Affiliate Cash Club Review: Is It Any Good?

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To my Affiliate Cash Club review.

These types of marketing programs pop up all the time and while many are just lame cash grabs, some of them actually offer quite a bit of value to their customers.  But it is sometimes tough to tell which ones are worth it without splashing the cash out first.

And that’s where I come in.  I will take the hit (and get a refund) so that you don’t have to.  If the program turns out to be great all the better for everyone.  But oftentimes they turn out to be a mess of a product with little value or less good information.

Seeking out independent reviews is a great way to be sure that you are getting real value with any online money-making program.  It helps you avoid poor products and outright scams and can lead you to opportunities that actually work.

So today we are turning out a microscope on the Affiliate Cash Club Program.

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Let’s have a look.


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Affiliate Cash Club Review Quick Look

  • Product Name:  Affiliate Cash Club
  • URL:
  • Price: $37 Plus Upsells
  • Owners: Fake Name Used
  • Recommended?:  No

Quick Summary

This is simply not a very good affiliate training program.  That is the short quick answer. 

There are far too many red flags in the promotional material.  While affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online this is just not the way to learn how to do it.

The pricing is reasonable at $37 dollars.  But the value is just not there.  You might pay more elsewhere but you will get actual training and value for your dollar.  I recommend avoiding this program as it is just not worth it.

Read on for the Full details on this program.

Overall Rank:


What is Affiliate Cash Club?

Affiliate Cash Blub is an online training program for affiliate marketers.  Let me correct that. 

Affiliate Cash Club is supposed to be an online training program.  What is it really?  A way to make the people who made this some money by promising outrageous profits for little work.

Some of the information contained in the program is ok.  But it is basic stuff.  Things you do not need to pay for. 

Get people to click on your affiliate links and you get a commission.  That is common knowledge, you don’t need to shell out cash for that little tidbit of information.

The program is rife with this stuff.  Misleading claims on how fast and easy online marketing is.  I just bog the entire industry down in the muck when these types of programs come along.

Who is it Targeted At?

This program is deliberately targeted at newcomers to affiliate marketing.  The sales pitch.  The hyperbolic profit claims.  Everything about this program screams “take advantage of beginners”.  And this type of targetting really works.

I have fallen for it.  When I was just starting out the allure of these types of programs was huge.  Don’t feel embarrassed if you have fallen for this type of thing in the past. It happens to everyone. 

The important thing is that you learn and move on and are able to spot these types of programs in the future.

What really works with this type of program is that it is rooted in affiliate marketing which is a great way to earn money online. 

Maybe one of the best ways, truth be told.  But once you gain a little experience you begin to see the cracks in Affiliate Cash Club.

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Probably A Hired Actress

Once you understand that affiliate marketing takes time and hard work and cannot produce huge results with little to no effort.

How Does Affiliate Cash Club Work?

Ideally, this product would teach you many of the things you need to know in order to start a successful affiliate marketing business.

Unfortunately, it does not work like that at all.  Sure you get some basic information upfront.  That is what you paid for.

But then come the upsells, the total package can cost you well over 800+ dollars and none of it is really worth it. 

It gives you the basic stuff about affiliate marketing.  Choose a niche, build a website, get traffic, and earn commissions.

That is affiliate marketing in a nutshell.  But it is the details that are important.  Getting traffic is hard work.

It takes a long time.  You have to put a lot of effort into it. Unfortunately, Affiliate Cash Club does not provide enough good training for you to accomplish that.

Could it work?  Maybe, but you would need to supplement the info you paid for with a lot from some other sources in order to get your business up and running.

What Are Some Of The Products Features?

There are not a whole lot of discernible features for this product.  That is always a bad sign. 

If you can’t tell what the product is supposed to be just from looking at it then it might not be a great product.  But I will try and flesh out some of the features for you.

It Teaches Affiliate Marketing

The first feature of this program is that it is supposed to teach you how to properly do affiliate marketing. 

It certainly gives you an overview of what affiliate marketing is and a general idea of how to do it.  But it is so basic that it renders the program almost worthless.

