Affiliate Marketing is One of the Best Ways to Make Money Online at Home

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There are quite a few ways that anyone can make money online from home. 

Opening your own Shopify, dropshipping or an eBay store are all great ways to generate income on the internet.  And there are dozens of others, each with varying degrees of success.

Another way to earn a living on the web is Affiliate Marketing.  In my opinion, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online at home. 

There are quite a few reasons for this and we’re going to explore some of them right now.

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Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of generating leads for a company or service through content, usually a blog or Youtube, in order to drive traffic to your website. 

And in turn, send that traffic to the company so that they can purchase a product.

At that point, the affiliate gets a commission on the sale and everyone is happy. 

It is a little more complicated than that.  You can check out our more detailed overview of what Affiliate Marketing is right here.

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Earn Income with Affiliate Marketing

What is so Great About Affiliate Marketing?

I’m glad you asked.  There are quite a few things that make affiliate marketing a very desirable business model to use online.  And there is a reason why so many people try to start an affiliate marketing business, and yes many of them to fail, but there are reasons for that as well.

One reason it is such a great business proposition is that the potential customer base is literally almost the entire world. 

Anyone online is a potential customer.  More and more people get online every single day.

More and more people spend money online every single day.  The internet is ubiquitous now, there is almost nowhere on earth that cannot access it at this point.  And companies are desperate to get these new customers.

And one of the best ways to get them?

You guessed it, Affiliate Marketing.

The thing about this type of marketing is that it is targeted.  An affiliate marketer will pick a niche and draw in people only interested in that niche.

So why is this important?  Because if a company is producing a good or service for that particular niche, then they have a receptive audience from the marketer’s blog.  It is an efficient and cost-effective way of advertising essentially.

Why spend millions on an advertising campaign, when maybe 1 percent of everyone who sees the ad is going to care about the product. 

Many smaller companies don’t have the budgets to compete in the traditional advertising segments and it would be a bad investment to try.

But with Affiliate Marketing they can send their message to interested customers. 

And their medium is the affiliate marketer themselves.  And that is better than any magazine advertisement or radio commercial or TV spot for a very simple reason.


A marketing blog in any niche will have earned trust with its audience.  In many cases, the blogger will have relationships with their audience through there content. 

Comment sections are a great way to answer questions about the niche or just talk to your audience directly.

This relationship is built over months and years and is grounded in trust so that when the blogger suggests a product or service their audience is extremely receptive. 

Which, in turn, leads to much better conversion rates for the company producing the product.

Not Quite Passive Income

Some affiliate marketing niches are more passive than others.  What we mean by passive or semi-passive income is how much time do you need to devote to your blog in order to keep it relevant and producing income for you.

No niche is completely passive.  You still need to create the content for that particular blog. 

But some niches allow you to create a lot of content upfront and then only periodically, once a month or so, update the blog with a new post.

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Affiliate Marketing is Competetive

Like any business, affiliate marketing is a competitive endeavor, so even semi-passive niches need to be updated from time to time in order to keep them from fading into the background. 

But a diligent marketing pro can head off any incoming danger before it gets close.

The idea behind the semi-passive niches is to use them as a side-blog to your main blog. 

They have much less earning potential, but require much less of a time investment to keep them running and producing revenue for a marketer.

Put together 5 or 6 of these passive income blogging niches and you can make quite a nice supplemental income. 

There are even people who do this full time with dozens of different niches and blogs.  All earning a little income that adds up to a good living.

The best passive or semi-passive blogs in affiliate marketing are commonly known as micro-niches. 

These are smaller subsets of larger more competitive business sectors.  You can read about some good micro-niches right here.

That’s a lot of Niches

Another aspect that makes affiliate marketing so attractive is the absolutely staggering number of possible niches that a blogger or video creator can delve into. 

If you can think of it, chances are it has an audience and if it has an audience there is probably an affiliate program trying to find that audience.


Literally millions of profitable niches are in play here.  From Pet clothes to bumper stickers, to toilet seats. 

They all have their audiences and they all can be profitable with the right content and the right stewardship from an affiliate marketing professional.

Therefore, anyone can find a niche that they are comfortable in, or have experience in, or are interested enough in it to research and learn about the niche.  Eventually becoming an expert in that niche.  It really is open to anyone who wants to put the time and work into it.

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Affiliate marketing is also eminently scalable.  You can start in a tiny micro-niche. 

Gain audience trust and domain authority, and then expand your reach into other related niches.  This means more content required of course.

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You can Scale Affiliate Marketing to New Heights

But it also means a higher income potential as expansions will bring in new audience members who were previously uninterested in that particular niche. 

All while making sure not to stray too far from the original idea behind your blog.

For example,  Sa you started a niche blog about dog collars.  It is a very small micro-niche and you have been making a decent little profit off of it. 

You have a great relationship with your audience and your site is growing more and more trusted by the search engines.

So what do you do?

You certainly don’t start putting up articles on how to grow peppers.  But you can absolutely expand your niche to include other dog-related topics. 

So instead of writing only about dog collars, you could expand your niche to include dog clothes.

You would draw in a whole new audience and your current audience would probably be interested in this new direction well since it dovetails nicely with what they expect from you and your blog. 

And then the sky is the limit until you are covering as many dog-related niches as you can handle.

That is scalability.

That is Affiliate Marketing.


And those are some of the reasons why affiliate marketing is so attractive for people looking to dump their 9 to 5 and kick their boss to the curb.

Its freedom, it’s getting paid to do something you love, and getting paid what is fair for the work you put into it.

One of Affiliate Marketings’ biggest draws its freedom.  The ability to set your own hours. 

To work your butt off and actually accomplish something.  In almost every other line of work, your job is to make someone else rich.  It pretty much sucks.

With affiliate marketing, we use giant companies just as they use us.  We are still making them rich but at least we get to do it on our own terms and get a proper amount of credit and income from the hard work that we put into it.

Check out a full review of the best affiliate marketing training platform on the planet right here!

Thank You for visiting and have a great day.

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