10 Of The Best Bodybuilding Affiliate Programs

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Fitness is an enormous niche for affiliate marketing.  One of the largest evergreen niches actually.  And one of the sub-niches in fitness is bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding and the supplements around it is a huge niche in and of itself.  We are going to look at 10 bodybuilding affiliate programs that can take your fitness blog to the next level.

One thing to really be aware of in the fitness niche is just how competitive it is. You are really going to need to drill down into some very specific micro-niches in order to get traction.

Even focusing on the bodybuilding micro-niche might not be enough but you can get even more focused to open up some great opportunities in this niche.

And finally, youtube and Pinterest are going to be huge for you when you are just starting out. You can bypass some of the competition by creating some quality content for those two media platforms while your blog earns the trust of the search engines.

There Is Just Something About Owning Your Own Business. Being Your Own Boss. Building Something From The Ground Up With Your Own Hands. Especially When It Is This Easy To Get Started.

Strap in and let’s get into it.

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Bodybuilding affiliate programs are programs that allow individuals to promote bodybuilding and related products on their websites or any other place where they can place their content.

When one of their visitors clicks on their affiliate link and purchases on of the bodybuilding products the affiliate marketer receives a commission for their promotional efforts

Now that you have some great bodybuilding affiliate program ideas you just need to drive traffic to your affiliate links.

BodyBuilding.com Affiliate Program

BodyBuilding.com is one of the largest bodybuilding websites on the web.  They also state that they are the world’s largest online specialty sports nutrition supplier.  In other words, this is the place bodybuilders go to get their supplements and any other gear they may need.

This one seems like a no-brainer just from the URL alone.  Let’s see how it shakes out, shall we?

The Commission

Bodybuilding.com’s commission structure is interesting, to say the least.  So let’s break it down.  First-time customers give the affiliate marketer a 15% commission when they buy something from bodybuilder.com using their affiliate link.  So that’s ok.

Returning customers have a 5% commission in store for the affiliates.  Not great but I am still decent given the number of reusable items on their store. 

Still, I wish it was a bit higher though.  Both of these numbers account for the fitness and nutrition part of bodybuilder.com.

Now it gets a little complicated.  They also have a bunch of fitness plans, 40+ actually.  In order to promote these plans and receive a commission for them, you’ll need to be part of the all-access affiliate program at bodybuilders.com.

So its essentially 2 separate affiliate programs.  Now the commission for the All-Access program is 50%.  Which is great.  All-Access is also a subscription, which again is great. 

So in order to make full use of this affiliate program, I would definitely use both aspects for the best results.  Either will generate some decent sustained income.

The Cookie Duration

The cookies aren’t great.  Let’s get that out of the way.  The standard affiliate cookie is 9 days, while the All-Access cookie is only 7-days

It’s a short cookie, there is no way around it.  It’s not great.  But given the traffic and name recognition of bodybuilder.com, you really can’t pass up this affiliate, especially the all-access subscription.

The Wrap-Up

It’s a decent affiliate program.  They have a lot of products to review and promote which always makes for great content.  The cookies are far too short and the commissions are all over the place. 

It’s a must-have, but I am not sure how much time I would devote to promoting it over some of the other names on this list.

Only the blog owner can really know what is best for their audience.  So the ultimate decision on how and when to promote this affiliate has to be left up to you.

I’ll Pump You Up Affiliate Program

I’ll pump you up is a supplement website for bodybuilders.  They have a vast selection of all kinds of supplements for just about anything.

Tons of content potential from their products and a lot of variety in what you can promote.  From creatine and no2 to essential oils and detox.

The variety alone makes this an affiliate partner worth looking into, add in some clothing and basic bodybuilding equipment and you have a very well stocked very functional affiliate program to promote on your fitness blog.

I’ll Pump You Up

This affiliate program works a little differently than a normal one would.  Then I’ll Pump You Up program is a pay per click or PPC affiliate program. 

What this means is anytime someone clicks on an affiliate banner on your site provided by IPYU.com.  You receive a small amount of money.

Usually .20 to .30 cents per click.  But the rate varies.  Essentially this is the same as Google Adsense or a similar type of service but limited to one supplier. 

Is it worth it?  That is up to you to decide.  You get paid whether the person who clicked the ad buys something or not.

The question is can you make more with a traditional affiliate link from somewhere else. 

You would need to investigate and maybe run some tests to see if this is worth it for your individual blog.  But it does add some variety and options into your affiliate line-up.

The Wrap-Up

I added this one as an alternative to the traditional affiliate programs.  I am not convinced it is a good way to go about it for niche products but I wanted to make sure I let everyone know that there are options available.  Not a lot of affiliate partners use PPC.

