Micro-Niche Insights: 3 Ideas for American Football Blogs

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We are going to set out sights on 3 great micro-niches inside the American football niche.  Each one of the micro-niches can be profitable in their own right, but they truly excel as a gateway into the larger and more lucrative football blogging niche.

American Football has always been popular and even though it ebbs and flows, it remains the most profitable sports in the United States and has a large following overseas.  Targeting these micro-niches will give your blog a chance to establish itself before taking on some of the bigger more established football sites.

Keep in mind that we only have 3 micro-niche ideas for starting American Football Blogs.  There are dozens of other ones that could be just as effective.

Find the one that best compliments your skills and knowledge and works from there.  If you are new to this niche, study up and you can be as knowledgable as anyone in the niche.

Every expert starts knowing nothing about any given subject.

All it takes is hard work and a desire to learn as much about your topic as possible.  Hopefully, you can take some of these micro-niche ideas and turn them into a lucrative blog for yourself.  Good luck and I hope you enjoy the article.

Let’s Get to it.

Football Coaching Niche Pop Warner
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American Football Coaching Blog

This little micro-niche is great for anyone with a good knowledge of the game.  There are 10’s of thousands of people looking for any information on coaching football at various levels.

But your primary audience will be new coaches and people with limited experience with coaching American football.

Why Start A Football Coaching Blog?

There are quite a few reasons to start a football coaching blog.  First and foremost to share your love of the game with as many people as possible and to help bring in new people and ideas to the coaching ranks.

Many youth football coaches are constantly looking for ways to improve their knowledge of football.

The trend-line for football coaching follows a similar pattern to just about everything else football related.  Interest drops quite a bit during the offseason.  However, interest in football coaching and football in general never fully stops.

You will want to create and deliver most of your content during the traditional football season.

That is when it will be most effective and draw the most traffic.  During the offseason, you can plan out the future content for the football coaching blog.

The Best Ways To Monetize A Football Coaching Blog?

There are 3 ways that would be great for monetizing a football coaching blog.

  • Advertising
  • Informational Products
  • Affiliate Marketing


Advertising is simple you can place ads on your site and generate income anytime someone views or clicks on the ads.  For a micro-niche site like this one, ads are going to be the least profitable but they will add a little income to the site.

Info Products

Informational Products are next.  These are any coaching related training videos or guides that you create and decide to sell at a premium.

You want the majority of your content to be free but if you have a particularly great idea for an info product it can be a great source of income.  Definitely one to try if you have the resources to produce a great product.

Affiliate Marketing

Last but certainly not least is affiliate marketing.  This is your best bet to generate income from a football coaching blog.  But what products would you promote?  You might be surprised at just how many products there are for this micro-niche.

Let’s start with some football equipment.  Coaches need all sorts of equipment for themselves and their players.

Using an affiliate program like Amazon Associates can provide you with everything you need.  You can choose which products to promote based on the needs of your audience.

But equipment is only the beginning.  You can promote all types of training videos and products.

There are quite a few to choose from.  Coachtube.com is a great example of this.  Their affiliate program is part of the ShareASale Affiliate Network.

Potential Growth For This Micro-Niche?

The football coaching micro-niche is pretty stable.  Interest spikes during the season then drop during the offseason.  There is not going to be any huge upticks in interest and the market will not undergo any drastic changes.

This is both good and bad.  The good is that is is very predictable.  You don’t have to worry about interest in football coaching drying up.

The bad part is that there is definitely a ceiling to this micro-niche.  So be prepared to expand into other football areas if you want to grow your blog.

A Quick Look At Football Coaching Keywords

A little look at the Jaaxy keyword research tool shows some pretty good looking search numbers for the football coaching micro-niche.

Once you start to incorporate some long-tail keywords you should have no trouble putting together hundreds of keywords for your blog content.

And just on a side note, your content will rank for 100’s if not thousands of keywords and variations.  That is the logic behind finding and using long-tail keywords.  The search volumes are right where you would want them to be for a micro-niche of this size.