You need far more information than what is featured here.

What Support Is Offered?

Unfortunately, there is not much post-purchase support offered for this program. 

This is not uncommon as the people who sell these programs are most likely long gone by the time the product is out the door.  An email address is the best you can expect in most cases.

However, since this is available on Clickbank, a money-back guarantee is always available. 

In this case, it is 60-days.  So while you may not find much in the way of support from the developer of the program you can always get a refund if it is within the time limit.

I cannot stress how important it is to find out if a product has a money-back guarantee or a free trial period or simply a free starter membership.  It is oftentimes the only safety net you are going to get on some of the less than reputable programs floating around the internet.

How Much Does It Cost?

Affiliate Cash Club will set you back $37 for the initial product.  This is not a terrible price to be perfectly honest. 

Some of the best affiliate marketing training programs can easily run you 4-500 dollars per year.  And if they are good enough they are worth it.

The problem with the price here is that it is not the full package.  There are numerous upsells for this program. 

I hate upsells for the most part.  They are rarely worth the extra money.  This is no exception.  The upsells add to the cost but create no added value for you as the consumer.


  • Decent Price
  • Some Ok Information
  • Money-Back Guarantee


  • Way Too Many Upsells
  • Limited Value
  • Red Flags A Plenty
  • Not Worth The Price

Red Flags Roundup

As you can see this review is taking a turn for the worse as we delve deeper into the issues and problems with Affiliate Cash Club. 

So it should come as no surprise that this product is filled with red flags that are a tell-tale sign of a program not worth the money.

Fake Names For Owners

I hate this red flag most of all I think, but it is one of the best ways to tell just how good a product is. 

Are the creators of the product visible and active in the program?  Simple as that.  If the product is being sold by a pen name or an alias, you have to start asking questions immediately.

Why are they embarrassed to support their products?  Do they know the product is bad and are hiding to avoid being held responsible?  Are they making it more difficult to get in touch with them when someone has a problem?

The answer is probably yes to all of those questions.  This is the first thing you want to check when researching any online money-making program or training program. 

Find out who made it and see if they are confident enough to put their real name on it and support it.

In the case of Affiliate Cash Club, it is just some random name for the spokesman in the promotional video.

Too Many Upsells

I dislike upsells for the most part.  They are rarely worth the extra money.  In rare cases, they are a great addition. 

For example, if I buy an affiliate marketing training program and the people who made it want to sell me a new drop shipping training program, then an upsell makes sense.

But for the most part, it is just value removed from the base package and repurposed.  Then they can slap a higher price on it and try and sell it to you.  If it was that important it would be part of the base package.

Affiliate Cash Club has hundreds of dollars in upsells.  Possibly into the thousands.  If the product is worth that much then charge that much.  But they get you with the $37 entry fee. 

Then they start shoveling out all the stuff that you didn’t get int he base package and charge huge money for it.

Upsells suck.

Promotional Materials Are Deliberately Vague

Be Vague.  That is the motto of Affiliate Cash Club.  I watched their entire promotional video.  And it was one of the worst circular word salads I have ever seen.  They must have repeated themselves with different words 10 times.

You should be able to see what the product is and what they are selling you almost instantly.  That is what a good product does.  It makes you want to buy it.  All Affiliate Cash Club did was leave me confused about exactly what they were asking me to buy.

This can be a tough red flag to spot if it is done well.  In the case of Affiliate Cash Club, it was done rather poorly. 

But while they are throwing big numbers and success stories at you, be sure to listen to see if there is any substance behind the claims and if the testimonials are actually real or simply paid actors reading a script.

Limited Time Geo-Targeting

This is an interesting red flag for many of these poor programs.  They build hype around the product by claiming that time is limited to sign up and that you need to be in a certain geographical area in order to benefit from the program.

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Geo-Targeting Is a Red Flag

Most of the time these are simply flat out lies.  You can buy your way in as long as the program is around and I have not seen anything that leads me to believe that you cannot purchase the product anywhere.

Affiliate Cash Club does this little trick and it is one of the easiest red flags to spot.

