Can A Daily Painting Blog Be Profitable?

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In this article, we set our sights on one of the most expressive blogging niches around.

Painting.  Is there room for a new painting blog?  Can a daily painting blog really make you any money?  How can you get started?

There are plenty of opportunities to make a profitable painting blog.  And the great news is you don’t have to be a great painter.  A blog centered around your learning to paint might be one of the best ways to jump into this wonderful niche.

Think about it.  Most people are not natural artists.  If you were to try and learn to paint in the public eye with a new painting blog.  You would endear yourself to your audience.

Many of them might be just like you.  They want to learn to paint but don’t know where to start.  Your blog could be that catalyst for a great many people.

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Painting Niche Quick Look

  • Niche: Arts and Crafts
  • Sub-Niche: Painting
  • Popularity: 6/10
  • Profitability: 5/10
  • Growth Potential: 4/10

Why A Painting Blog?

Why a painting blog?  To express yourself first and foremost.  Being able to create a work of art is an exciting experience.  it doesn’t matter if no one else thinks its very good.  You can point to it and say You made a thing.  And like-minded individuals will come to your blog to share in the experience.

There is also money to be made in this niche.  People want to learn to paint or look at original pieces of art.  People want to share in the artistic experience.

So whether your blog is about you learning to paint.  Or about the incredible paintings an experienced painter creates.  There is a place in the painting niche for your blog.

And there are so many other avenues to consider for a painting blog.  What exactly are you going to paint?  Watercolors?  Oils?  Maybe you paint wooden figurines?  Or pottery.  Or any number of other things that could fit into a painting blog.

The micro-niche possibilities for a painting blog are incredible.  And there is enough traffic in these micro-niches for a new blog to break into the niche and establish themselves before they really come up against any big competition.

How Does A Painting Blog Make Money?

Affiliate marketing would be the best way for a painting blog to make money at first.  There are quite a few partner programs in the arts and craft niche.

Promoting these affiliates with both your artwork and articles related to painting would be a great way to monetize this niche.

Using visual medium like Pinterest would also be a wonderful way to get traffic and promote your affiliates.

YouTube would be another great way to monetize your painting blog.  Creating a work of art and filming it makes for great content and can drive incredible amounts of traffic for your blog and video channel.

Many new bloggers are tempted to rely on just Amazon Associates for their affiliate partners.

And while you should definitely use them.  Make sure to examine the dozens of other art-related affiliate programs that you can use to generate income for your blog.

One final thing about monetizing your painting blog.

One of the biggest trends right now is instructional videos or training videos.

If you can produce your own painting training course or guide then you can really begin to increase your profits.  Information products are some of the best converting items around currently.

The added bonus is that you get to keep all the profits, unlike an affiliate program.  It is definitely something you should look into.

This is true of any blog, not just painting.  Adding an informational product is a great way to expand your blogs earning potential.

What is the Potential of a Painting Blog?

While there is certainly an opportunity to make a decent income with a painting blog, it will be limited when compared to some of the other more profitable niches.

Particularly the evergreen niches like pets, finance, or health and fitness.

The good news is it is far less crowded than those niches.  So while the earning potential might be somewhat less, you can still make a decent amount of side income with a good painting blog.

And if painting is something you do for fun anyway, then this is a great way to monetize that hobby.

However, when you combine a blog, Youtube video channel and some clever affiliate marketing you might just be able to turn your love of painting into a full-time career.

It will probably take a little while longer to generate the traffic you need for a steady income.  But with a little hard work, it should be possible.

Keyword Research

When you look at painting related keywords in the Jaaxy Research tool, we see a ton of painting related searches.

The big problem that you will face is finding buyer intent keyword to use for your content.  Quite a bit of the painting related searches is recreational or observational.  With no intent to buy anything.

People simply wanted to look at some artwork, that sort of thing.  A good tactic is to find teaching keywords.

“How do I learn to Paint?” or similar search phrases at least indicate an intent beyond simply looking for pictures of paintings.

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Which Affiliates Should You Choose?

Amazon is always a good place to start for any niche, but as I mentioned don’t rely on it solely.  Look for other arts and craft affiliate programs.  Craft stores like Joann are great alternatives for you to check out.

There are many smaller affiliate programs to look into as well.  For the smaller brands, you really need to do some testing and find out which ones convert the best for your specific audience.

The promote those affiliates once you have narrowed them down.

Wrapping Up The Painting Niche

This is a wonderful hobby niche and a potentially lucrative blogging niche in its own right.  Just do not expect it to bring in the kind of money that a larger more competitive niche might.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make money with a painting blog.  Just keep your expectations reasonable.

The painting niche is fairly future proof as well.  The arts and craft industry is stable and growing every year.

So the audience will always be there.  Attracting them is the tricky part.  But through hard work and clever research, you should be able to generate some great traffic to your new painting blog.

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