A1 Supplements Affiliate Program

A1 Supplements is another fully stocked supplement store.  They have tons of bodybuilding supplements as well as general fitness and wellness supplements.  They also carry a wide array of vitamins and herbs.  There is a little something for everyone.

A1 Supplements is part of the ShareASale Affiliate Network.

The Commission Percentage?

A1 Supplements offers its affiliate partners a 10% commission on all qualifying sales. 

This is a nice chunk of change especially given that supplements are fairly expensive and need to be replaced somewhat often.  A decent return on time invested in promoting the products of this affiliate partner.

The Average sale is pretty decent as well.  It runs in the high 70’s.  A good all-around affiliate program from a commission and product point of view. 

Let’s see what the cookie has in store for us and we’ll make the final decision on this program.

An Average Cookie

30-day cookie.  It’s basically what you’d expect from a retail affiliate at this point.  However, given some of the others on the list, it’s not that bad. 

Overall, this is exactly what we are going to get these days so we just have to make it work with a 30-day cookie.

The tracking cookie seems to be going down on average among all of these affiliate programs

Hopefully, it settles at around 30-days since that is still reasonable.  If everyone starts following Amazon and dropping it down to days or even 24-hours the impact could be unbelievable.

The Wrap-Up

A decent affiliate program.  a decent commission, decent cookie, good product selection.  It ticks all the boxes but it still feels awfully average for such a big niche market.  Average.  That’s about all you can say for the A1 Supplement affiliate program.

Body Spartan Affiliate Program

Body Spartan specializes in programs and bundles that target specific workouts.  There are quite a few workouts with both dietary and exercise and weight lifting regimens. 

These workouts are pretty in-depth and definitely not for beginners.  So make sure your audience can handle them before promoting these.

The bundles put the workout and all the supplements and equipment into a single priced package for the consumer.  They tend to run into the hundreds of dollars making them a good place to focus your blog’s promotional efforts.

The Downside is that they do not carry an overwhelming amount of products some of the other suppliers have. 

But the uniqueness of their offers somewhat makes up for this lack of overall products.  Still, you’ll have to dig deep into your affiliate training to come up with inventive ways to promote some of these products.

However, there is a big upside in that they have a subscription service that gives the customer access to all of their programs. 

This is great for an affiliate marketer as any subscription plan usually means recurring billing.  That being said, I could find nothing on the specifics of whether the subscription applies to the affiliate as well.

In most cases they do, but be sure to ask about it before-hand if it is not made clear.

The Body Spartan Commission

Body Spartan offers a 10% commission rate.  A pretty good return on time.  According to their ShareASale statistics, they have an average sale size of about $57 and an average Earnings per Click (EPC) of around $44dollars.

Just to be clear EPC is actually measured at 100 clicks, so its 44 dollars per 100 clicks. 

It’s confusing.  At any rate, these are pretty solid numbers, not great but not at all terrible for this type of store.  A good affiliate program to have and they offer more than just supplements.

The cookie is a 45-day cookie, yay something over 30.  This is not a bad cookie at all and makes this affiliate partner that much more appealing. 

Taken with the commission and the unique workouts this is looking like a pretty decent affiliate partner to have on your side.

The Wrap-Up

A good affiliate program with a good amount of unique products.  You can generate quite a bit of content by reviewing some of their programs and workouts. 

The audience may be a bit narrower due to the specific types of workouts.  All in all, a good one to have for a bodybuilding blog.

HGH.com Affiliate Program

HGH.com has an absolutely massive selection of supplements for your readers to choose from. 

Everything ranging from bodybuilding supplements, weight supplements, and HGH supplements are all accounted for in their store.  This looks good for a few different fitness niches.

You could generate a lot of content for a bodybuilding blog just from their HGH lines of supplements. 

I am sure it will generate a bit of debate with your readers which is always good for a blog and its comments section.

They really have a great selection and it’s only going to get better as we dig into the commission.

The HGH.com Commission And Cookie

HGH.com offers its affiliate partners a 14% commission on their sales.  A great number and one you rarely see at a retail affiliate program these days. 

The commission alone almost makes this a must-have affiliate partner.  Throw in their product line and we have a real winner here.

In addition to the great commission, the prices of many of their supplements run well into the hundreds of dollars and could make for some great commission checks after heavily promoting their products on your fitness blog.  But it gets better.

The ShareASale stats are fantastic.  Their average sale size is a whopping $300 dollars making this a very high-priced affiliate partner.  In addition to that, their EPC is around 126 dollars. 

Again another fantastic number.  Add it all together and it makes a great deal of sense to really lean into promoting their products for your audience.

It sure is a good tracking cookie.  60-days.  That is a very nice number for this program and it just adds another layer of value to this affiliate program. 

By far the best one on the list so far.  And one of the better ones I have come across in any Niche lately.

