How to Get Paid For Taking An Online Survey? A QMEE Review

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You want to make a couple of extra bucks online in your free time.

We all do it from time to time.  But how can you earn a little extra cash legitimately?

Well, there are a couple of ways to do it and one of them is QMEE.  You won’t get rich but you can earn money with QMEE to use for a holiday or special occasion.

This is a QMEE review that will hopefully help you decide if QMEE is worth your time and effort or if it is something you should just pass on.

We’ll look at the major aspects of the service and then render our verdict on whether or not you should even bother.

Do you want to know how to get paid for taking an online survey?

Let’s See what QMEE has to offer and find out.

QMEE for You

QMEE Search Panel
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QMEE Search Panel

QMEE is a website that offers a couple of ways to earn a little bit of cash.

Qmee offers paid online surveys and paid search results.  The Website itself is well laid out and attractive, but it is a fairly minimal webpage.

The sections are easy to find and its overall aesthetics is pretty nice.

QMEE has been around since 2012 and was designed to be a simple interface between brands conducting the surveys and the end-users who would be taking the surveys.

In this regard, QMEE is a pretty good success and navigation is easy and as a result, finding an appropriate survey is extremely simple.

One of the best things about QMEE is that there is no minimum amount of money you need to have acquired in order to cash it out.

Many paid survey site requires $10, $20 even $50 dollars to cash out your earnings.

Not QMEE though.

You can cash out with literally any amount.

You will need to have a pay-pal account in order to receive payments,  after which you are able to cash out your earnings.

Only have 20 cents in your earnings, you can cash it out and within minutes it will be available in your pay-pal account.

It is really a wonderful and pretty unique feature for a paid survey site.

Deals. Deals. Deals.

Paid searches constitute part of what QMEE has to offer.

You will need to download the QMEE chrome extension in order to receive credit for the search.

The searches work like this, type in your search as you normally would and on certain searches, a sidebar with offers comes up.

On this sidebar, you will get numerous coupons and cash-back offers related to the search you just tried.

However, some of the searches will pay you for will give you a straight cash amount that goes right into your QMEE earnings when you click on them.

Money coming out the side of a Laptop from doing Paid Online Surveys
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Use Your Laptop to Make Money

On average the paid searches that have an instant cash payout will give you about 5 cents per advertisement.

And there are usually multiple advertisements per search.  Trying to find a paid search word is not really a great idea since it can take a while to find one if you are doing unnatural searches.

The best way to utilize this feature is to just search naturally and when a paid advertisement pops up click on it and receive your earnings.

The best way to handle these advertisements is to spend a little time on the page looking at it in order to get full credit and receive more frequent ones in the future.

In Addition to the paid searches, the cashback and coupon offers will help you save money on the items you were looking for anyway.

It is a nice little bonus to save 10% on the dog food or sports equipment you were purchasing in the first place.  The deals are easy to take advantage of with just a click.

Your Opinion is Worth Cash Money!

The main draw for earning free money at QMEE is through their paid survey section.

As with any paid survey website you are paid for giving your opinion on a wide variety of subjects and products and services.  Almost all consumer categories are in a survey from time to time.

This makes it easy to find a topic you will want to give your opinion.

Some of the surveys are blind so you won’t know what the products are until you have passed the demographic screeners and have made your way into the heart of the actual survey.

It’s not the best way to make money online but it helps.

The screening questions are designed to get a good cross-section of the population that would be using the product or service.

As a result, you will not always be selected to participate in any given survey.  There are a few reasons for this, but mainly because your specific demographic has already been filled up.

how to get paid for taking an online survey with QMEE
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QMEE Paid Surveys

However, even with the screening process, you will find that you will get a good number of surveys to participate in regardless of your specific demographic group.

And with the number of available surveys at any given time you will most likely find something to give your opinion on fairly frequently.

The surveys offered by QMEE are often time-limited meaning you will have to start them soon after they are available or risk having them get filled up and become unavailable to you.

This is where the QMEE extension is really handy.

It will give you a quick notification, if you have notifications active, about new surveys that are currently available.

The surveys themselves can cover just about any topic.

During the recent U.S. elections season, many of the topics were political in nature, these surveys are particularly interesting to take as they give you a view into what politicians are thinking and what they want to know from their constituents.

Unreleased movies and game trailers also pop up quite frequently in these surveys.

They are often preceded by an NDA so you cannot post any of the information or videos online but they are always a great deal of fun to take and to get an early look at some upcoming entertainment.

rolled up dollar and 2 dollar bills against a white background
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Couple Extra Dollars Never Hurt

Other Surveys include shopping trends and product awareness surveys.

These tend to be a little on the boring side but they are often better paying.  Overall the surveys average about 10-15 minutes of your time to complete.

Some are timed so you’ll need to finish them in one sitting, others you can take your time on.

The nice selection and varied topics included in the available surveys from QMEE is a welcome addition.

You will rarely find subjects that are the same.

Taking the surveys can be a lot of fun for the most part and the earnings you receive are a nice added bonus for your time.

You can join QMEE for Free Right HERE.

Wrapping up QMEE

Overall, QMEE is an ok deal.  You won’t make a lot of money from it but it is fun to give your opinion on new products services and entertainment from time to time.

The minimal time investment is nice so you can just do a couple searches or surveys and walk away with a little cash.

At the end of the day, it all the little 1 or 2 surveys add up and you can put together a nice little bonus income every month.

I would recommend QMEE to anyone who spends a lot of time online search google for things and for anyone who wants to earn a little money taking online surveys.

But for the vast majority, this is not going to be a great way to earn money online, you simply can’t earn enough money per hour to justify spending a huge amount of time using QMEE.

A fun little thing to do every now and again sure.

But it is not a reliable source of income in any way shape or form.

If you are interested in making real income, I mean real legit online income, you are going to want to invest a lot of time into building your own website and using it as an advertising platform.

Instead of digging through surveys that pay 50 cents a pop, build a real web presence that can earn you real monthly income.

It cannot be done overnight, but with a little bit of work and time, you could have yourself a sustainable way to generate a secondary income or even a self-sustaining full-time job from the comfort of your own home.

4 / 5 Run the Affiliates Score
Final VerdictGreat Product
The Good
  • Free To Join
  • Good Surveys
  • No Minimum Cash-Out
The Bad
  • Paid Search Isn't Great
  • You Get Refused Due to Demographics Quite Often
  • Most Surveys Are Under A Dollar

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Get Your Money Right

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