Fast Profit Jacker Review: 100+ Dollar An Hour Juggernaught Or A Scam?

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Thanks for checking out my Fast Profit Jacker Review.

We are going to put another make money online program under the microscope.

Can you really pull in over a $100 dollars an hour with this system or it is another over-hyped and underperforming profit method.

Is it as easy and as simple as its creators claim?

Often these programs with claims of huge profits, with very little work and only a minimal investment of time are a huge let down when all is said and done.

But if you are here researching this program you are way ahead of the curve.

A lot of these programs rely on you to not seek out additional information and just go with their sales pitch.

Congratulations on finding different views on this product.

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With all that said let’s get into the review.

Quick Look

Fast Profit Jacker Review
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What is Fast Profit Jacker?

Fast Profit Jacker is a software system designed to make you money with no monetary investment or risk to you.

According to its creators, you don’t need any prior knowledge or experience to begin making hundreds of dollars an hour with as little as 60 minutes a day time investment.

Sounds Great.  Make a ton of cash with no money invested, other than the cost of the program.

No experience necessary.

And very little time or effort involved.  Now, where have we heard this before?

You hear it with just about every one of these make money online programs.

Fast Profit Injector Risk

Who is it Targeted At?

Fast Income Jacker is targeted at beginner to intermediate online business people.

Someone with a good amount of experience in online business will quickly figure out what this program is about.

Then instinctively know why it will not be as easy as the program claims.  But it takes time and experience to be able to see through the hype.

And that experience usually comes from making mistakes and purchasing some of these programs.

I know that was how I learned what to avoid and what works.

How Does Fast Profit Jacker Work?
Fast Profit Jacker icon

Fast Profit Jacker works by helping you connect with businesses that need some service performed.

The software helps you find weaknesses in their business that you can help them fixed and get paid for in the process.

It also teaches you how to outsource the work.  This is known as arbitrage.  Someone pays you to do a job and you outsource it to a region with much lower wages.

This type of work is actually a pretty common way of doing business, think call centers.

But it is not really easy and it takes much longer than an hour a day to find businesses to get work from.


With this program, you are promised constantly updated lists of companies that are in need of your expertise to fix their issues.

The weaknesses that you would need to fix include.

  • SSL Certification
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Social Media Presence
  • On and Off Page SEO
  • Keyword Optimization

If that list looks familiar it is because each one of those is crucial to building a successful online business.

These are some of the techniques I learned from the online business program I use.  They are essential.

The idea is to outsource these types of things to low wage countries.

Here is a quick breakdown of how it works.  Keep in mind this is all purely hypothetical.

You find a company through the Fast Profit Jacker software.  Company A needs an article written with good SEO practices and specific keyword optimization.

They agree to pay you $10 for the article.

Fast Cash Jacker

You, in turn, outsource it to a low-wage company with the promise of paying $2 dollars to the person you just hired.  You bank $8 dollars.

The idea behind this type of arbitrage is that you can outsource numerous things all at once.

So instead of spending an hour or two writing and researching the article in the above example, you outsource it and then maybe edit it when it comes it.

But you can outsource quite a few articles.  So instead of doing 1 an hour yourself for $10 dollars.

You can outsource 10 articles, pay 20% of the fee to your contractor, and bank the $80 bucks from the 10 articles.

This is really how they come to the $100+ dollars an hour that was in the promo video.

It is a great system if you can get all the pieces moving in the right direction.

The “If” is the problem.

A lot of the time outsourced work is pretty poor unless you already have a good source for the work.

Finding companies willing to pay you through cold emails is a bit dodgy.

And finding enough work to really make money will take time and research and hard work.

The program really starts to fall apart at this point.  Good ideas, bad or lazy execution.


Support for this program is not as bad as some of the other ones I have reviewed.

You get some email support and the creators are seemingly not hiding behind pen names or aliases which is always nice.

In addition, you get a 30-day money back guarantee for the program.

