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College football.  You love it.  You breathe it.  You live it.

When you are not watching it, you are thinking about it, discussing it with friends and colleagues or with complete strangers online.  But what if you could take that passion for the sport and turn it into a profitable online business?  Would you put in the work?

Of course, you would, but where do you start.  How would anyone find a new sight in such a competitive niche?  We have got you covered.  In this article, I will explain some basics on getting started in the college football niche.  From choosing a relevant micro-niche to a look at some keyword strategies and affiliate programs.

You can do it and with a little blood sweat and tears, you can build one of the best college football blogs around.

So strap in as we take a look at the college football micro-niche.

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College Football Niche Quick Look

  • Niche: Sports
  • Sub-Niche: Football
  • Micro-Niche: College Football
  • Popularity: 7/10
  • Profitability: 7/10
  • Growth Potential: 5/10

Why Start A College Football Blog?

Passion for the sport is the first reason to start a college football blog.  You already are part of that world and community now you just need to take the next step and put yourself out there as a rallying point for many like-minded individuals.

Maybe you feel your favorite team doesn’t get enough respect from the mainstream media.  You can build a football blog that will be the landing point for anyone that feels the same way about that particular team.

You might have a huge assortment of college football jerseys.  Why not take that expertise online and review and recommend the best jerseys to the world.  And in the process make a little money for yourself doing something you love.

There are hundreds of reasons to start a college football blog.

It might seem daunting but with the right training and some creative keyword usage and a lot of great content, you can build yourself and your readers a little haven in the college football world.

A place where like-minded individuals can congregate to share their opinions and read your great content.

How Can You Make Money In This Niche?

There are two main ways to monetize your college football blog.  On-page advertising and affiliate marketing.  Advertising is more passive, while affiliate marketing takes a little more promotion and work but the rewards are higher.

On Page Advertising

Advertising can help you generate some income from your blog.  However, for a niche like College football, it should be a secondary source of income.  The amount of traffic needed to really make advertising your main income source is going to take a while.

But there is a better option.  Read on.

Affiliate Marketing

This is going to be your bread and butter for the college football micro-niche.  There are dozens of great affiliates that you can incorporate into your blog.  From apparel to college-themed watches to mugs and hats and anything else under the sun.

Amazon Associates is a great place to start with college football affiliates they will have a huge selection of items for many of the larger schools.  However, do not neglect the lesser known partner programs.  They will typically have better commissions and tracking cookies so you can get paid more and more often.

The College Watch Co. and Fan’s Edge are two great alternatives that offer great affiliate terms for your college football blog.

Always look for those smaller affiliates in any niche that you decide to work in.  They can be a great alternative to Amazon and provide you with content ideas and higher commissions.  They may take a little more promotion but it is worth it in the long run.


College football is huge.  Especially in the United States.  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to grow for the industry and for your blog.  There is still a great amount of potential for you to make a great profit form your college football blog.

As long as you are clever with your keyword research and write excellent content you will have no problems prospering in this wonderful niche.

College Football Trends

The interest in college football really spikes during the season.  It reaches a fever pitch.  During the offseason is a different story.  The interest drops to less than 25% of its max interest.  This should not alarm you, however.  The peak times more than make up for it.

But be aware that there will be a drop off in traffic during the offseason.  So plan your content with that in mind.  Let’s have a look at the Google Trends graph to see just how stark the jump in interest is and when you need to be at your best with your content and information.

College Football Keywords

When we start to dig into the college football niche research we find a huge assortment of long-tail keywords that you can use to target and generate traffic for your blog.  Trying to rank for a head keyword like “college football” is going to be pretty futile.

If we look at the term in our Jaaxy keyword research tool we find a huge volume and equally big competition.  It is simply too broad.  This keyword will have huge sites like ESPN ranking for it leaving no room for your smaller blog.

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So how do we break through?

Simple, long-tail keywords.

Instead of focusing on college football, let’s break it down a little further.  We start our blog around college football jerseys, for example.  A profitable micro-niche and one with plenty of potential affiliate partners.  Now let’s see what Jaaxy has for us here.

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Now that is much better.  Yes, the volume has dropped off a lot.  But keep in mind that volume is

  1. The Volumes are Just Estimates
  2. The Volume is for that single keyword phrase

You could argue that the volume is the least important part of the equation.  A simple guideline to help narrow down a keyword.  The last three columns are outstanding, however.  Especially the SEO number.  That is the difficulty of landing your article on the first page of a Google search.  The closer to 100 the better.

Each of these keywords is ripe for an article targeting them.  Whether it is a review of a college jersey or just general information about them.

One Last example of some great long-tail keywords.  We’ll stick with the college jersey theme for this one as well.

college football sales
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Again the SEO, volume and competition are outstanding for this type of long-tail keyword.  But take particular notice of the keywords themselves.  These are buyer intent keywords.  People using these are looking for jerseys to buy.  They are looking for college jerseys that are for sale, right now.

These types of keywords are some of the most important when you are looking to generate sales and commission through your affiliate links.  You always want to try and send your buyer intent keywords to pages ready and waiting with affiliate links and relevant information about the subject of the keyword.


When we take both of these metrics together.  Search Volume and the overall Interest in Google Trends we see an incredible opportunity for you to move into this niche and really make it your own.  But, you cannot really try and fill the same spots as your huge sports site.

You will need to be clever with your long-tail keywords.  Your content needs to be thorough and on point and you will need time to grow your site.  But the niche is solid.  College football is incredibly popular year round and it spikes at the start of a new season and around the championship games.

Just take a look at this article from  The ratings and attendance for college football are absolutely staggering.  You can tap into this interest with your blog by keeping it simple and treat it like a conversation with friends.  Except, these friends are from all over the world.

Potential Wrap-up

Extremely popular niche?  Check.  A Great amount of interest, especially during the football season.  Yep.  And some great long-tail keywords that are not too competitive but will still generate a ton of traffic.  You bet.  This not-so-little micro niche has everything you need for a successful blog.


There we have it.  One of the best micro-niches in the football blogging space.  You can check out 3 other great football micro-niche ideas right here.  And these are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are dozens of other football-related micro-niches that can be very popular and very lucrative.

The best thing about starting with a micro-niche is that you can expand it if you want too.  You are not tied to that one micro-niche.  Start a college football blog based on one school?  You can expand it into the entire conference if you wanted too.  Or expand into college football jerseys.  The possibilities are limitless.

So good luck with your new football blog.  Hopefully, this micro-niche suggestion will help you get started writing about the sport you love.  If you need any help starting a new blog or expanding your existing one, check out the link below for a review of one of the best training programs around for affiliate marketing.

Maximize your niche with great training. Check out my top recommended resource for building a profitable niche blog.

Thank You For Visiting.  And As Always Have A Wonderful Day.

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