The competition will also be very manageable at these levels of interest.  So ranking high in the SERPs should be pretty attainable with good keyword research.

Jaaxy Football Coaching Research
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Wrap Up

While this micro-niche is certainly not the most lucrative it is very rewarding.  It is also a pretty passive niche, you can let it earn during the offseason and then put out a good amount of content when the new season begins.

Sharing your knowledge and love of the game is the priority here, but earning a nice side income is a wonderful feeling as well.  Good Luck introducing a whole new generation to the wonderful world of coaching football.

QB training
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Quarterback Tips And Drills

Another very specific micro-niche you can use to break into the football niche or you can create a campaign around it to expand your existing football blog.  Quarterback is the most popular position and one of the most in-depth in all of sport.

Why Start A QB Skills Blog?

A great reason to start a Quarterback skills blog is being able to pass on the information you have to a younger generation.  Especially if you played the position at any level.  You get to write and make videos about something you love.  This also keeps you close to the game you love.

In addition to just the fun of it, you can make a nice little side income producing content for your blog.  It is a win for everyone involved.

The trend is all over the place if we look at some of the Google trends research.  This niche seems to peak right before the start of a new season, which is to be expected.  The interest in this micro-niche lends itself well to being paired with another football micro-niche in order to build out your blog effectively.

However, starting in the Quarterback skills and drills training niche is a great way to get your feet wet in the football blog niche.

Can You Really Monetize This Micro-Niche?

The ways to monetize this niche are your basic monetization methods.

Website Ads, Information Products, and Affiliate Marketing.

Overall, Affiliate marketing would probably be the best way to go about earning income off this type of blog, but the others work well also.  They work for this micro-niche almost the exact same way they do for the football coaching niche, so I won’t repeat them here.

You can use a wide variety of affiliate partners to promote in this niche.  From football equipment and apparel retailers to some interesting training programs.  Here is one to look at.  It is a sports-related training program dedicated to building mental toughness in players.  You can research Mental Toughness Trainer here.

Any Growth Potential?

The niche itself is probably not going to grow a whole lot.  New people will enter this micro-niche looking for the information and then age out of it.  So you will have a steady stream of readers coming through.

But it is doubtful there will be a sudden spike in interest for Quarterback training past what is already out there.

That being said, there is always something very nice about the stability this type of niche brings.  If you can create consistent and interesting content you will have no problem attracting a good amount of traffic for years to come.

A Look At Keywords

You will want a diverse set of keywords to build this micro-niche around.  Anything quarterback training related is a great place to start but the keyword research can go much deeper than that into specific areas around the quarterback position.

qb training 3
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In addition to the basic quarterback training long-tail keywords, you can look into quarterback drill based keywords.  Skills necessary for quarterbacks is another great route to take to find some low competition long tail keywords.

qb training jaaxy 1
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One last line of keywords we can take a look at is based around the actual skills.  In this example, we use football passing drills.  These will probably make up the bulk of your keyword research and there are tons of possibilities.  How to pass, how to handoff a football, how to huddle up properly and call plays.

qb training 2
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The more specific you can get and still have a decent search volume the better.  As you can see there are hundreds if not thousands of great long-tail keywords you can target to generate content.

If you use one keyword per article you have yourself hundreds of traffic generating blog post just for this micro-niche alone.

Sacking The Quarterback

Another useful and interesting micro-niche for American Football.  A great way to start to break into the larger football niche and a profitable micro-niche in its own right.  This will not be the most lucrative micro-niche you could choose.

But if you have the passion for the position and the sport you can turn your love into a nice yearly income bonus.

And if you want you can always start expanding it out into the larger football niche and eventually turn it into a full-time business with some hard work.

football workout
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American Football Fitness, Training, and Workouts

Love working out?  Love football?  Why not combine the two into a great new blog.  The health and fitness niche is one of the biggest around and American football is one of the most popular sports.  So a fitness blog based around the best workouts, nutrition, and training for a football player would be a great way to break into either niche.