Outrageous Profit Claims

4,784.72 a day.  It is a crazy amount of money.  Nearly 150k a month.  Over a million a year.  Do people make this much with affiliate marketing? 

Yea, Some do. 

But they have spent years, decades even, building up multiple websites, email lists, youtube channels, and any other marketing platform you can think of.

And even then it is only a tiny fraction of people who hit that level of income.  I never will. 

But you don’t need to be that successful.  That is why this type of crazy profit hyperbole from Affiliate Cash Club is so confusing.

Why make it so outrageous that it screams BS.  But there it is.  An easy red flag to spot and one that you should really pay attention to.

Premade Profit System

This is another tell-tale red flag.  The system is premade all you have to do is purchase it and set it then watch the profits flow in.  It never works like this.  Ever.  Affiliate Cash Club claims that you can make thousands with just 10 minutes a day.

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It Takes Far More Than 10 Minutes A Day To Be Successful At Anything

You can’t.  There is certainly passive income from affiliate marketing but it takes months and years to get it working for you each day.  And you still need to spend more than 10 minutes a day to keep it running.

Affiliate marketing is a business, you can just cut and paste someone else’s work and expect your business to work.

Is Affiliate Cash Club Worth It?

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Not Good

It is not.

There are far too many red flags to even risk trying it out.  The price is pretty decent but you don’t get anything of real value for that price.  The upsells add to the cost but not the overall value of the program.

This is not an outright scam.  Very few of these products are.  You get the information you paid for.  The issue is that the information is not very good or helpful at all.  But, as I mentioned there is a money-back guarantee.

I would still recommend avoiding this program but at least you can get your money back if you just have to see if you can make it work for you.  I am sure someone has actually made money from this product, but most people simply will not see any return on investment.

Similar Products

I have done quite a few reviews of some similar programs.  Many of them use the exact same sales pitch. 

Some even go so far as to use the exact same disclaimer.  This leads me to believe there is just a stock disclaimer that these guys use for all their products.

Here are a few similar programs.

I would avoid all of those products as well.

Wrapping it Up

Not at all great.  That is about the nicest thing that I can say about Affiliate Cash Club. 

Like many of the similar programs that came before, this product is simply not worth the money.  It has so little value that even a decent price cannot make it worth the purchase.

Could you be successful with this product?  I guess.  But the chances are so slim that it is not even worth the time and effort.  The money-back-guarantee is great but you are probably better off just avoiding it altogether.

Personal Thoughts On Product

I am just going to give my quick opinion on this product.  I really hope that I have conveyed just how bad it is.  Please do not buy this product or similar ones.  The reason these keep popping up is that they do make money.


But they do.  I hate doing these reviews because of it.  I would love to start a review of a new online product and by the end feel great about that product and give it 5 stars.  But that is not the world we live in currently.

There are good programs out there and when I come across them I will bring you a full honest review for them.  You can read about one such program below.

There Is A Better Way

Another day, another terrible online money-making product designed to ensnare beginners in the industry who have come looking for an opportunity to work hard and build their own online business.

Affiliate marketing often gets a bad rap and programs like Affiliate Cash Club are the main reason why. 

But don’t let this dissuade you from giving affiliate marketing a real try.  You can do it, anyone can.

You just need to find the right program that is there to actually teach you the proper way to do affiliate marketing and be there when you have trouble or when you need help. 

Why go it alone when you can have thousands of other entrepreneurs helping you out. 

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it.  I thought so too.  That is why I joined this program. 

After a few days of this, I knew that this was the place for me.  This is where I was going to make my stand.  I was going to be my own boss.  Make my hard work pay off for me and not some CEO that I would never meet.

So I joined.  I paid the subscription fee and join the best affiliate training program I have ever seen.  It was so relaxing to not be constantly sold new products or better products or upsells because there was none.

I simply bought my domain and created my website.  Then spent a lot of time and hard work building my website.  But that is the fun part.  Writing about stuff you love. 

I have 5 websites now, with ideas for a few more.  So if you are interested, check out my review of my #1 recommended resource for making money online.

Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day.

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