Always check to make sure you can get a refund if the program doesn’t work for you.

It is crucial when finding programs like these.

money back guarantee


The price for the base package is about $27 dollars.

Not an outrageous amount but the first taste rarely is with these programs.

You’ll find the starting fee is always reasonable and the upsells are where the money starts to get silly.


  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Based on A Legitimate Business Model Known as Arbitrage
  • Base Package is relatively Cheap


  • Too many Upsells
  • Oversimplifies online business
  • Easy Money Claims
  • No Effort Cut and Paste Program
  • Not good for beginners
  • “Limited Time Offer”

Red Flag Roundup

Red Flags

Let’s see how many red flags we can pick up from this online money making program.

I don’t think there will be as many as some of the other programs we have reviewed.  But let us find out, shall we?


The offer is only available for a limited time.

A classic red flag to try and build up hype and turn the program into an impulse buy.

You don’t have time to go check for reviews or you might miss out on the great money-making method.


Upsells.  You hate them, I hate them.

If the information is so great it should be included in the basic package.

Just stop it already.

Just be upfront about it and charge more for the basic program.

Charge what the whole program is worth and stop adding on this overpriced, over-hyped nonsense on the back end.

There are a few cases where it is justified.  They exist but they are few and far between.

They are certainly not worth it for this program.

Easy Money

Money is never easy.  If it was no one would be without it.

It is tough to build an online business and make it profitable.

Those are just the facts.

No Effort or Time

Another classic red flag.  Online business takes hard work and time.

Whether it’s blogging, YouTube, Dropshipping or anything else online.

It takes time, patience and hard work.

I wouldn’t trust any program that tells you otherwise.

Cut and Paste Claims

Always be wary of any program that tells you to simply cut and paste what they did to make a profit.

Can you base your business on other successful businesses?

Absolutely.  In fact, you should.  But never take anything directly from them.

Use your own words and techniques.

But a direct copy and paste is a recipe for disaster.

Mainly because by just copying you won’t understand the underlying factors that made it a success or a failure.

Is Fast Profit Jacker A Scam?

Thumbs Down

Nope.  The business model it teaches is sound.  The information it provides is not great but it provides it just as it claims.

It also has a 30-day money back guarantee.

The big problem with Fast Profit Jacker is that it overstates almost everything.

But that doesn’t make it a scam since results are never guaranteed.

With this or any other program online or offline.

Final Thoughts on Fast Profit Jacker

Would I spend money on Fast Profit Jacker?  Absolutely not.  I would recommend you avoid it as well.

It is just not worth the money.  The people behind it have a long history of programs like this.

Similar, overhyped programs.  If they work so well, why continue to make new ones every few months?

The training I used to get my start in online business has been around since 2005.

It has no upsells and the owners are active in its day to day operation.

There is no need to create new programs constantly when you have one that actually works.

You just keep improving the current one and after 13 years build it into the premier training system to build an online business.

Do you want to keep trying bad programs like Fast Profit Jacker, only to be disappointed?

Maybe the training that I use can help you.  It is completely free for a starter membership.

Just need an email to start.  That’s it. No commitment.

But keep this in mind.  You will need 3 things that no one can teach to be successful in online business.

Hard Work.



The journey won’t be easy or quick.  It will take more than 60 minutes a day.

But it can work if you put in the effort.  Start by clicking the link below.

The Best Training For Building An Online Business

However you choose to move forward in your online career, I wish you nothing but the best of luck and continued success.

Thank you for choosing to read my review of Fast Profit Jacker.  Please Leave your own review below.

Fast Profit Jacker
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Final VerdictAvoid This Product
The Good
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Some Decent Information
  • Based on a legitimate business model
The Bad
  • Upsells
  • Oversimplifies online business
  • Easy Money Claims
  • No Effort Cut and Paste Program
  • Not good for beginners
  • Limited Time Offer claim
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