy should be everywhere a blogger is, everyone needs to know this. Much appreciation to your review, I hope it benefits ya!



  4. Wow, great review. I heard so many times about Jaaxy but honestly I did not have a time to give it a try. I am using keyword planner, it is very accurate but now I am interesting in trying this new keyword tool. I have never heard about alphabet soup technique but it looks very interesting.

  5. This was an extremely informative post on how Jaaxy can contribute to your overall SEO success!  I have used Jaaxy before to find top rate keywords, and it’s very easy to navigate.  I also love the feature where it shows what position Google has my post ranked, according to the keyword I type in!  This provides more motivation to make me want to work harder!  For those who haven’t used Jaaxy before, I highly recommend it.  It can really help improve the total SEO experience of your business:)



    • Thanks for the comment, It is a really great tool to try new things with and find keywords that you might never have considered.

  6. I love Jaxxy, jt is one of the best tools that I ever used. I love how they give you the options on the side and also the brainstorm loke you mentioned. I am a free user now but eventually I will definitely get myself a pid version to explore more of the possibilities out there. Great review!


  7. Hi Michael! Wow, I have used Jaaxy but actually had no idea that it could do so much more… I am going to need to explore those features on my free version and maybe switch to premium to help more with SEO.  I just love how easy it is to find low competition key words that attract a good amount of traffic… thanks for the tips on maximizing the full potential!

  8. Until I found Jaaxy I felt super lost just aiming into the abyss that can be the internet. Once I finally started utilizing Jaaxy My articles started to create substantial increases in traffic and on my affiliate link clicks. This tool is so powerful it makes the article writing process a breeze. 

    I am so thrilled you highlighted the key points of why people should use it, and exhibiting your sound knowledge on the topic. I look forward to reading more from you here!



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