Why Write A Blog Based On Football Fitness

There are plenty of reasons to jump into this micro-niche.  You need to love the concept, but football fitness is going to be very lucrative as well.  It straddles the line between fitness and football.  The entire fitness niche is one of the most profitable and evergreen blogging niches around.

And it will continue to be for the foreseeable future.  The problem with the fitness niche is that it is very competitive so you need to find creative ways to break into it while avoiding the huge authority sites on the web searches.

Basing your new blog around football fitness, training and nutrition give you the opportunity to be in the fitness niche without fully being in that competitive niche.

Your audience will be much narrower and more focused, but that is not a bad thing.  It just means you can tailor your blog to your reader’s specific needs.

Football Training and Fitness interest is pretty consistent year round.  There is a spike a couple months before a new season.  This is when most players of all ages will start to get back into game shape.

This will be when you want to push a lot of content.  Base it around new techniques and training for the most impact.

How Do You Generate Income In This Micro-Niche?

Affiliate marketing will be the best option for monetizing this niche.  Sure you can put some ads on your site, but the sheer number and quality of fitness partner programs, in general, is staggering.  Many of them can be used to great effect to promote football fitness.

You could also create some informational products based around your football fitness and training methods provided they are safe and acceptable.  However, creating your own workout and fitness routines can be troublesome if not researched properly.

So this income stream should be left to professional fitness instructors.  But if that is your background it is a great way to add value to your blog.

There are also general strength and fitness affiliate programs that you can take a look at.  Strength Coach Basic Training is an interesting one to research further.

Growth Potential?

This micro-niche has the most growth potential of all the ideas on this list.  You can take your blog in so many directions once you have established yourself.

Go from the best football fitness programs to the best nutritional and diet plans for football players, or the best supplements for football players.

You could expand into the football equipment arena or any number of other areas in the larger football niche.  But you can also take this micro-niche into the larger and hugely profitable health and fitness niche.

Expand to other sports or into fitness in general.  The options are incredible.  And by the time you are ready to expand you will have established your blog and your brand enough to make the transition that much easier.

A Quick Look At Keywords For Football Fitness

Your keywords will need to be pretty varied to get the best out of this micro-niche.  There are many ways that people search for football fitness related topics.  Football workout, football fitness, and weightlifting for football players are just 3 quick examples.

football training
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So when choosing your keywords, remember to use a wide variety of long-tail keywords that all describe your main football fitness focus.  This will expand the pool of potential readers greatly.  And give your blog the best chance of success.

football workouts
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Finishing the Football Workout

Probably the most lucrative micro-niche on this particular list.  It also has the most growth potential.  You can expand into the general football niche or you can expand into the fitness niche.  A very versatile micro-niche.

As with any niche in the health area, you will need to allow a little more time for your site to mature before Google starts sending a decent amount of traffic your way.

Any niche that has to do with someone’s health or their money usually has this drawback.

It is well worth it in the end however as you will have a foothold in one of the most lucrative niches currently available.

The Big Finish

Three potentially wonderful ways to break into the football niche with a new blog.  These are the very definition of micro-niches and while they can produce a nice side-income for you they are not going to generate the 5 or 6 figure income a month that some bloggers see.

These micro-niches can definitely generate a few thousand extra dollars a year and if you choose to expand them they can be transformed into full-time money generating blogs.  But that will take time, proper training, patience and a lot of hard work.

But it can be done, many have started right where you are.  And they have grown their blogs in this niche and every other niche.  You can do it to you just need to find that niche and take that first step.

If you need help getting started, check out the link below.  It is a review of the affiliate training program that I currently use.  Sign-up is free.

Maximize your blog with great training. Check out my top rated training program for building a profitable niche blog.

Thank You For Visiting.  And As Always Have A Wonderful Day.

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