Can I Stop Procrastinating with Procrastination Pro?

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Procrastination Pro Review

Product Name:  Procrastination Pro
Price: $27
Owners: Charlie Ritchie
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Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow?

A lot of things can cost you money in the world of affiliate marketing.  Bad ad campaigns, poor content, misreading a trend and missing the boat on it, not finding the right affiliate programs.

So many ways to miss out on potential income.

But none.


None are as damaging to your potential profits as procrastination.

The simple act of doing nothing.

It is a devastating form of paralysis that can cripple a blogger.  If you are not writing or filming or editing then you are not creating content.

If you are not creating content then you are not getting new traffic and you are missing chances at commissions.


It can destroy days and weeks and months of time that could have been put to good use by building your blog and your brand.


One of the most damaging, most costly thing that a content creator can face.

So how do you beat it?  How can I Stop Procrastinating?  How do you get back to work and fight through it?

This program might have the answer.  Let’s dig into it and find out if it is worth the price of admission.

With all that said, this review is not technically about affiliate marketing.

But if this program can actually keep you on track with your blog and stop you from procrastinating then it is definitely worth it for us to dig into it and give it a thorough review.

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What is Procrastination Pro Anyway?

A step by step program for treating and eliminating procrastination from your life?  It seems a little extreme.  Everyone outs things off and then hopefully gets back to them at a later date.  It is nothing you need to join a program for right?


That is what we are going to figure out.

So what is Procrastination Pro?

It is an online program designed to help you stop procrastinating in 21 days.  If procrastination is hurting your schoolwork or your career they this product can help.

That is the sales pitch anyway.

Do You Really Need This?

Who is the for, really?



Chronic Procrastinators? Or anyone who has put things off till tomorrow.

It could help anyone I suppose.  But it seems more geared towards the deep end of procrastination.  For someone who just puts a little thing off every now and then it does not seem to be worth the price.

But for someone who habitually procrastinates the value of the program might be immense.

Most of the programs we review here are very objective.

Does it make you money?  Yes or No?

Procrastination Pro is quite a bit different in that it might really help someone and do absolutely nothing for the next person.  At least there is a money back guarantee for the latter group.

What is Included?

Procrastination Pro includes a step by step guide to eliminate procrastination in just 21 days.

It is a process that includes.

  • Determine the underlying reasons why you are a procrastinator.  Understanding what is causing this issue is the first important step.
  • Eliminate the bad habits causing the procrastination
  • Specific things you can do to stop those bad habits, step by step.
  • Overcome the doubts and stress that may be causing you to put off your things.
  • And finally, eliminate that stress of putting things off and hopefully change your life.

It is certainly an interesting method.  These types of self-help programs can be very effective if they are created properly and provide an easy to follow a set of guidelines that can keep you on track through the whole process.

It is a good amount of information and it is laid out in a clear and easy to follow way.  Sometimes these programs just dump an ebook on you that is poorly edited and confusing.

The program is laid out in tasks that take roughly 20-30 minutes to complete each day for the entire 21-day duration of the program.

The end goal of the Procrastination Pro program is to give you a complete understanding of how and why you procrastinate.

The way to change how you think and act when you start to procrastinate.  And ultimately how to make the changes to your mindset stay with you long after the program ends.

The Program does have both positives and negatives associated with it.

Have a look.


  • Lengthy Detailed Step by Step Guides.
  • 8 Week money back guarantee.
  • 2 months of email support.
  • Does have some solid advice for helping get through periods of procrastination.


  • A bit Pricey at $27
  • Some of the Information can be found free elsewhere.
  • Testimonials are a bit shaky.
  • Won’t work for everyone.

Product Support

You’ll receive 2-months of email support when you purchase this program.  Procrastination Pro also features an 8-Week money back guarantee.  Frankly, a money back guarantees or a free trial is an absolute must for any program.

But especially one like this that can have such a wide range of success depending on the person using it.  To be honest, the level of support for this program is pretty good.

Most of these self-help type products just give you the information and leave you to your own devices to figure it out.

That being said whether the email support is just an autoresponder I can’t tell.  But at least it is there if you need it.

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Is It Worth It?

The million-dollar questions.

Or in this case the $27 dollar question.

The price seems a bit high.  $27 dollars is a lot to ask for this type of program, but it is not outrageous.  Some other programs or treatments cost far more.  Whether those other treatments are more effective, who knows.

Ultimately the value of the product is how well it works at helping you get rid of your procrastination habits.  If it works it is worth every penny of the $27 dollars.  If it does not help then it was a complete waste of money.

That’s the tough question with these types of programs.  Is it worth it?

A different answer for different people, really.  You’ll have to decide if the price is worth it to you.  But remember the money-back guarantee is available for 8-weeks which is nice to have.

The Final Word on Procrastination Pro

Will this product help you stop your procrastination?  It depends on who you are.  For some people, this might be one of the best products they every purchase for others, a complete waste of time and 27 bucks.

That is the challenge of a program like this where the success can vary wildly from person to person.  I don’t tend to procrastinate to the effectiveness of the product was a bit hard to see personally.

However, the information was pretty solid.  The methodology was sound and the step by step nature of the program was very easy to follow.

In the end, I would say give it a go if you are really suffering from procrastination.  If procrastination is paralyzing you to the point that it is severely affecting your school or work, then this might be the best $27 dollars you ever spent.

If it works for you.

And that might be a big if depending on how much the program helps you.

But you can always get your money back with their 8-week guarantee.

So the risk is minimal and even without it, the price is not overly outrageous.  Just a little too high.

It seems like an ok package when taking everything into account.  And while it will not reach the lofty heights of an editor’s choice program it is still a decent one.  And one to take a look at if you need help stopping your chronic procrastination.

Just don’t put it off till tomorrow.

6.7 / 10 Run the Affiliates Score
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Final VedictA Decent Product
The Good
  • Lengthy Detailed Step by Step Guides.
  • 8 Week money back guarantee.
  • 2 months of email support.
  • Does have some solid advice for helping get through periods of procrastination.
The Bad
  • A bit Pricey at $27
  • Some of the Information can be found free elsewhere.
  • Testimonials are a bit shaky.
  • Won't work for everyone.

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