The Wrap-Up

An absolute must-have for any bodybuilding or indeed any general fitness blog.  Ticks every box for a great affiliate. 

Tons of products to generate discussion and content.  A great commission to work with and a satisfactory tracking cookie make this one of the best affiliate programs for the entire niche.

Compete Everyday Affiliate Program

This one isn’t a bodybuilding affiliate program per se.  Compete Everyday is a clothing line of motivational gear to get you pumped up for your workout.  Some of it is very nice and it is all pretty high quality. 

This type of thing isn’t something to focus your blog around.  But it is nice to have an option available in case your audience wants to get some workout clothes.

They have a wide range of options for men, women, and kids.  As well as gear like headbands and coffee mugs and some other items as well.  This is something to put on your site and not worry too much about every day.

The Commission For The Compete Everyday Affiliate Program

The commission is 7.5%.  Yes, that is a bit low but typically clothing outlets give the least generous affiliate payouts. 

The cost is pretty high to make the products and the profit margins are huge, to begin with.  So 7.5 is not that bad considering this is just a side program.

The cookie is your standard 30-day one.  Average and uninspired but functional.  I am pretty tired of whining about 30-day cookies so let’s just leave it at.

The Wrap-Up

In the end, this is just a nice little bonus affiliate to use for a bodybuilding website. 

No need to try and generate content for it.  Just put it somewhere visible and hope you earn a few extra dollars from it.  Programs like these are always nice to have a few of.

Promera Sports Affiliate Program

Promera Sports is the creator of the popular CON-CRĒT brand of supplements.  They have a huge selection of various products for you to promote, including products designed specifically for women.

This is a great way for more woman readers into your blog in a traditionally male niche, for the most part.

In fact, a bodybuilding blog dedicated to the woman in bodybuilding might just be a great niche to start a new blog in. 

At any rate, the number of products and a great brand will give you a ton of potential content for your blog or website.

The Commission?

Promera Sports offers a very nice 15% Commission on affiliate sales from its websites.  A great number to have given the product line. 

The frequency of repurchases of supplements makes this affiliate program really sing making it a must-have for any bodybuilding blog.

The average sale is around $56 dollars according to the ShareASale statistics.  This is a pretty solid number and just adds more value to what is already a high-quality affiliate program. 

This could potentially be a focused affiliate.  Meaning you would heavily promote this affiliate program as your main promotion affiliate.

Or you could balance 2 or 3 great affiliates and make that grouping your main affiliate partners.  Either way.  Promera Sports, with its nice commission, is a great affiliate to promote your bodybuilding blog.

A 60-day cookie is what’s on offer for affiliate partners through the Promera Sports affiliate program. 

A nice change of pace from the constant 30-day cookies and a good number to give your audience enough time to really consider their purchase and still use your affiliate link.

The Wrap-Up

Overall, a very good affiliate to have on your team.  Everything is covered here.  Great selection of products, including the popular CON-CRĒT brand.  A very good commission that will bring it some very nice income over the long haul.

And a good tracking cookie to top it off.  What’s not to like?  If you are in the bodybuilding blog space and are looking to add to your stable of affiliates this might be a great addition. 

If you are a new blogger looking for that first affiliate to promote, you might not find much better than Promera Sports.

Muscle And Strength Affiliate Program

Muscle and Strength is another supplement supplier with over 7,000 products, a huge assortment of stacks and combos. 

They always seem to have deals on one supplement or another at any given time so promotion shouldn’t be a problem for your blog.

A good selection of various name brands at good prices makes this an excellent affiliate to promote. 

They also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee of many of their products, which adds another great selling point for this affiliate program.

Their website is also filled with a lot of good information and videos about bodybuilding in general.  This might make it a good resource for your blog and a potential place to pick up ideas for future content or articles related to their products or bodybuilding in general.

Muscle and Strength Affiliate Program uses the Commission Junction Affiliate Network to handle all their affiliate needs.

The 10% Commission For The Muscle And Strength Affiliate Program

They offer a reasonable 10% commission on all their sales.  This makes it pretty competitive with other affiliate programs in the bodybuilding niche.  It could be a little higher but we are just splitting hairs at this point.  It’s pretty good.

Their average sale size is a robust $98 dollars according to the CJ affiliate page.  That is great for an average basket. 

Basically, it means people go there and buy multiple items that are wonderful for an affiliate marketer. 

This helps add a lot of value to the affiliate program when they can show real-world numbers along those lines.

Again pretty average.  A standard 30-day cookie.  At this point, the 30-day cookie is pretty much standard. 

I know I harp on it all the time but it’s not changing.  Hopefully, it will level off here, but the big worry is the continued downward trend until the baseline is a day or less.

But we will burn that bridge when we get to it, for now, the 30-day cookie is average and I’ll knock a little off the overall score for it.

The Wrap-Up

Another good option for a supplement supplier for your bodybuilding blog. 

They have a ton of popular and named brand supplements and vitamins.  They have a decent commission and an average tracking cookie.  The basket size is very nice as well.

However, the EPC is only around 4 dollars which is a bit of a concern.  You might need a more deft hand at promoting this affiliate program to increase conversions.  But other than that it looks good.

This might be one of the best options for a general “super-store” type affiliate program for your blog. 

Use any of the other programs for their unique and brand-specific items and then use this one for the big wholesale type affiliate sales.  A balance of both is always the best course I feel.

Crazy Mass Affiliate Program

Crazy Mass is a leading supplier of legal steroids used for bodybuilding and athletics. 

Steroids can really turn some people off, so as the blog writer you’ll need to be very good at working this affiliate into your content.  Within the bodybuilding community, it won’t be a problem.

But if you draw in new readers it might be good to create some content explaining the difference between legal and illegal steroids. 

This might also be a great way of incorporating this affiliate into your blog by giving people a safe place to purchase legal steroids.

They have a decent selection of completely legal anabolic steroids and supplements. 

Its not a huge list so this affiliate might be best deployed in articles and content regarding legal steroids and their applications.  However, the commission more than makes up for the lower variety of products.

The 40% Commission

Yep really.  The commission offered up by Crazy Mass is a whopping 40%.  I don’t even need to tell you how impressive this commission is. 

Usually, 40%+ commissions are reserved for digital products like training or education videos and things like that.

But getting 40% for a retail product is almost unheard of.  Add in a very nice EPC of $54 and you have one great affiliate to promote anything related to legal steroids or mass building for your bodybuilding blog. 

Too good to pass up.

The cost of the product is something to consider as well, most of their stock goes for $50+ and much of it is approaching $150 to $200 dollars.  This can either be good or bad depending on your audience. 

You’ll have to make that decision since no one knows your audience better than you.

Above Average Cookie

The tracking cookie from Crazy Mass is an above-average 45-day cookie.  

While we always like to see longer cookies a 45-day one is not bad at all and when paired with the outrageous commission this is a go-to affiliate to promote whenever it is logistically possible.

The Wrap-Up

Another great option to have available.  I don’t think this program is large enough to be the outright focus of your bodybuilding blog.  Unless you are only blogging about legal steroids, then it would work out great.

But it will be a great addition to any bodybuilding blog and a way to fit in new and interesting content and then be able to monetize it in a great way.  Definitely recommended.

Stack Labs Affiliate Program

Stack Labs is a small supplier of weightlifting supplements.  They only have a few types, 11 to be exact, distributed over the fat-burning, bulking, and cutting categories.  The small selection won’t give you much new content but it should be good for a few reviews.

The Commission

Stack Labs offers its affiliates a massive 45% commission per sale.  A wonderful number and it needs to be with the limited and very focused products they sell. 

The commission will help but the promotion of their products is going to need to be very specific and honed. The average order value is just over 112 dollars which adds some value to the program. 

Making it a good one to use in certain situations where the products can be promoted naturally.  They also have bonus promotions that include 100% commission weekends.

All of it.  In an incredibly rare move these days.  Stack Labs has a lifetime cookie. 

It’s great and its the way more companies should approach this type of thing.  This gives your audience all the time in the world to decide when and what they want to purchase.

The Wrap-Up

Almost a perfect affiliate.  The only downside is the limited number of products, but even that can be overcome relatively easily by focusing on content related to their products instead of on the products themselves.

This is one affiliate program that you should try and fit into your marketing plans however you can.

The Big Finish

There you have it.  10 affiliate programs to help you monetize the bodybuilding niche.  This is a popular niche and one that can be very lucrative.

Even breaking down the niche into even smaller micro niches could be very effective.  Target a muscle group or a specific workout and generate all your content from that approach.

The possibilities are limitless.  You have already got the tools to make it a success.  Add in a few of these affiliates and really push your blog or online business to the next level.

The big challenge now is deciding which affiliates to focus on.  Signing up was the easy part.

How much time you dedicate to the promotion of one affiliate over the other can dramatically increase, or decrease, your overall earning potential.

It is absolutely critical that you tailor your affiliate partners to the needs and desires of your audience in order to get the best return on time and the highest commissions possible.  Good Luck out there.

Starting a blog is a huge step.  These affiliates can help you generate some great income from them, but the content and blog have to come first. 

Generating content is the key to earning sustainable online income.  You’ve already got the passion now take the next step and turn it into a career.

Don’t go it alone. Get the best learning tools and community to help you build your online dream. Check it out here.

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day.